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Pin is a supporting, later minor, character in Pencil 2.O. She is Vietnamese and proud of it. She attends Book's International Camp with Book, Ice Cube, and Baseball Cap. She is voiced by Cary Huang.


Pin is a red pushpin with a thick head and body.


Pin has terrible leadership and is self-centered, struggling with those different from her. She's had these traits since she was very young.[1] However, she is able to demonstrate appropriate social skills when necessary. She does not believe it awkward to think about love at a young age.


  • Pin and Match have the same birthday, December 13.[2]
  • Pin's similar friends are Màu Đỏ Pin, Xanh Lá Cây Pin, Xanh Dương Pin, Tím Pin, Cam Pin, Nâu Đỏ Pin, Màu Xám Pin, Màu Thiên Thanh Pin, Rõ Ràng Pin, and Thiên Thần Pin.[3]
  • Pin watches the show Vietnam Idol.
  • Pin's parents left to Vietnam on her birthday and are not mentioned often. Perhaps Pin does not have a strong relationship with them, instead filling that void with Guardian Pin.