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Personally, I have no idea how to work this thing.


First of all, I know that this will change pretty much, so it's not like it will matter if you use it or not anyway.

{{infobox character
 | name = 
 | image = <!-- Example.jpg -->
 | imagecaption = 
 | fullName = 
 | aliases = 
 | humanName = 
 | japaneseName = 
 | species = 
 | gender = 
 | birthDate = 
 | height = <!-- Take "H" from Flash 8 and multiply it by 2.431. -->
 | width =  <!-- Take "W" from Flash 8 and multiply it by 2.431. -->
 | directFam = 
 | friends = 
 | enemies = 
 | relationship = 
 | occupation = 
 | education = 
 | religion = 
 | nationality = 
 | ethnicity = 
 | talents = 
 | weaknesses = 
 | kRoles = 
 | allegiance = 
 | branch = 
 | served = 
 | rank = 
 | soe = 
 | characterFrom = 
 | first = 
 | last = 
 | voice = 
 | dLimits = 
 | dTag = 

What this means...

  • name refers to the name that they prefer to be called, the vernacular. It's only included because I totally forgot.
  • image. Please provide a decent image. It is expected that the more major a character is, the better quality the image has.
  • imagecaption. I never knew why this is put here. If you're not clarifying anything, PLEASE DON'T USE THIS!
  • full name refers to the entire name. What they like to be called should be in bold.
  • aliases refers to names people call them in English, in the object world.
  • humanName refers to the name they must go by in the human world. Because I've never met anyone in the world named Tennis Ball ...
  • japaneseName. Not only is this the human name they will use in Japan, it is also the name used in Japanese translations of the series itself.
  • species refers to what species they are. For some reason every wiki includes this, even on all-human shows. Anyways, if the species is unknown, don't hesitate to put nothing there.
  • gender refers to what gender they are. Don't assume there is just male and female, other objects prefer other genders. Also, gender and sex(uality) are not the same things.
  • birthDate actually refers to the time of their last reincarnation. Objects don't have birth dates; pregnancies are just cow dung humans throw out to make objects seem more like humans without actually putting humanoid features such as eyes with more than one colour on them.
  • height. As someone with Flash, it is easy to tell how tall they are because of that thing at the bottom.
  • width, same thing.
  • directFam only refers to the direct family. Stepfamilies may also be included, and if necessary a link to a genealogy chart will be a link.
  • friends refer to the friends. Only do the main friends, I know that, for example, Leafy has like a bajillion friends ... and a few that matter.
  • enemies, almost the same thing. Only the purely good ones have no enemies per se, but you can include the ones they like the least.
  • relationship sounds like a "Yes" or "No" question. In fact, it's a "No" or "with whom?" question.
  • occupation is the job they have. Most of them, to be honest, are just "Student".
  • education is the school they go (or wemt) to.
  • religion refers to their religion. If it is unclear, then put nothing.
  • nationality refers to what country they live(d) in. Ultimately, everyone's nationality is supposed to be Kenya.
  • ethnicity refers to what ethnicity they (are perceived to) have. Of course, to objects this just means remembering your most distant ancestor and knowing what country they come from. (Why can't humans do this?)
  • talents. What they are good at.
  • weaknesses. What they are bad at. Diseases also fall here.
  • kRoles refers to the roles that they played with the Kwanzajinawa Opera Company. Feel free to leave this blank. In fact, feel free to leave everything blank if you like!
  • allegiance refers to what country under which they fought.
  • branch. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines. Not much to say here.
  • served refers to how long they served, whether in military time or civilian time, which should be in parentheses. For example, Pen would have "~20 years (1 day)".
  • rank refers to their rank. See this if you're stuck.
  • soe is "Alive" or "Dead". No questions asked, you're either one or the other.
  • characterFrom. As we know not all characters here are top-notch OCs, you must give a source, and preferably a wiki page on the character you are emulating.
  • first is their first appearance. I need to know this so I can find an episode to place them in.
  • last refers to their latest appearance. Or the last time they appeared, I couldn't care less. Use "TBA" if there hasn't been an episode where they appeared last.
  • voice refers to the voice actor. I have a tendency to use pseudonyms for various ... eh-em, voice actors already by using a algorithm.
  • dLimits. Do they have an accent? A koeal idiosyncracy? List it, and provide an article here.
  • dTag. What tag do they use in their dialogue? List both the resulting version and the textual version.


{{infobox character
 | name = Nushab Abina
 | image = Example.jpg
 | imagecaption = This is Sparta!
 | fullName = '''Nushab Abina''' de los Reyes y Santos
 | aliases = Nushie
 | humanName = Nine Albini
 | japaneseName = 渡辺マヤ (Maya Watanabe)
 | species = Wallpaper
 | gender = Agender
 | birthDate = September 9, 1923
 | height = Over 9000
 | width = Less than 9000
 | directFam = Chlorine (mother)<br>Josephine (father)<br>Christmas Ornaments (sisters)
 | friends = Everybody
 | enemies = Nobody
 | relationship = No
 | occupation = Teacher
 | education = A university that does not exist
 | religion = Ahmadiyya Islam
 | nationality = Zimbabwean
 | ethnicity = Turkish
 | talents = Nothing
 | weaknesses = Everything
 | kRoles = Hannah-June (''Bathsheba'')
 | allegiance = Costa Rica Defence Forces
 | branch = Army
 | served = 100 years
 | rank = Underprivate
 | soe = Alive
 | characterFrom = OC
 | first = ''No episode''
 | last = {{TBA}}
 | voice = A. B. C. D. E. F. G.
 | dLimits = Accent
 | dTag = '''Nushab Abina''': ''(first mention)''<br>'''N. Abina''': ''(subsequent mentions)''

should not result in...

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