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Well, apparently there's only 2 people on this wiki, which is imo kind of akward. I can always check back here from the BFDI fanfiction wikia from time to time. I didn't know there was an iPencil2.O wikia. The reason I brought myself here was because I was kind of curious about iPencil2.O since I never got to read it. Also, Before BFDI just brang me back to life, you know? I just love picturing it in my mind being animated and stuff like that. I just wish more people would read it. I honestly think it deserves much praise. But besides that, thank you, Yterbium.

Also... I'm kind of blocked for three days on the fanfiction wikia as of now. But I promise I won't be any trouble here. But I didn't promise that on the fanfiction wikia So, yeah i'll just camp here or on other wikis for now. Don't worry, I'll still be here when my block expires.

That's a promise!

~Pen island123

My favorite pages[]

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  • Well, you can just look above where the "My favorite wikis" are. But let's just say the Community Central Wiki isn't one of my favorites. It's just been visited so yah. And you can consider the II and Geometry Dash wikis as a part of my favorites, too. But I guess they only have the capacity to hold 4 visited wikis. Oh well. What's the point in sending links anyway? I'll send a link to the II and Geometry Dash wiki when I feel like it. Okay, that wasn't meant to sound harsh.
  • So, my first favorite wiki is the bfdi fanfiction wiki because it has a lot of friendly people. It may have some problems that need to be solved like vandalism (I'm kind of guilty) and edit wars, which is almost thesame as vandalism, but TOG2 was editing his own page anyways. Despite that, everything else seems to be fine, and yes, I don't mind the fact that I got blocked for three days. For some reason. I've slowed down on editing, but I'm still there sometimes for reassurance. No matter how many problems, they still entertain me.
  • My second favorite wiki is this one. Yep, the Pencil 2.O wiki. At first I felt extremely uncomfortable because of the lack of "population" here, and I didn't know how to introduce myself. Actually, I didn't even think of that. I just straight up commented something on a blog post, which was pretty much the first thing I did. I just read "Summer Withdrawals/Transcript" and I felt that Before BFDI vibe again. In other words, I loved it! I'm just a tourist here reading fanfictions. Nah jk.
  • My third favorite wiki is the Undertale and the Geometry Dash wiki. I'll put a link because the Undertale wiki didn't appear on the "My favorite wikis" list. How inconvenient. Even though it might show up later. Here is the Geometry Dash wiki. Yeah, I know, I only made one single edit, but it's not about that. It's just that there's so much people, and everytime I visit those two wikis, there's always like 15 people in chat, having fun and all. I made some friends on those wikis. It was fun and we talked about stuff. They even gave me a nickname! They called me "Pen" omg I loved it.

Notes, opinions, and my journal I guess[]

May Paris be... thesame[]

oh my god this journal entry was so embarrassing i take back 99% of what i said this is 2021 Pen btw and its May

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Meet the gang! Here's some unfinished fan art because im lazy.

Mean girls! Felt like making this lazily done crap after reading spineless to the bone


In my opinion, this episode was... eccentric

As always

But regardless of that, it was pretty good! The animation was kind of inconsistent and that was clear as day because most of it was animated my Satomi Hinatsu, but some of it was animated by Micheal Huang. The thing that really surprised me was the intro. That was probably the best intro out of an object show that I've ever seen. Like, that hand scene must have been really difficult and time-consuming to animate. I was so captivated that I rewatched that part several times. The plot was weird, but that's fine with me because the Huangs are known for making strange content that everyone eventually accepts and then celebrates. I love how no one really questions it because they know that it isn't really meant to be questioned because it's better to be simple. I mean, where did Four and X come from? Why are they here? Why is everyone suddenly out of the TLC? Why doesn't this take place in Yoyleland anymore? Is this a prequel to everything? No one cares, some questions are better off remaining unanswered. Also, I think there may have been an overflow of the number of characters that are in this show. God knows how many there are. Theres probably like 48 or something. That many characters is too much to handle in a reality show, where there really is no main character, so you sorta have to focus on all of them. But if thats how they're doing it, then I shouldn't care. The new characters are great, though! My favorite out of them is Tree. Anyways, I'm glad that Pen and his friends are back, but I'm sad that he still has no relation to Pencil. It'd be cool to see him with better, less ignorant friends than Blocky and Eraser. Oh wait, Pencil's evil in this series, so she'd probably treat him worse. Iguess he has already moved on anyways by being on the Death P.A.C.T team, which consists of relatively nice people. I'm glad that he's still the "nice guy", too. Regarding the episode, it has made me more confused than disappointed? But whatever. In fact, I wasn't even disappointed at all! Great comeback, Jacknjellify!

