This page is the description of Pencil's actions in completed episodes.


Vas-A-Yop - Pencil beginning

Pencil at episode start.

The episode starts in the morning, with Pencil doing a lot of work for the kids. She insists that Pen shouldn't show them Mickey Zee's music video in which she participated in the past episode. After driving the kids to school, Pen and she go to the studio from the last episode, where she does not get paid due to bad karma on behalf of her husband. After he cries about the financial loss, she carries him to the car. Later that night, Zorah comes home, and when she tells her about the lack of action at her soccer practice, she realises how much attention Match has been getting. She stays home while Pen's away for the night trying to convince Match to stop working at Terwiter's, but gets dragged along. After dancing with Match, Salt and Pepper, she tries to convince Match as well, but she doesn't want to hear it. Later, she and Pen make a plan to bring Eraser to show Match how much of a waste she's doing in her life. The episode ends with the trio at Shōhakoku, with her and Pen signing up Match secretly for the new K company.

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