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{{newepin|the family receive a visit from a very important person}}
{{newepin|the family receive a visit from a very important person}}
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*{{d|sal}}: Well, wait just one second!
*{{d|sal}}: Well, wait just one second!
[''All of the other kids gasp.'']
[''All of the other kids gasp.'']
*{{d|sal}}: We can't just let Pen and Pencil down! We have to do something to make them happy!
{{Scene|Later, that night|Pencil watches television, whilst Pen is doing some sort of exercise.}}
*{{d|p}}: Really? You're a-workin' out at a time like this?
*{{d|d}}: I missed out, like, since a few days ago! Got to look my best!
*{{d|p}}: Fer wot? I don' expec' any state visits in ''our'' future!
*{{d|d}}: My big speech tomorrow? Y'know, to the veterans of Kenya?
[''Enter all other children except Salvador.'']
*{{duo|{{d|p}}|{{d|d}}}}: Hey, kids.
*{{d|pj}}: We got inspired, and we just want to say something.
*{{d|yar}}: Yeah. We're sorry for the way we acted around Grandpa.
*{{d|p}}: Surprisingly, thet's not the problem.
*{{d|d}}: Your grandfather's always been a triangular old curmudgeon ... [''Pencil looks at him.''] ... in a good way.
*{{d|p}}: It's the fac' thet Salvador's a-to be h'expelled on Friday.
*{{d|dj}}: Well, we don't know that for sure!
*{{d|d}}: Where is that little troublemaker anyways?
*{{d|qr}}: He's sleeping.
*{{d|zor}}: He got really tired beating people up in baseball.
*{{d|p}}: Thet's the thing! An' now th' evil Golf Ball'll know thet yer brother's been actin' 'et way, an' 'e'll be certain to be 'xpelled!
*{{d|jav}}: How does she know? Has she been tracking us?
*{{d|p}}: Aye, she has.
*{{d|pj}}: Don't worry, Mum!
*{{d|cit}}: I'm sure whatever she says Friday, she will most definitely be not mad.
==Friday, November 12, 2012==
{{Scene|Headmistress's Office|Golf Ball, if this were filmed, is screaming directly at the camera.}}
*{{d|gb}}: I am most ''definitely'' mad!
*{{d|p}}: <small>Y' sure are.</small>
*{{d|gb}}: You let your own offspring speak to the chief of Nairobi, my fatherland's most steadfast allies, so?
*{{d|p}}: Aye, but wote'er y'do, please don' expel our son.
*{{d|gb}}: I'd go on and listen, but I'm busy staring at your sweaty husband.
*{{d|p}}: You {{cen|fuッキn'}} wot m8, I mean, please explain.
*{{d|d}}: Tell her about the Remembrance Day Parade speech incident.
*{{d|p}}: No! [''to Golf Ball''] Oh, please keep me son in yer school, please?
*{{d|gb}}: Stop begging, wench, and I'm not going to expect Salvador.
*{{d|p}}: Oh, why's thet?
*{{d|gb}}: First of all, I do not expel people who bear the title of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. And second of all, what he did last night really touched my heart, as I saw through the hidden camera, and my heart never gets touched. Ever!
*{{d|d}}: What did he do last night?
*{{d|gb}}: You saw not? He convinced all of your hoodlum children to go up and console you in sadness!
*{{d|d}}: That ... was our son?
*{{d|p}}: Fer once, 'e's not a h'arsehole!
*{{d|d}}: Thank you so much! I'd shake your hand, but, y'know ...
*{{d|p}}: [''opens the door to children walking to class''] '''''OI, 'E'S NOT A H'ARSEHOLE!'''''
*{{d|d}}: Penc, wait up! I need to know if I'm still sweaty!
[''Exeunt ambo.'']
*{{d|gb}}: And yet, I still hate them. All of them.
<center>'''THE END'''</center>
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