(Note, none of this is real, its just something I made up if the series had been animated)

Between 2008 and 2010, it was revealed that 21 episodes of Pencil 2.O were missing from the archives, leaving two stories incomplete, for whatever reason, American, Canadian and British Archives sent many episodes to Africa and Australia, although all episodes sent to Australia we're returned (bar one audio loss), 21 episodes that were sent to Africa were reported lost.


In 2007, shortly before the production of BFDI, 42 episodes of the first 50 stories sent to overseas archives via a contract were sent to South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Algeria and ironically, Kenya, the reason for this is currently unknown, but it was most likely that a small American archive unit in Missouri was so full (and the fact that wiping was frowned upon everywhere), that they signed a deal with a South African archive unit to send some episodes of Pencil 2.O and The Flaws Of Time to that place, eventually, Canada and the UK got onto this, signing deals with five other countries to sent their copies of episodes to those countries.

The Deal would only last until 2008, when most of the nation in the agreement started returning episodes as broadcasters wanted them back, however, the British returning was about one third off, the reason? 9 of the episodes that were sent to Nigeria (the only nation that signed an agreement with Britain) were not present, The Americans then said that seven episodes they had sent to South Africa, Algeria and Kenya were not present, and the Canadians stated that they did not have three episodes of Pencil 2.O in their archives anymore, It Seemed as if Africa was refusing to return 21 of the 42 episodes, all five countries then said in three separate signed letters that they did not have the 21 episodes anymore, Africa was not lying, The 21 Episodes we're truly missing.

List of Missing EpisodesEdit

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