Pencil 2.O Wikia

Me in 2021[]

Hi! I'm the person who made this wiki after I realized that expanding on my headcanon on the Object Shows Community Wiki would eventually count as spam.

Some things you might know me for:

  • 2012: Creating the page for Pencil x Pen on The Other Wiki (this was before I had an account). I'm still getting hate for making it and I couldn't be happier.
  • 2014–2015: Writing "Before BFDI" on The Other Other Wiki for almost a year.
  • 2015: Leaving those Other Wikis and creating a new one for Pencil 2.O, a sitcom exploring the relationship between Pencil and Pen. (Most of what I've written before 2018 is part-cringe now that I look back on it.) This is what my profile looked like for six years:
Me in 2015
Well, here I am (once again). This is my first time here managing a Wiki, and I'm equally excited and nervous.

Whilst I get ready, in the meantime you should definitely check out some other wikis.

  • 2016–2021: Writing part-cringe episode reviews of IDFB and all of pre-split BFB. In my opinion, the newer BFB 30 and TPOT 1 reviews are much better.
  • 2020–2021: Working on a yearbook for a 1970s AU of BFB.
  • 2021: Making my headcanon for the rest of TPOT public.

I don't know what else to write because I don't have those colourful little character templates like on the BFDI Wiki. But I can make a few!

Blockyyyyyyy.png This user headcanons Blocky as a lesbian. If you don't get the reference, watch [this].
LiyProfily.png This user is learning Swedish so he can speak to Liy and Profily in their native tongue.
Pen is the captain now.png This user thinks Pen should host Super Password. (Click here for the original photo!)
Il ne parle que du bon Dieu.png Hallelujah!
This user wants Debbie Reynolds to play a nun in The Power of Two.
When i thought tree was a girl.png This user wants the BFB cast to stage a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta.
Clock (BFB) and Kosrae get married.png This user is fully vaccinated against the evil coronavirus.
Are you?
Disco David.png THIS USER IS HATES THAT David escaped the EXIT in 1972 and ended up in the Disco Age!! THEY MADE A LIST OF ADJESTIVES TO SHOW HU MUCH he h8s! ANNOYING ANNOYING ANNOYING
Spoilery.PNG This user should have posted a spoiler warning before that last userbox.