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    The BFB team work faster than light.

    Pre-Credits Gag:

    Random Quote:

    1. Four (287 syllables)
    2. Ruby (239 syllables)
    3. Taco (221 syllables)
    4. Flower (200 syllables)
    5. Michael (179 syllables)

    1. Four
    2. Donut
    3. Golf Ball
    4. Book
    5. Leafy
    6. Lollipop (1 ↑)
    7. X (1 ↓)
    8. Barf Bag
    9. Flower (4 ↑)
    10. Liy (1 ↓)

    Flower replaces Gaty (now #12) in the top 10. The highest increase in dialogue rankings is that of Taco (13 ↑). 29% of her dialogue throughout the series comes just from this episode.

    As none of the cast of appeared in this episode, let's see how their ranks changed: Pencil dropped one place to #29, Match four places to #16 and Pen seven places to #22.

    He's only been on screen for three episodes, but Michael is now #17 in the rankings!

    1. Four (266 syllables)
    2. X (205 syllables)
    3. Leafy (204 syllables)
    4. Flowe…

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  • Yterbium

    Being stuck in a quarantine (regardless of whether you are in an area where it's mandatory or not) is weird. I know that we're not at the point at which people are not dying left and right like some kind of apocalypse film, and one should hope that's not the case at all. For blog posts, that's a different kind of concern, unfortunately. About a month ago, I had posted a review of the new Jacknjellify video, "Apply to join BFDI! Animators, Audio Editors, Background/Prop Artists and More", but I accidentally deleted it by changing the file name so that it would appear as a user blog. Instead, I get this.

    How does this even happen without creating an account? Sighs. Say goodbye to that unintentional PencilxPen collab, possibly.

    It was still a hel…

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  • Yterbium

    Don't you just love moments like this? It's been a while since the last episode of that very famous object show, and you're presented with a surprise short!

    I wasn't expecting this, so it was such a positive shocker to find this in my YouTube inbox. This brings us to the start of BFB's Pencil's birthday Valentine's Day short.

    So Leafy and Pin are walking down this fancy background and they're having a conversation about Loser's party. Pin tells her to take that shit back because she was really talking about not being invited in the form of hastily defending her position of "boycotting" it. Lololololol. Seriously, though, it's a hell of a mood.

    Leafy goes on and tells Pin that she's not surprised at that. For one thing, she's the 44th most liked…

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  • Yterbium

    Season's Greetings for 2019!

    December 24, 2019 by Yterbium

    Even though it's not Christmas where I'm standing, it's already Christmas Day in Kenya, and that's early enough for me to wish all of you wiki-seekers a Merry Christmas.

    It's also the third night of Hanukkah, and Saturnalia has just ended, Kwanzaa and Boxing Day are well to begin in two days, etc. etc., so if you're celebrating those festivals (or a combination of any of them), a Happy Holidays to you too.

    So what's to become of the future of this website? Well, I'm working on a new episode in the new series, a sequel to "Date Knight" if you will. It involves the Schreibers joining a family-themed game show while Saye must pass an entrance exam for an elite school.

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  • Yterbium

    Hey, another episode review! I’m not planning on giving spoilers within the first paragraph, but I have to say that this is one of the greater episodes in this season so far.

    So begins the last episode of the decade of BFDI. Seriously. Object shows were barely a thing anywhere in the world in the 2000s, much less on a YouTube platform where millions of people can click on them, and look here we are!

    Pre-Credits Gag: Gelatin begins the show with that line “There isn’t enough room up here”, all before Flower pushes him into the lava landscape and dons a pair of cool shades. He loves to complain about there being way too little space, doesn’t he?

    Meanwhile, Taco freaks out about Book’s finally realising that her actions damn right have conseq…

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