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Wheely as she appears in the episode

The Bravest Heart is the 14th episode in the ageless series, in this episode, Sio and Zorah make a brief comeback with Wheely, despite not existing yet, and a scandal arises in the school

April 23rd 2007Edit

  • Wheely: WOW, THAT was a bumpy ride, eh?
  • Sio: well, the TARDIS does have a habit of spinning us through the vortex you know
  • Wheely: well you're learning quick, anyways, lets see how nairobi's doing?
  • Zorah: wait, were in Nairobi? Back home?
  • Wheely: well, not my home, let's go
  • Sio: come on, sis.
  • Wheely: Well, This place has changed, look at the size of these buildings, they're a floor taller!
  • Sio: Not really that much of a change then, haha
  • Zorah: I know, right?
  • Wheely: NOW IF YOU WOULD SHUT UP!, there, now come on.


  • Match: And i was like yeah
  • Pencil: OMG WOW
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