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"Wow, spending so much time in this void has actually made me finish!" - Pen
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"Match, Pencil & Pen React to Their Ask Videos" is a new episode of Pencil 2.O, and until recently, there has been neither number nor date associated. In this episode, Match, Pen and Pencil react to the videos on YouTube where they are asked questions

Match, Pen and Pencil are sitting in interview chairs.Edit

  • Match: —my posterior feels, like, so comfy in those seats!
  • Saye: [behind the camera] Aunt Match, we're already live.
  • Match: Oh shiת— Heeeeeeeeeey, peoples, it's Match here with my bruh Pen and his wife aka my best friend Penc-Penc in the house!
  • Pen: Oh my G-d … So today, we'll be reading comments left by humans to us, in these Internet videos called "Ask Objects".
  • Pencil: An' firs' of all, we'd like to thank SmasherSquad, Hughesyboy 103, LaptopZSmasherZ and Drew C fer yer videos hostin' the questions. Match, y'wanna go firs'?
  • Match: Sure! Also, like, Eraser can't be here because he's in Uruguay.
  • Pen: Tell the audience what he's doing.
  • Match: And how about those questions?
  • Saye: Kay-kay!

Ask Match!Edit

100dcx: Match, I don't know why people hate you, do you know why? Well, I don't hate you Match! ;)
Match Zapałka: Thanks 100dcx! Like, I don't know why people hate me, and whoever does are really mean jerks.

  • Match: That is true.

Golden Apple: Match, why are you so mean?

  • Match: Oh, come on. If anything, I'm being collectively nice.

MZ: Why does everyone say I'm mean? I didn't do anything wrong! You guys are, like, really unfair.

  • Match: True again.

TheGokuthesaiyin: Why do you hate Spongy, and do you like Pen?

  • Match: Well, Spongy is the least of my problems. I'm, like, an adult, and I don't have time for that baby. And me liking Pen? No thanks, I'm not into that shiת.

MZ: I hate Spongy, because he's, like, totally too fat to anything. And I have to make sure Pen stays away from Pencil, I don't want them together.
[Match looks at Pencil and Pen sitting together.]

  • Match: Well, I didn't do a good job, eh?

Uzayr Iqbar: Do you have a crush on Eraser?

  • Match: Eh, it's on-again, off-again.

MZ: I want to kiss him and make out with him and marry him.

  • Match: … don't forget wanting to—
  • Pencil: Next question, please!

Spartanjuan Ramirez: Who would you rather date? Firey or Spongy

  • Match: Firey, but I have, like, no way of knowing if he's available or not. And Spongy? No way!

MZ: Neither! Omg, I'd totally, like, rather date Eraser.

  • Match: Can't a girl cheat?

[Pencil and Pen look at her shocked.]

  • Match: What?

Tacoburger22: What are your feelings on Gelatin? How does it make you feel that I still like you?

  • Match: Second of all, what? And first … … meh.
  • Pen: Match, you can't just start a statement with second and then segue into first.
  • Match: You're kidding me, right?
  • Pen: I mean, it goes against all of the principles of sentence formation.

MZ: Omg! Gelatin is so totally awful at, like, life-saving.

  • Match: I still get nightmares … you go, big-eyed me!

BFDIOfficialSnowball: To Match, hatest thou me or Needle?

  • Match: What the hell? Snowball is here?

MZ: Omg! I, like, totally, hate you more, Snowball, because you're, like, such a jerk!

  • Match: And that's not his only bad character trait.

2000Mrpie: Would you hate Pencil if she liked Pen?

  • Match: Well … er … she's currently married to him, and we're, like, the bestest of friends, eh, Pencil?
  • Pencil: Right back at'ee!

MZ: No, but I would, like, totally hate her if she, like, was with Eraser because I want Eraser to be with me.

  • Pencil: No thanks, I'm good.

Uzayr Iqbal: Match, I have a present for you, it's a bomb.

  • Match: If that's a metaphor for having to leave, then good-bye!

[She gets up.]