BFB 2[]


Uh.. Okay then. I didn't expect the new episode to come out this early! They're really South Park-ing this new series! I wish the episode would be longer though. Oh well. With all the licking, there's a lot of sexual references in this episode. You'll see. And yeah yeah, we're all sad Pencil got eliminated.

Btw woody dabbed and i really don't know what to say, but at least i didn't cringe.


Also, this.

BFB 3[]

I really liked this episode! It was a lot more emotional and dramatic than what you'd expect from this series. Lollipop and Barf Bag have kind of a gay-looking moment, but actually it's out of the rivalry they have. (i say that although i forgot lollipop's gender). Pen dies a gruesome death offscreen. Four becomes a super saiyan and kills gelatin, and shows how much of a sassy asshole he really is to X, and in general. I like it! Leafy gets eliminated, sadly. And Taco is officially my new waifu. That's all i have to say, i guess.

BFB 4[]

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! This episode!!!!!! Was so good!!!!!!! Again, there was some intense scenes that I really liked, and it happened with death pact (finally, some character development with them) and my baby boy pen took off his cap to save his team!!!!! How heroic! And we got to see some of losers past!!! and four sent love!!!! wholesome!!!! Ok now im done fanboying. A lot of stuff happened in this episode, but im really bummed that death pact lost. I really love all of the characters on that team, and i dont want to see any of them go!! But if i had to choose one, it would be pie, because she didn't do anything this episode. so, i voted for her. also, im not realky sad to see bracelety go honestly, but it wouldve been funny to see ice cube go before bracelety. you know, to see her reaction. my prediction for next episode is that liy is going to be eliminated. I thhinkit's pretty obvious from the commnts section. but you know what, im not crazy for liy. ok back to the episode. the animation was really expressive, and i liked the scene where pillow sacrificed herself for the others to tell black hole about the forks. and when pen took off his cap and actually drew a rwally nice four and bottle snatched it using bell's string so that it wouldn't fly away and theres just so much to talk about!! this is probably the worst review ever made but idc cuz i loved the episode!!!!! also i kinda ship pen and tree a little but dont kill me.


BFB 5[]

OOOOOOOH my god i did a befb 5 review but apparently it didnt let me publish everything i wrote so bleeeeh. Im too lazy to do everyhting again so imm ajust say that 🅱en is a cool name and I voted for Roboty. And if Woody gets eliminated i swear to god.

BFB 6[]

This episode had a great challenge! It was really fun to watch! I was on the edge of my seat near the end when bell broke the losers‘ basket. They were creative with the methods of how to take advantage of the twinkle. It was hilarious. Also, a lot of shipping fuel went into this! At least that’s what I’d call it. Coiny and Pin had some kinda inanimate insanity moment so now i ship them, and I couldn’t believe my eyes at first, but my girl taco was flirting with bell! Well not really, she was trying to get her to look at the moon. But bell‘s reaction to it is what made me all shippy inside.  #tacobell4life! What was also funny was that when Pen got the twinkle, he got all like “holy shit” and was already under pressure only when there were 2 hours left. 2 hours! If I were him, I’d take a little time to chill. The funny thing is that he wants to be looked at, and not being looked at is what the Pencil2.O Pen would not be used to. If only Pencil were there to give him the attention he wants. Jk. I feel like this episode stood out because it was less “lolrandomness” and more serious. Like, inanimate insanity serious. There were also tiny gay moments that made me all giggly (coughtacobellcough).

