• Why is Saye, like, 14 when Pen is like 24? I think I might be a little inaccurate or I've just got this completely wrong. But if it's true, then does this mean Pen and Pencil aged slower when they were in BFDI or something? And if I'm totally misunderstanding, please tell me their ages in 2014.

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    • None of the Schreiber kids are biological kids (no object child is in this universe), and they were begat when Pencil and Pen were both 20—after Pencil's and before Pen's birthday in 2010—a perfectly reasonable age to be parents (in some countries). Since Pen's cycle started in 1989 and Pencil's in 1990, he is now 25 she is 24.

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    • And what age are the kids?

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    • Their ages now (as in July 2015 to February 2016)

      • Saye, 16
      • Sio, 14
      • Citlali and Javier, 12
      • Yaretzi and Zorah, 11
      • Ximena and Salvador, 10
      • Q.R., 8
      • Cil, 6.
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    • ok

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