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This is the info page for Match, Pencil & Pen React to Their Ask Videos. You should go there first, because this page will go straight to the details; I'm too lazy to write introductions again.


  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Match
  • Pencil (Internet version)
  • Saye
  • Match (Internet version)
  • Pen (Internet version)
  • Snowball/Bfdiofficialsnowball (Internet version)
  • Eraser (Internet version)
  • Blocky (non-speaking, Internet version)
  • Ice Cube (non-speaking, Internet version)
  • Gelatin (non-speaking, Internet version)
  • Strawberry (non-speaking, Internet version)
  • Trophy (non-speaking, Internet version)


  • Eraser
  • Spongy
  • Firey
  • Gelatin
  • Snowball
  • Needle
  • Pin
  • Lego
  • Cola
  • Rocky
  • Bubble
  • Woody
  • Golf Ball
  • Book
  • Donut
  • Coiny
  • Ice Cream
  • Dia
  • Aristotelis
  • Broken Pen
  • Marker
  • Several YouTubers (Korri Maclennan, Yoshi1229B, Conor Duffin, Tori And Xavier Satchel, Lavender 1, Lightningbolt785, Michael Chan, Mr Leafy The Leafeon2, Keye Visser (Epic-Nieuws), Collision Sc-, Sharon Harlow, Supermarioplushbros, Kittycatplays, Joshua Hecht, 100Dcx, Dbp Channel, Meshafoxx1, Tacoburger22, Brian Hyland, Jenna T, Da Minecraft Geek 101, Krispin Williams, Totaldramaizzyandgwenfan, Roblox King, Bryson Josh, Whotheheckistimothy, Ghian Aguedan, Mka360Games, Spooderman, Animatedgalaxy, Tehpoisonspatran "mega" Epic Returned, Jamal17868, Nicholas Mcconnell (Mindreader), Foghat Gaming, Monster Ketchup (Patapatamon), The Fun Gang, Lee Ellis, Bfdifan54321, Sonic Fazbear2005, Zachary Coolness, Bahamutt Animations, Sonic The Inkling, Stephen Lippincott, Christian Lee, Uzayr Iqbal, Thegokuthesaiyin, Jeremiahjesse Magalona, Spartanjuan Ramirez, Clarrice Ayque, 2000Mprie, Liant Magtown, Ramoz Gaming, Jada Rodriguez, Jack Starrett, Redadama (Anything Ever), Zandra Ross, Theatlanticocean, Uzayr Iqbar, Vicente Inamagua, Golden Apple, Sumia Yasmin, Lezzinetheworgen, Andreea I., Enzo Mendietta Custodio The Nintendo Guy, Scene)


Cream Pie SGJW [title card]
Real Western Steel B. Black ["My posterior feels, like, so comfy in those seats!"]
Happy Choo Choo A OS [Ask Pencil!]
Radio Martini [Ask Pen!]
Stealth by Night J. Coles ["Hey Pen, you're overrated as hell."]
Ho'omaka Link JW [Pen leaves the room]
Whisper from the Past GN [Pencil talks back to the camera]
Island Romance JR ["They hate me."]
Nude Sting NCSGJW [Pen enters]
Happy Jose U. Wenzel [Pen finishes his Ask segment]
Fadegc Sting JW ["BRB, I'm going to slap some sense in the Pencil-phobic version of me."]
Alekoki KB [the ending]


  • This may be the episode with the least amount of characters, at four.
    • It is also the episode with the smallest voice cast, with three members.
  • Originally, this was classified as a semi-episode, although by day's end it was upgraded to episode level.
    • Its long and uncreative title reflects that fact.

Credits if this were a YouTube show

Created & edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Bobby Davis (Pen)
Charlyn Davis (Match)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)

Special thanks to

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