BFB 7[]

Eeeeeehhhhhhh now I feel guilty for voting off loser...Not! To be honest, I didn’t really care about him even after he did that little speech at the end. Okay, maybe I did. A little. But it’s just that he’s so generic and shet and everyone loves him and he has absolutely no problems which is why I don’t rly regard his existence at all! He’s already got so much positivity around him so I feel like he doesn’t need my attention. Anyways, I wouldn’t say this episode was very captivating. I dunno, I was just, Out of it. And no, it’s not because of the minimal Pen scenes, he’s not all I pay attention to. Seeing them fight over the jawbreaker was pretty funny. Woody had the guts to tear goody in half! I’m proud. The highlight of this episode was the animation when robot flower was in the “connection zone” or whatever. I really liked the 3D-ness of it all. Also, this episode tested robot flower’s morality. It was either her team dies, or they win the challenge. I guess she isn’t really like the real flower at all. nice. Btw I voted for 8-ball because,,,, I don’t really think when I vote.

BFB 8[]

oopsie i did a lazie

Yeah i completely forgot to do one of these, and then i remembered, but then i was like, 'whats the point', but then i realized that i might want to see these when im older even though like 0 people are reading this... but Yterbiums reviews already complete me

So right off the bat, we see fries, gelatin, and x. More importantly, we see x. I know i sound presumptuous, but If thats not x, then what else could it be? anyway fries tells gelatin to eat someone elses innards and goes to... Barf bag. Eugh. So donut moves the whole world into his camera and onto the moon. Sounds normal to me. Cake at stake made me feel uncomfortable, but i felt more satisfied when golf ball and 8 ball were left in donuts mouth. It just looks better when donuts mouth is surrounding them in a way that makes the most sense. Eight ballis eliminated. Boo hoo. actually, i was hoping golf ball wouldnt get eliminated anyway. Shes still one of my favs. donut breaks the laws of physics way too much in this episode, its unbelievable. But what can you expect from bfb? The unexpected! Where was i? Oh yeah, the challenge time. Sorry, im writing this review two weeks after i saw the actual episode, so im writing this completely by memory. it Should explain why this ones so messed up. Potentially, so will my future reviews. the challenge is a quiz show. A show within a show! Not really. Donut asks the first question, and death pact wins! I wonder what this language even this... And how pen knows it! Bubbles over there being all relatable beacause shes being peer pressured by good ol match. I thought shed know better by now! I guess nobody ever really changes. the 8ball fumes that saw inhales makes this really hard on him. Good thing donut gave him a "piece of cake" by conveniently asking the past tense of eat. Stapy had this mischevious plan which soon backfired. He tried cheating. He should know by now that cheating always has consequences. stapys team almost wins, but Then Match is useful for once. Good on her for looking out for her team. Or should i say herself. I voted stapy btw cuz everyone did. Idk why this reviews so long, i usually dont write this much cuz i usually just say what i liked and stuff. Oh well, thats what i get for doing this review late. God i am so sorry this is disorganized. The next review is not gonna be like this i swear.

BFB 9[]

What!? Its been a week already? Well, whatever. This episode may have been short, but it was awesome! X made quite the entrance! I guess everyone saw it coming anyways... But not only am i glad he's back, i'm also really proud of him! And i'm glad donut was too! His presence was just very heartwarming in general. It's really fun to see X as the one hosting this time. His mistakes are so cute!

So I actually thought that this episode was going to be a real game of basketball, prior to realizing that there are 8 teams and that just wouldn't work. The teams had such creative ideas with this one. Marker's tossing game addiction, Snowball's surprisingly spot-on aim, Blocky's strength and wits, and... the other ones! Oh, I know! Black hole! Wait, nevermind. Sadly, the dysfunctional team beep lost once again with some death pact members finally learning that they actually have to do something to win the contest. Now that's the deep character development we're looking for. I decided to vote for david because he's not doing anything useful. He could have redeemed himself using his tiny arms, but Woody took that opportunity. Who knows! Maybe he really doesn't have fingers or something.