  • Pen: Hold it, Czechoslovakia.
  • Match: What now?
  • Pencil: There's another set o' questions fer'ee!
  • Match: Yay! Thank you people for being so popular!
  • Saye: Aunt Match, this video's not going on the Internet. But it will be shared some time during the Hanuchristmas party—you're welcome.
  • Match: In that case, next question me, please.

Collision SC-: Match, I'm not surprised by your early elimination.

  • Match: If that's a subtle way of saying that you hate me, that's totally fine. I mean, it's not like I can go through the screen and—
  • Pencil: Calm your lack of internal organs, Match … there's a child here.
  • Saye: Last time I checked, I'm fourteen and a half!

MZ: Yeah, a lot of people aren't; I'm wondering why so many people hate me!

  • Pen: I can.
  • Match: Dude!

[Pencil screams.]

Joshua Hecht: Match, you're so selfish that everyone hates you.

  • Match: Omg, that's totally rude!

MZ: Well, thanks for letting me know why I'm hated.

  • Match: Can a nice person comment next?

Ghian Aguedan: Hey Match, I like you and you are my favourite character in BFDI.

  • Match: See? I was right.

MZ: Finally, somebody who likes me!

  • Match: I don't jump that high!

Da minecraft Geek 101: Match, do you like Eraser?

  • Match: Of course I like Eraser.

MZ: Of, like, course!

  • Match: Omg, I don't say like after, like, prepositional phrases!
  • Pen: You just did.
  • Pencil: Actually m8, thet was a preposition.

Joshua Hecht: Why did you get tripped by Pin … because she is evil?

  • Match: Sure she is. But she's just a child.
  • Saye: She's my age!

MZ: Yeah, Pin is evil!

  • Match: Are my arms really that bendy? Don't say anything, Pen.

SuperMarioPlushBros: Match, you suck. Go join a different show.

  • Match: Debash[1], I'm on this show. Happy?

MZ: ... Kay.

  • Match: Omg, does my mouth really look like some politician from the 1800s?

yoshi1229b: Match, can you still make fire on your hair after dying it? And you don't have water but there is fire on your head, what will you do?

  • Match: I don't know. Science isn't, like, my thing, if you know what I mean.

MZ: One, IDK but I'm not trying it out. Two, I would, like, just use, like, Ice Cube! Ha! You're not fooling me!

  • Match: Go home, alternate-universe me, you're sober.

Eraser Schreiber: Match, your head is on fire!

  • Pen: Hey, and there's me!
  • Pencil: Yikes m8. 'f there were an 'Undred Years of Ugliness you'd be their poster child.
  • Pen: What?
  • Pencil: I meant you in the vid, m8.

MZ: Just my luck.

Keye Visser (Epic-nieuws): Match, are you sad that you got eliminated in BFDI(A) 5? Also, do you love Eraser?

  • Match: Well, like, to be honest, why should I care about BFDI … eh? See what I did there?
  • Pencil: I'm pretty sure people in Tahiti saw wot'ee dids 'ere.

MZ: No, 'cause now I'm, like, near Eraser. And yes, I do love him!

  • Match: Fair choice.

MeshaFoxx1: Match, are you still friends with Pencil? (Object Craziness tells a different story.)

  • Match: Of course I'm friends with Pencil!
  • Pencil: An' wot's this Object Craziness yer talkin'a, m8?

MZ: Like, yeah, we're still best friends!

  • Match: Yay!

Korri MacLennan: Hope I'm not too late … Match, how long have you been friends with Penc-Penc? P.S. Can you tell Lego that I said thanks for the compliment on my profile picture?

  • Match: That's easy enough. What year is it?
  • Pencil: 2013.[2]
  • Match: Er … like, carry the three over the donut … and you get—
  • Pen: Eight years.

MZ: I don't know; it feels like forever!

  • Match: But forever just goes on way too long. [Pencil gasps] Oh, you know how much I love you.

MZ: And sure, I will tell Lego! I am not annoying, prepare to get noscoped!

  • Match: That type of puerile behaviour shall not be tolerated on this planet.
  • Pencil: Now ye talks fancy!

