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Sunny Samoa JR [title card]
Sophisticated Hula The Hawaiian Islanders [the beginning]
Drama Link C HC [Golf Ball makes Pencil take a test]
Gator SB ["Well, we're finally here!"]
Chee Zee Cave ["Greetings, notorious students, my name is Headmistress Golf Ball..."]
Unease DSW ["I want to know the origin of that profanity."]
Hawaiian Link A RM ["It's ..."]
Powder Snow GT [Montage of decorating the poster]
Freezy Squid Link SGJW ["You're right, it's the pooiest."]
Vibe Link A RM [start and end flashback]
Dancing the Hula KB [flashback]
House of Horror [#10.02] WMF ["I'm 'avin' a terrible time!"]
Gum Link SGJW ["Only 2,300 more questions to fake an' I'll be h'out o' this wild instrument chase!"]
Astronauts March SS ["Operation ROP, like, activated!"]
Sponge Monger SGJW ["Match!"]
Free Patty Sting SGJW ["As I am very well aware of …"]
Abject Terror P. Lewis ["Ferfin' Pen, not driving Dad's car for me."]
Goofy Convesation BANC ["Alright Fan, let's see what you got …"]
Nude Sting SGJW [Eraser crashes the car]
Electrodoodle ["Do you really think elephants can fly?"]
Stack of Leis KB ["Oi guys, sorry I'm late."]
Agitation Bridge 3 PG ["She is the total opposite of me; you will be terrified …"]
Drama Link A HC [Glisteria enters (ending heard only)]
Wallpaper [Glisteria thanks Pencil]
Steel Sting Lambda SGJW ["I can't presen' Pen with this..."]
Comic Walk NC ["...not if I wan' to look like a sociopath 'o subjugates guys I've got mpenzi with!"]
Earl's Revenge SGJW [Montage of redecorating the poster]
Film Fanfare B DSW [the girls exit the poster]
Cockney Capers R. Davies ["We were forced to do this."]
Synopsis F. Harlow [Pencil asks Pen to the dance]
Grass Skirts Blowing JR [the ending]


  • In Estigua's days, you wouldn't need to ask anyone out if you already were in a relationship with them.
  • In a previous episode, the alliance shopped for poster paper for Pencil.
  • Book has a sister, Glisteria.

Credits if this were a YouTube showEdit

Created and edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Giann Ali (Book)
Courtney Campbell (Estigua)
Bobby Davis (Pen)
Brenda Harris (Match, Glisteria)
Cary Huang (Tennis Ball)
Michael Huang (Eraser, Ruby, Bubble, Golf Ball)
Brian Koch (Fan)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil)
Sidney M. (Hei)
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