BFB 10[]

This one was really different from the rest of the episodes so far. People are rejoining! You know, after pin did her thing i was like “so what? All the teams are up for elimination except for the losers?” But then we finally got to see Eternal Algebra Class! Even better, the eliminated contestants! Aside from the stunning graphics, there were a lot of easter eggs in the tiny classroom, like the fact that leafy’s math project is a bunch if plot points that, when displayed, make the path that she always takes when she has to dodge things. Pencil and Liy’s conversation sounded more natural than any other conversation on bfb! Even bfdi as a whole! I dunno, its just the way pencil cuts off liy. Speaking of Pencil, I thought it was funny hiw Pencil‘s acting all rebellious but then she straightens up when the teacher’s coming back. I’m kinda lazy to say the rest if my thoughts, so here‘s sime screen shots to show the highlights of the episode, or, at least, what I thought were!


BFB 11[]

What? It’s Friday already? I didn‘t think week could pass by so fast after an episode of BFB. Oh well, I guess that’s my internal desire for earlier episodes speeding up my conception of time. And since it’s been a week, like it usually is I hardly remember what even happened in the episode, but bear with me. I’ll just be saying everything here out of memory. Also, this the first review that I’m doing in school! Don’t worry, it’s lunchtime. So it starts off with the EXIT I believe, and Liy’s trying to open this door, but 4 interrupts. Dangit! Oh well, they’ll reveal whatever’s past that door sooner or later. Leafy rejoins, and I’m indifferent, but also intrigued, I guess. I was even more intrigued when I found out she was rejoining with the Losers! She’s reunited with her old friends-ish! As I expected, Firey ignores her. It never gets addressed again. The contest is to climb 500 steps and press the button at the top. However, only one member from each team can do so. If I remember correctly, Needle won first, and then.... other stuff! I dunno, after that, I remember Flower putting on her non-slip shoes and then there was this anime-inspired scene that looked all cool and epic and because she pushed everyone off and the camera was like rotating around her and it was REALLY well-animated and she killed pie and it flew her to the top and I was fanboying like crazy for 5 minutes. You do not know how many times I replayed that scene. Seriously, it was spectacular. Well, this is coning from someone who watches shonen anime, so to others, it might just be something to admire for like 5 seconds. Foldy blocks her, somehow the other teams win, blah blah blah... then Dora power-runs to the top at the speed of light and knocks flower over! This honestly made me like her more. She should more of her Naruto side. Flower has to run aaaaaaallll the way to the top, and Pie looks like she isn’t even trying, but deep down she ain’t having none of that shit. She falls, black hole ””prevents her from death”” and flies to the top! There’s a lot of flying in this episode. I love it! Iance loses, and for once, I really wanted them to win! I recognize and commend Flower for her performance. She‘s become one of my favourite characters. I hope we get to see more development from her in future episodes. Or just more her. Sorry for the sloppy review lol. I really loved this episode! It’s my new favourite! Oh, I almost forgot! Happy pride month!

BFB 12[]

weeeeeeee okay this episode had a creative challenge and the beginning was super gay! And im a fan of that btw. blocky, pen, eraser are hanging out on a bench just bein bros. I love it! And eraser is afraid of foldy now because hes afraid of pentagons because...he just is! X and four sounded like they were exchanging immaturely sexy pickup lines ir something???? They never laugh together like that! apparently they switched minds, which introduces us to the challenge. Also, match got eliminated. I was kinda angry about that but ughhhbh im writing this a week after the episode so it isbt such a big deal anymore. And yeah just a bunch of bickering, characters like firey junior suddenly having their personality more defined, and spongy abd bomby talking in full sentences. Charming! Yknow, ive always liked the episode of a cartoon where the characters seitch minds! Its super interesting! I just dont wanna go into detail because uh, i forgot mostly everything so i cant really talk about certain parts of the episode. Also, im rly lazy. Its been a recurring theme in these reviews, but at least i bring something. But really, this episode was fun and creative, but i was mostly intrigued by four and x‘s relationship appearing more genuine???? I mean, it used be all like x gets screechhed by four or smthn but now theyre like laughing together and dare i say, x looks more comfortable around four. Eh thats probably not the case. But good episode overall! I have no complaints... I dont think i ever do.


More fanarrrrt[]

oof i decided to post Pencil2.O fanart here and not anywhere else because I'm worried about too much attention. Also because I want to avoid a lot of "cringe" feedback from people that don't know Pencil2.O. Im sure that future me will definitely find these cringey. Bfb fanart goes on tumblr.  

pencils dreams eeeeeeeee