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This is an infobox tutorial for episodes.


{{Infobox series
 | name = 
 | image = 
 | imagecaption = 
 | aliases = 
 | creator = 
 | starring = 
 | genre = 
 | country = 
 | setting = 
 | originalChannel = 
 | seasons = 
 | episodes = 
 | producers = 
 | run = 

What this means

  • aliases should really be the status of the show, not the "aliases" themselves. (This was a carryover from the character infoboxes.) If it airs on the show, make it endoseries. If it airs in the real world, make it exoseries.
  • creator is the person who created the show.
  • starring refers to the vocal talent, not like the "Behind-the-Scenes" work. Of course, if in a different universe you actually had voices for your characters, I would like to see the names of whom you think should be of their voice actors. Use a pseudonym (as I do).
  • genre refers to the genre. Judging by the general population of the object show community, the majority of shows submitted here will be object shows - competition-based, plotline-barely.
  • country refers to the country the creator of the series comes from. If you are from two countries, then feel free to put both.
  • setting is where the show itself takes place. Leave it blank if you don't know or it's too revealing.
  • originalChannel refers to where you would usually find this series. Is it on YouTube? Any of the fan wikis? Here?
  • seasons and episodes. Don't worry about this.
  • producers. Again judging by the OCS, the producers will usually be the same as the creator.
  • run refers to how long it ran, whether on screen or in written form.


{{Infobox series
 | name = Dodecahedron
 | aliases = Exoseries
 | creator = Teardrop from BFDI
 | starring = Minnie Mouse<br>Lina's Beta Fish<br>Michelle Obama
 | genre = Horror-romance
 | country = Vatican City
 | setting = Crab Nebula
 | originalChannel = Online
 | seasons = Over 9000
 | episodes = 1
 | producers = Adobe Acrobat
 | run = January 1, 1900 - December 21, 2012

results in this.



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