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"Wot'n ale's fozz'r'ye doin'?" - Pencil
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What the fuck is going on here?

Pencil's Fatness is the first episode of season 8 of Pencil 2.O. In this episode, Pencil wants to get fit, so she tries Weight Gain 13500. Leafy dies because of spontaneous combustion, causing news to roll around Goiky.

Transcript Edit

At the storeEdit

Leafy : I need grotatoes.

Pencil : What flavor?

Match : Forget that. I need some potatoes.

Pencil : Look! I want this! Weight Gain 13500! I'll drink it soon.

Book : 232 dollars.

All[char tag?] : (gasps)

Pencil : Fuck you, i'm buying this.

Book : 5 dollars.

The ObeseEdit


(Bubble comes into the room)

Bubble : Wow, Pencil as a lot of weight. And why is your alliance under you?

Pencil : Oh, i think that i eaten too much spaghetti...

Leafy : Bubble! Help me! Every time I get crushed, I die of--

(Leafy dies of spontaneous combustion)

Match : Oh my oxygen! Pencil killed Leafy! I sure wish Superman is here to witness this!

Eraser : You bastards!

(Ruby comes into the room)

Ruby : Hey, pipsqueaks! Smell my laundry!

Pencil : But I'm fat now! How am I even gonna leave this room?

Match : Even though I'm dying, here's a pill.

Pencil : A cough drop? Match, you--you have gone too far today. I thought you were smart, and you just give me this? This is just stupid.

Eraser : Stellar speech!

(Phone rings)

Pencil : Somebody's on the phone.

Needle : I am pissed off with you! You broke up with me, a 70 year old needle who would die witho-

(Pencil hangs up the phone)

(Pencil tries to facepalm but can't)

Pencil : FUCK. Was that Nee-

Match : -dle?

Eraser : We get it.

Pencil : Well SHIT. With Needy it is.

Match : I think you're breaking the floor.

(Blocky comes in)

Blocky : What the fuck is going on here?

Pencil : Well I was at the store looking for something and found Weight Gain 13500. I bought it but it made me fat.

Blocky : Fuck. Let's get people to lift you.

2 minutes later...

Blocky : Hup, hup- I'm ready!!

(they throw Pencil out of the house, leaving a huge hole in the wall)

Pencil : Blocky, if you did something, I will open my eyes. If you didn't, say FUCK!

(Pencil opens her eyes)

Pencil : What the fuck Blocky? You made a large hole in the wall!

Blocky : Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

(Katarzyna wakes up Pencil)

Katarzyna : I'm sorry!

Pencil : I'm so TRIGERRED

The End

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