BfdiFan54321: Match, is it true that you have a crush on Eraser?
Jenna T: Match, on whom do you have a crush?

  • Match: Eraser! Omg, everyone's, like, what-up on my love life.

Yes, I have a crush on Eraser! It's not so bad actually!:

  • Match: Yes, it is!

That's what will happen?:

  • Match: Omg, am I shown killing my, like, best friend ever?
  • Pencil: An' thet is so offensive! I look like an /r/polandball reject!
  • Pen: Don't say those words …

Pencil Schreiber: Some best friend you are!

  • Pencil: Amen, twin me.

Can Pencil be next? She is your best friend.:

  • Saye: Alright, people. Let's take a short commercial break.
  • Pencil: Wait, really, I'm nex'? Omg, Match get off yer seat.

Ask Pencil!Edit

[When they come back.]

  • Saye: And now we are starting the questions for Pencil.
  • Pencil: Ech-em?
  • Saye: I mean, mum.

Enzo Mendietta Custodio the nintendo guy: Pencil, wake up.

  • Pencil: Omg, wot? Is this like a start of a song lyrics thingy? Acos I'm really a-diggin' some o' thet nineties—

Pencil Schreiber: Wut? [sic]

  • Pencil: Oh my god, they got me "wot" nearly right.

Ramoz Gaming: Pencil, can you do a 360 nosescope?

  • Pencil: I don't know, ask me son!

PS: Well, let's see!

  • Pencil: Wait, why'm I shootin' Ice Cube? She hain' e'en relevant?
  • Pen: Maybe you should stop looking at the TV, Saye; I think this is going to get violent.
  • Saye: Okay, but then you wouldn't be on camera.
  • Pen: On second thought, let's let her watch, eh?

[Pencil in the video shoots Ice Cube with another one of those martial guns.] PS: Well, I guess th' answer to thet question's no.

Collision SC-: Pencil, is Pencil Sharpener evil? Also, I dare you to take off Pen's cap.

  • Pencil: I don' think 'e is. Me son Sio always invites 'im over an' 'e don't seem ter 'ave an evil alignment.
  • Pen: Penc, you might want to hear the second question.
  • Pencil: Oh yeah. Y' blokes on th' Interwebs may want ter 'ear this … me husband doesn't wan' to take off 'is cap. It's fer cultural purposes thet the point is the part designed for modest wear.

PS: Well, aye, Sharpener's evil acos 'e makes me shrink an' some people find thet sexy.

  • Pencil: Shrink? Thet's the 'uman word for gettin' meself rid of penstruation?

PS: An' believe me, there's already some weird an' creepy fan-art o' me!

  • Pencil: Wot'n'ale? [pause] Pen ne'er tickles me like thet?
  • Pen: Because I'm not exactly into that kind of stuff, y'know.
  • Pencil: An' why'm I depicted with diseases? Th' human Internet's be full o' weird shiト, m8.

PS: Also, this is wot Pen looks like with no cap.

  • Pen: Oh my G-d …
  • Pencil: Shall I fast-forward?
  • Saye: We're live, people!
  • Pen: No, I just want to see this.

General Pen Schreiber: Please let go of me.


Jenna T: What are your thoughts for Season 2 of BFDIA?

  • Pencil: Firs' of all, season 2 is BFDIA, jus' to clarify, if people wan' to know.
  • Pen: No one wants to know.
  • Pencil: Fair enough. An' besides, BFDIA was ‘orrible! I ain' got me Pen with me!

PS: Ummmm. There's only one season o' BFDIA.

  • Pencil: Wow! Me me is really cool!
  • Match: Yeah. If disturbing and perverted is cool, I don't want to be lame!

Roblox King: If you found out Match is in love with Eraser, how do you … about that?

  • Pencil: Fine! I mean, I've ne'er 'ad a crush on Eraser as 'is beauty's diminished by Pen!

PS: Oh. Mah. Gawd.

