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Yterbium Yterbium 11 days ago

My computer's fixed!

I don't know what that entails in terms of work on Fake TPOT (nearly anything I could do on this one I could do on another), but yeah.

Now I'm working on an '80s game show version of the TPOT intro.

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Yterbium Yterbium 4 September

Time to stop shipping characters.


I can't do a Tattletales parody unless the final seven think about Six all the time.

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Yterbium Yterbium 3 September

BFDI's Swedish special

I'm glad I can still use a keyboard on this trip. I've just finished TPOT 20b... two days after I finished 20a! So much for the fear of not being able to finish an episode in two days. When I write an episode, I used to do it on the spot as unorganized thoughts run through my head. Nowadays I just plan ahead by writing a really basic plot on Notepad, and it makes it a lot faster. Since nobody gets to see it, I can make all the lazy typing mistakes I can!

But enough about my episode-making process. It's time to talk about TPOT 35, "The Swedish Show". This will sound awfully spoilerific, but this is the episode in which Profily comes back from the dead/Botswana/the Procyon star system/wherever they went since BFB (still working out the plot po…

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Yterbium Yterbium 30 August

Announcement and a special script (totally not TPOT-related)


I will be partially AFK in the first week of September, so I won't be able to work on episodes as much as I have lately. I'll have to say goodbye to releasing new episodes every other day temporarily (or even permanently, as school's coming up eeeeeeeh). Doesn't mean I'll stop working on Fake TPOT altogether, because ideas keep bubbling up in my head, even as I eat and sleep and shower, oh my... but I probably do need this break. Mental health and stuff like that.

So I've decided to devote the next week to lighter things, like editing FTPOT-related pages, sprucing up the look of this wiki and maybe even updating/creating character pages (unless I'm lazy.)

The first of these "lighter things" has nothing to do with Fake TPOT at all, or so it …

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Yterbium Yterbium 15 June

The Stories of Real-Life BFB: Alternate takes

(Return to the yearbook here.)

Alternate hello to alternate visitors!

  • 1 Intro to alternates
  • 2 Gallery of alternate portraits
    • 2.1 A high-quality tribute to P2O
  • 3 Notes

You know, "alternate" isn't such a dirty word. Sure, Pencil used it almost derisively to refer to her (more pleasant in personality, yet less pleasant in her opinion) fellow competitors Book and Ice Cube, but sometimes the alternate version of something can be just as or even more interesting than the original. To be honest, I hope that's not the case here, because many of the alternate versions on this page are actually just older versions of the final photos that I've saved, in case I wanted to go back and edit them some more.

Spoiler alert: I hardly ever did.

Anyway, I'm posting them her…

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