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The Haunted Phone is a "lost" episode of Pencil 2.O. It's not creepy in a way, but it's out there.

June 19, 2007Edit


  • Match: Hey, Penc-penc!
  • Pencil: Oi!
  • Match: How are— Omg, is that a new phone?
  • Pencil: Aye, jus' got'e yesterday! Used up, like, 20% o' me mum's total income, but wote'er!
  • Match: [sighs] The MePhone 3 is so cheap.
  • Pencil: Az'n me slaggets, m8.
  • Match: Well!

[School Paper, the leader of the student news, runs up to all Meeplers.[1]]

  • School Paper: Extra extra, read all about it!
  • Match: What is it now?
  • School Paper: This just in. MePhone users have a 20% higher chance of having their phones stolen by perpetrators at school. It is necessary for you all to stay close to your phones and not let them out of sight or heart. Signing out is your friendly school paper, School Paper.

[Exit School Paper.]

  • Match: See, this is why we watch news on television. Eh, Pencil?
  • Pencil: Omg, omg, I los' me mobile, 't'ain' in me sight …
  • Match: Pencil …
  • Pencil: … or my 'eart, O! I've nor idea wot'nale's me heart's a-do with'e …
  • Match: Pencil …
  • Pencil: … an' I've disobeyed me mum by sayin' thet I would take care o' me MyPhone by not breakin'e fer a' leas' the warranty …
  • Match: PENCIL! You're phone's fine! It's just on the ground …
  • Pencil: Thanks.


  1. Refers to all fans of Meeple. On our planet we'd refer to them as Steve Jobs and his iPhoners.
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