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Yes, I know this Wiki is a place for you to put your recommended characters and ideas for the show, but there are rules. Otherwise, we'd end up like a dysfunctional society, and I know the majority of people don't want that to happen.

And I[1] spake all these words, saying ...

①② Vandalism is not cool. I saw it a few times on the fan fiction wiki. Basically, vandalism online is what it is in real life: You edit the article only to make a brilliantly pointless statement, or something inappropriate or offensive. I think spam and links to viruses also count as vandalism.
No nonsense. I am so sorry to any people coming directly from the Fan Fiction wiki, but this may include some of your favourite pages such as...

  1. Camps. I see them everywhere, whether it involves object show characters or humans. As of November 2, 2015, the most popular pages consist of 50% camps. (The others are asset pages, none of the top pages on the Object Show Fanonpedia consist of fan stories.)
  2. Hurt and heals. Once the bane of the BFDIFFW's past, I still don't trust them as much.
  3. Certain memes. We do not glorify violence, we only mention it. And I'm still not comprehending the MLG stuff - that type of humour for twelve-year-olds is puerile in my opinion. (Sorry ...)

⑦⑧ Do not plagiarise. You will get kicked out of college You will make the original author(s) feel bad about themselves. This includes the thievery of original characters unless given permission.
Don't be a dictator if you're not.
The revelation of personal information is forbidden. Stalking strangers is bad, stalking people that you haven't seen is even worse. Just don't do it.
Do not discriminate against attributes such as those listed below. An example will also be given of unacceptable behaviour.

  1. Race. "We hate you because you're purple."
  2. Sex. "You're a girl, get out."
  3. Sexual orientation. "That's so gay."
  4. Religion. "No polytheists allowed!"
  5. Nationality. "We were at war with your country, so you're stupid."
  6. Age. "Hahaha you're so old!"
  7. Income. "The rich are always crooks."
  8. Disability. "See, that's r[edacted]."

Do not edit war.

And I spake those rules I couldn't care less about

Sockpuppeting is bad. Having two accounts will be played out by the official Wikia rules.

Here's where I differ

In other words, here are the parts I have changed from the original Fan Fiction Wiki.

Swear all you want if you embed it in the characters' dialogue. Just don't be rude and swear to other users.
⑥ Let's not be xenophobic, and accept people's languages. Of course, any language is allowed provided you have a translation in English, the official language of the Wiki.
⑨ Just as literature is never-ending, neither are pages here. Edit a page, no matter how old it is. But there is a catch. If a fact occurs that appeared before your edit, do not change it.
Usernames are unimportant. It's not the name that matters, it's their actions. Just as long as the username is not really inappropriate.


  1. Technically it was the BFDI fan fiction wiki; I just adopted from the rules page and changed some things.