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"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know ..." - Pen
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"Wot'n ale's fozz'r'ye doin'?" - Pencil
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The Sirens Of Time is the new Pencil 2.0 story, and something about not having a date and number or something.

The Forests Of Zentrales Kenyatta[]

  • Leafy: Well, nothing better to do than to look at this stream.
Leafy was still on the run, she had been blamed for cursing all mean people, Leafy detectors were selling like crazy-mad, and she had gone to the forest to rest, she would be going soon, however, she would eventually be found, just read the rest of the story
  • Leafy: In all my time I have never been showered by so much guilt, I should revoke it, but I can't - oh dear, looks like i've got company. (she runs off)
  • Eraser: nowhere...
  • Sapphire: Any sign of Leafy?
  • Eraser: No
  • Sapphire: no wonder most of the party went away, she always runs off, and the leafy detector is never working, if only there was a way to find where she is that is efficient.
  • Amethyst: well that hypothetical object you are hoping will just pop into existence doesn't exist!
  • Sapphire: my dearest sister, just come to the hard truth, it should and it will, when i'm wiser and the technology is there.
  • Amethyst: well it's not happening anytime soon!
  • Sapphire: i know that!
  • Eraser: BOTH OF YOU, SHUT UP!
  • Amethyst: OH FINE THEN!

Inside The TARDIS[]

  • Bin: now, this shall do it
  • Party Hat: what will do what?
  • Bin: i've added a dimensional transmitter, it can transmit and receive any message in video form
  • Party Hat: thats nice, but, i don't get it
  • Bin: oh, you'll never know.
  • TARDIS: Black Hole on course
  • Bin: Oh dear, we seem to be on course to a black hole, i'll have to land now, say - let's land at Nairobi 2008, it's a protected area, we, we should be safe there!
  • Party Hat: YEAH that sounds like a great idea.
  • TARDIS: changing course to Nairobi, Kenya/12th July 2008

Inside... ANOTHER TARDIS?!![]

  • Sio: Hey, hows it going?
  • Wheely: good, you know, why waste my time going places, i should've stayed in Nairobi, not leave and not take the both of you, or whats surviving of you anyway.
  • Sio: I know.
  • Wheely: well, I suppose we can recover in Nairobi, quick question, what year.
  • Sio: I don't know, 2008?
  • Wheely: 2008 it is
  • TARDIS: caution, time vortex breeched
  • Sio: what does that mean
  • Wheely: it means - that either one of my previous or future incarnations is materializing at the exact same time as me, that can cause a...
  • mind[char tag?]: dont say paradox, dont say paradox, *ding*
  • Wheely: WHITE HOLE! - sorry, grandfather paradox.

Black Crystal Hill[]

  • TARDIS: Vworp Vworp (x7)
  • Bin opens the door
  • Bin: WE'RE HERE
  • Party Hat: certainly is green
  • Bin: yes, thats because nairobi has grass, is this your first time here, party hat?
  • Party Hat: NO! - yes...
  • TARDIS: Vworp Vworp, Vworp Vworp, *dunk*
  • Bin: another tardis... but it can't be...

Summit of Black Crystal Hill[]

  • Wheely falls out TARDIS
  • Sio: you ok?
  • Wheely: yes, very much indeed - hey, wait a minute...
  • Wheely: yeah, this is black crystal hill, where the peninian empire set up her eastern colonies in 1888!
  • Sio: The Peninian Empire?
  • Wheely: ah, i see your not acquainted with Objectlandia
  • Sio: what?
  • Wheely: no time for questions, they're here
  • Amethyst: she should be over here!
  • Wheely: when I say run, run!
  • Sapphire: she has to be here, i can just feel it
  • Wheely: ok, RUN!
  • Emerald: that was her, i can sense it
  • Ruby: guys, why are we still chasing leafy, it been 7 years since she stole dream island, she must have served her sentence
  • Sapphire: she was sentenced to DEATH, Ruby, now listen, i heard a strange noise from the, bottom of this hill, fire your gun Amy!
  • Amethyst: will do
[Fires 5 rounds, rapidly[1]]
  • Wheely: ah!
  • Ruby: Shit that wasn't her!
  • Emerald: it was, sounded just like her, do it again!
[5 More rounds fire, rapidly of course]
  • Wheely: Dammit, they wont stop, come on, lets go!
  • Eraser: I'm here, did I miss anything
  • Ruby: only a failed attempt at murder

The Plains[]

  • Leafy: i could stay here for 5 hours
  • Bin: we could camp out here, we just need to find--
[Bin sees Leafy]
  • Bin: oh god save us
  • Party Hat: what?
  • mind[char tag?]: Shit, shes here, if shes killed, i could die as well
  • Leafy: hey...
  • mind[char tag?]: Christ!
  • Bin: yes?
  • Leafy: are you against me?
  • Bin: er, well...
  • Leafy: well, go on then
  • Bin: listen, what i'm about to tell you may blow your mind
  • Leafy: ok
  • Bin: contact!
Leafy learns that Bin is her future self
  • Leafy: really? i'm going to be you
  • Bin: well, yes, but there is one before me
  • Leafy: really? who?
  • Bin: well
[Wheely enters the scene]
  • Bin: her
  • Wheely: well Sio, see anything there
  • Sio: two crazy people
  • Wheely: Hmm, wonder what they're doing, oh well, we can't wait, let's go!
  • Sio: ok then
  • Bin: dammit
  • Ruby: AFTER HER!
  • Leafy: RUN!!
  • Wheely: well, wonder where they're going



  1. 059.05: "Jenkins, chap with the wings there, 5 rounds rapid!"