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Wahini Wobble NCSGJW [title card]
Radio Martini [the beginning]
Pua Licks JW ["Não!"]
Shock C. J. Bolten [Pencil is thinking]
Lap Steel SGJW ["What?"]
Cartoon Sting 6 BASM ["I hearen creaks all over."]
Edison Sting JW ["Every time …"]
The Orkney Rope Waltz BP [in class]
Drama Link C HC ["Listen, Palsson, I'm not playing any games with you right now."]
Steel Sting Zeta JW ["Mogu li ya byt' vashim rabom?"]
Lap Steel SGJW [on the way to class]
Drinks Party M. Dall'Anese ["Hey."]
Gum Link JW [the bell rings]
Jaunty Gumption ["Omg, Pencil!"]
Sitar Statement A DSW ["Class, you know the drill."]
Tickly Sting JW ["No, Pen!"]
Unease DSW [Paper looks at his test]
Comic Walk S. Torch ["Now, ima’, when my boyfriend comes over, be on your best behaviour."]
Springtime for Lovers L. Stevens [Skidglasögon enters]
Cartoon Sting 1 BASM ["What do you wear, did a tree fall on some cubist piece?"]
Drama Link O HC ["I've been talking so much that it pretty much distracted us from our date!"]
Pensif [Emil and Mathilde mourn Otto's death on Farafalla]
Pixel Peeker Polka (faster) ["Omg, Bubble can't make milk come out of her soap increments!"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW ["That's it, I'm leaving!"]
Fig Leaf Times Two S. Joplin ab. KM [at Haroldine's]
Patrick's Staycation (Unknown Track) BA ["Hey, Paper, we're getting our tests back today!]
Dramatic Impact 1 IS ["Schreiber, I will get my revenge."]
Alekoki KB ["Penélope, nós estamos indo para Draucilândia!"]
Roll Up Waltz A. Hall [at Drowsyland]
Helmet shows up with a microphone.
Hot Steel Sting JW ["Wait, ain't'e bid ye good …"]
Whisper from the Past GN ["Para ser honesto, é difícil dizer."]
Nude Sting NCSGJW [scene cut to the FancyBlast exterior]
Evil Mind 3 DdB ["Hey, Pen!"]
Goofy Conversation NCBA ["Did you harm Paper?"]
Drama Link D HC [Neve steps on Pen's foot]
Chief Taravana KB [the ending]


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Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Giann Ali (Book)
Courtney Campbell (Estigua)
Justin Chapman (Paper, Knife)
Bobby Davis (Pen, Skidglasögon, Helmet)
Taylor Grodin (OJ)
Brenda Harris (Match, Ms. Solarion)
Michael Huang (Ruby, Bubble, Needle, Neve Ball, Firey, Coiny, Golf Ball)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil)
Sidney M. (Nelson, Emil)
Ophelia Moore (Mathilde)
Claricia Morales (Caldera)
Martha Segal (Katarzyna, Smirnova)
Anya (Ms. Ther)
"R" (Mr. Upadhyay)
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