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=Hey i deleted a page because it's an candidate for deletion, here's the page:=
'''Welcome to the Pencil 2.O Wiki!'''
NOTE: Only pictures are allowed in this article.<gallery>
Note that should appear if you click the Shrib link in the music section.png
''List of episodes [[Pencil.2O Episode Guide|here]].''
Timelessen - Void scene.png
I am glad y'all have come here!
Pine Tree 1.png
Pencil 2.o Advent Calendar.png
Now, although this wiki is mostly dedicated to its [[User:Yterbium|creator]]'s BFDI-based series, you are welcome to ...
Aristotelis 1.png
Pilot - Pencil in the elevator scene.png
* Read the [[Pencil 2.O Wikia:Rules|rulebook]].
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* Read the pages.
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* Correct me if you think I'm wrong.
Katarzyna 1.png
* Recommend a character.
Ruby 1.png
* Recommend an episode.
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* Recommend a ship, or information on characters I don't cover.
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* - succ
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Merry Christmas!.png
* - YoYlEcAkE
Bolty 1.png
* - pencil is confused with this name.
* - nyet
* - Now i'm going to cry of sadness of the ending.
[[File:Growing stronger.png|thumb|400px|The girl with a bandanna: 'I am growing stronger']]
[[File:Win._XP_art_(it_may_be_crappy).png|thumb|400px|Here's my Win. XP MS paint art.]]

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Hey i deleted a page because it's an candidate for deletion, here's the page:Edit

NOTE: Only pictures are allowed in this article.
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