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This is the info page for The Softening. You should go there first, because this page will go straight to the details; I'm too lazy to write introductions again.


  • Pencil (real and archival footage)
  • G.P. / Gian Pietro
  • Janeka / Penelope
  • Lelanda (debut)
  • Match
  • Pen
  • Columbus (debut)
  • Josef
  • Voiceover (voice heard only)
  • Timothe
  • Maja (debut)
  • Eugenia (debut)
  • Chocolatey
  • Frederick (debut)
  • Boat
  • Firey (archival footage)
  • Minola
  • Phuong
  • Popsicley
  • Needle (voice heard only)
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Triangle (archival footage)
  • William (archival footage)
  • Msimamizi (archival footage)
  • Puffball (archival footage)
  • Waiter in San Diego, Adolfo, David, Florence, Isis, Kathrina (two cameos), Nathalia, Rocky, Simon, Spongy, Tahira, Thomas, Woody, human versions of the children: Chloe, Jack, Joshua, Jessica, Grace, Olivia, Thomas, Ruby, Harry, Alfie (debuts, non-speaking roles)




Backed Vibes [recap]
Dangerous C M. Franko [title card]
On Fire GN ["Are we gonna die, or do y'all have some recovery centre like in BFDI?"]
Hawaiian Link A RM [Janeka sees the building]
Trafficscape E. Winstone [Timothe takes Janeka and Pen on a tour]
Scale Link JW [Pen looks into space]
Seaweed SB ["This is so worrying!"]
Nude Sting NCSGJW ["Don't hate me because I'm beautiful."]
Rake Hornpipe R. White ["Omg, I wish."]
Hit and Run SS [in Match's car]
Laughing Sting JW ["Nooooooo..."]
Sponge Monger SGJW ["Can y'all be quiet, I'm getting a half-day tip."]
Cartoon Sting 5 ?? ["Mum!"]
Dramatic Impact 3 IS [all the kids gasp]
Cartoon Sting 5 ?? ["Dad!"]
Cartoon Sting 3 BAMS ["You said a bad word!"]
Steel Sting JW [the adults go to the kitchen]
Closing the Door NC [dramatic pause]
Steel Sting Eta JW [Match says the exact swear, but minced]
On the Beach KB ["Omg, Pen, don't even, like, bother."]
Royal Rondo M. de Courpalay [at the restaurant]
Pua Licks JW ["You're right!"]
Hawaiian Hula T. Day [the family play cards]
Too Tired A H. Ehrlinger ["Janeka, why?"]
Sunny Samoa JR [in Los Angeles in the morning]
"Hello, people!"
The Curtain Rises ["Welcome, Jay Veer Ess Cee Ray Be Are."]
Drama Link B HC ["Guess who's here?"]
Frozen Star ["Aunt Match!"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW [Janeka tries to bend herself as Pencil]
Sleazy Sax RM ["F--- me hard, Daddy."]
Lonely Heart's Club B OS, D. Bell [Janeka follows Pen upstairs]
Dingle's Regatta BP ["Hollywood, California, 90048."]
Texas Sting JW [G.P.'s house appears on screen]
Cocksure Capers PG ["Are you, like, watching …"]
Airport Lounge [Flashback to episode 18]
Spanish Ladies (B) R. J. Jeffrey, T. Laycock [Flashback to episode 3]
Paradise Isle JR ["Omg, what's wrong?"]
Steel Sting JW ["That girl ain't right in the head."]
Summer Night City B. Andersson, B. Ulvaeus [the music playing from Eraser's phone]
Steel Link Delta JW ["Oh no, not a Geschwisterkrieg!"]
Drama Link I HC [Yaretzi gasps at Javier]
Lite Conversation BA ["Omg, that was the most refreshing video, like, ever!"]
The Pollywog Strut BA ["What are you doing?"]
Mirage [the third-dimension reality changes immediately]
Hawaiian Flower J. Jelmer ["I guess you're right, Dad."]
"They're cute, aren't they."
Wahini Wobble SGJW ["Y'know wot?"]
Dramatic Impact 6 IS [everyone gasps at Pencil's swearing]
Move Forward [played during the commercial]


  • This is the first, and likely only M-rated episode of Pencil 2.O.
  • This is the first episode to be finished in 2018.

Credits if this were a YouTube show[]

Created by


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Pen island123

Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Antony (Anko6) (Boat, Chocolatey, Popsicley)
Kenzie Bryant (Needle)
Benjiman Carter (Triangle)
Bobby Davis (Pen, Salvador)
Cary Huang (Match)
Michael Huang (Firey, BFDIA Pencil, Puffball, Timothe)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M. (Javier, Msimamizi, Qalam-Rassas, Sio)
Nicole Marie (Minola)
Margaret Smith (Canadian Dollar)
Sara Taylor (Citlali, Yaretzi, Zorah)
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??? (Gian Pietro)
??? (Josef)
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??? (Maja)
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??? (Phuong)
??? (William)