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Ruddigore Overture G. Toye [title card]
Lazy Afternoon J. Rap [the beginning]
Glissando (A) RM, S. Kanga [Pencil enters]
Film Fanfare (A) DSW ["Okay, we are prepared!"]
Freezy Squid Link JW [nobody arrives home]
Rising ["And we have no choice but to eliminate all of the characters because someone signed up twice!"]
Grass Skirt Chase SGJW [all the kids rush in]
Stepping into Danger M. Sunderland ["Brace yourself, Penc."]
Nautical Hijinx BANC ["Greetings, Signore and Madame …"]
Real Western Steel B. Black ["I can't believe it …"]
Lite Conversation BA ["So if it takes two hours just to get everything ready right now, we'll be airborne by 1700 tonight, but then we have to make a stop in Amsterdam, and then we make it to Atlanta, but I can't do that, so we'll have to take the flight coming off Doha, that's in Qatar, and overall it should take approximately twenty-five hours."]
Dreamy Flashback [Flashback]
Down in Davy Jones' Locker NC [Pen sees a picture of a rocket on the computer]
Trafficscape E. Winstone [at the Nairobi Personal Vehicle Rental-Repair]
Steel Sting Mu JW ["O-kay, we're on a stric' schedule an' we's got to make'er inner Askaterra soon, so can we 'urry'e h'up now?"]
Dorothy T. Tape [at the daycare of the rental-repair]
Synopsis F. Harlow ["Thet … 'twas so h'inspirin'!"]
Jazzy Sting JW ["'O cares?"]
Nude Sting NCSGJW ["Aww, seriously?"]
Comic Walk S. Torch ["Yep, looks like something is wrong."]
Rodeo Daze NCSGJW ["We are safe to go!"]
Shock (J) D. Hewson [the rocket disappears]
Poop Sting JW ["You are so in trouble!"]
Coming of Spring M. Revell [in the rocket]
Wooden Bear G. Flat, T. Tape, F. Voelxen ["We've been in a ship like this one!"]
Six Powerful Cues (a) W. Burns [outside the window is darkness]
House of Horror WMF ["Fixed it!"]
Footsteps of Horror [#11.02] WMF ["What'd you mean?"]
Art Sting JW ["Mum, you interrupted our game!"]
Lovely Hawaiian Sting JW ["You migh' h'a' mentioned'e before once or twice."]
New Friendly ["And Mum went crazy!"]
Stumbling Tumbleweeds NCSGJW ["… aint got no purpose stealin' the eggs in the belonging of me!"]
The Girl I Left Behind (A) P. Lenart, B. Matthiesen [the family look on the street corner]
Comic Walk NC ["Excuse me, sir, your weird wheel thingy has just gone over my face."]
Straight from Hell 10 GN [Cleannon appears]
Steel Licks Delta JW ["To the Meeple store, ma'am!"]
Steel Sting JW ["… doing addition is illegal."]
Tea Dance N. Warren [at the Apple Pie Juice Hotel]
Sweet Annabelle SF [Apoelia and Maysador reveal themselves]
Gran Vals F. Tárrega ["I'm from Kenya."]
On the Beach KB ["Holler if y'all need us!"]
Walking on the Beach [#15] KB, M. Prindy ["But we've got ter endure'e."]
Arpeggiated Links JW [everyone squishes inside the doghouse]
Flower Display JS [second flashback]
Solo Steel 2 JW [on Monday morning]
Folli the Foal A. Fenner ["Bless my heart, y'all must be the children my Ma just sent!"]
School Life JS [the kids walk to school]
Skipping to School SGJW ["I'm going to do the right thing that everyone else didn't do, which is apologise."]
Cartoon Sting 9 ? ["Lions!"]
Steel Licks Beta JW [the five get kicked out of school]
Fight! Fight! Fight! (A) W. Schaefer ["Welcome, welcome one and all, to the drawing to win a fourteen-country European tour! "]
Fashionable Enclosure PG [at the British Consulate-General]
Travel Rag S. Laferriere [at the saloon]
Fashionable Enclosure PG ["I send my sincerest apologies, but there is no way for you to get back to Nairobi."]
Hello Sting JW ["Wow."]
Orchestra Tuning L. Stern [at 8:00, despite the fact that no orchestra is playing]
Fig Leaf Times Two [the parents and kids go their separate ways at the saloon]
Fair is Rose sung by WSG, AS; sung by C. Huang & R. Lawson
When a man has been a naughty baronet sung by WSG, AS; sung by B. Davis, C. Huang, M. Huang & R. Lawson
Good Bye Samba A B. Nabor ["It's Kenyan!"]
Steel Link Alpha JW ["Anybody looking for a trip for fourteen?"]
Island Romance JR ["No, I jus' feel guilty."]
Grass Skirts Blowing JR ["We were going to head up North, where marriage of these types is considered to be legal, but I feel it safe to be that we all live here!"]
Fates GN ["Oi, wot's the matter with'ee?"]
Whisper from the Past GN ["We never saw her again."]
Lap Steel NCSGJW ["Everyone, shut up!"]
Blood in the Gutter LJ ["Newly-hired Sheriff Orther here."]
Dramatic Sea Battle GT ["Pen, this is your fault!"]
Sponge Monger SGJW ["Fly this thing, Avi!"]
Tipsy Turvy PG ["Omg, my smokin' hot Firey butt, no!"]
Hawaiian Breeze JJ [Mrs. Chembe enters, crying]
Ruddigore Overture G. Toye [the ending]


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Created by


Edited by

Two anonymous users

Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Cleannon, Ximena)
Antony (Anko6) (Fleja)
Georgia Arnold (Cil)
Bobby Davis (Audience #1, Pen, Saloon Owner, Salvador, Student #2, TV Host)
Marie Gallagher (Miss Jones)
Cary Huang (Lip Gloss, Match)
Michael Huang (Audience #2, Eraser, Firey, Laybertus, Merismip, Student #3)
Brian Jordan (Aristotelis)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye, Student #3)
Sidney M. (Javier, Qalam-Rassas, Sio, Tormaleigh)
Sara Taylor (Apoelia, Bezzilene, Citlali, Yaretzi, Zorah)
Charlie Walton (Corelman, Maysador, Orther)
Elisa Wanjiru (Mrs Chembe, Pianalla)
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