Pencil and Pen shabbat

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"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know...." - Pen
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Ti Amo is the half missing 31st story in pencil 2.0's classic run, in the episode, pencil is still overcoming shock from pen, pen has a haunting voice in his head, and strange words saying 'Ti Amo' show up around Nairobi.

Episode 1Edit

  • (wheely intro plays)
  • it had been a long day, the south eastern fields of Mombasa were as green as they could ever be, and Ice Cube was resting, longing to go back to Norway, but she was stuck in some farm in africa, and then, suddenly
  • Wheely: Hey! Icy!
  • Ice Cube: So there you are, where were you?
  • Wheely: 1942
  • Ice Cube: Ok
  • Wheely: alright, where d'ya wanna go?
  • Ice Cube: Nairobi
  • Wheely: Ok, ill do it, we might just be able to see Pencil, and, and Match.

Episode 2Edit

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

Episode 5Edit

Episode 6Edit

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