  • Pen: Y'know, for a second I thought this was going to be like those freaky videos where they take a camera inside someone's mouth and it takes them on a journey through their esophagus, eventually ending hours later in the—
  • Saye: Moving on!

Da minecraft Geek 101: Hey pencil you cooler than that stoopid match [sic]

  • Pencil: Oh, why thanks'ee … I mean, 'ow h'insultin'!

PS: Well, considerin' the fact thet ye don' know 'ow to spell "stupid" an' "Y-O-U-apostrophe-R-E" usin' the space bar incorrectly, I think thet's rather 'ypocritical o-ee. So 'o's the stupid one n ow?

  • Pencil: You are!
  • Pen: Who were you referring to?

Michael Chan: One, I still don't see my question. Two, the object on your left is now your weapon of choice for the zombie apocalypse. What is it? Three, can Cola from OL go next?

  • Pencil: Well, on me left is Pen. Got use?
  • Pen: If I'm a weapon, can I still talk?
  • Pencil: I think so.
  • Pen: Deal!

PS: Okay, let's see wot I get. Um. [picks up airhorn] Well I'm screwed.

Krispin Williams: Hope I'm not too late … Pencil, on whom do you have a crush? Do you like Pen?

  • Pencil: 'n case 'ee'ven't noticed, we're married.
  • Pen: Yeah, it's more of a binding thing.

PS: Aye, I've got a crush on Pen.

  • Match: Noooooo, really?

Lee Ellis: Pencil, I told Match about Pen and Rocky is awesome.

  • Pencil: Why would 'is own sister know about our love after the fans?

PS: Well, I don' care. Also, Rocky's the mos' stupid person e'er!

  • Pen: Is this true?
  • Pencil: No, I don' e'en care about Rocky! 'E's basically a backgroun' character.

Brian Hyland: Pencil, Pen is dumb. What do you have to say about that?

  • Pencil: I say, fuク anyone 'o calls me man "dumb".
  • Pen: I say it's kind of true.
  • Match: Yeah, like, you're not really the brightest bulb in the shed.

PS: Ugh. Callin' someone stupid without th' usin' o' proper grammar be very hypocritical.

  • Pencil: Wow. I know two things of AU!me … I'm very hypocritical, an'll do anythin' to protect Match an' Pen. Sweet!

Jada Rodriguez: Bubble or Match? P.S. I love you!

  • Pencil: Match. Like, Bubble, I ne'er really see'ee anymore, an' I'm sure she's 'appy with 'er own bes' friends righ' now. But Match is me BFFEIAMCIOL!
  • Pen: BFFAML?
  • [ Pencil · Match ]: Best Friends Forever even if a man comes into our lives!
  • Pencil: An' besides, thanks, but I'm married.
  • Pen: Well, let's just see what they have to say about this.

PS: Um.

  • Pencil: Why would I explode o'er somethin' as petty as choosin' between two people?

[Match and Pen both glare at her.]

  • Pencil: Too soon …

SuperMarioPlushBros: Pencil, I like you, also, if you have a YouTube account, sub to me.

  • Pencil: Oh, thanks, but I'm married. An' I don't use the 'uman Interwebs.

PS: Um. Thanks fer the compliment, but advertisin' on someone's channel's really weak, m8.

  • Pencil: So that's what that was!
  • Pen: Hey! No one schemes my wife but … … next question please?

Bryson Josh: Pencil, do you play Roblox, and do you like it? If not, I break you!

  • Pencil: I don' know. It doesn't seem like a website fer mothers like me. I've got ter ask me son o'e.

PS: Um. Wot's a Roblox?

  • Pencil: Aye, wot is'e?
  • Pen: You don't want to know unless you want to be full of spam.

Zachary Coolness: Pencil, I drew Match sleeping with Pen last night.

  • Pencil: Cool, I guess if yer into thet kind o' stuff. It ain' wrong, 'tis jus' amazin' thet y've got th' audacity to bring up a taboo subject like this …

PS: Man, y' smoke a lot o' weird stuff.
[she actually smokes something]

  • Match: What the hell, Pencil? You're not Eraser and never have been!

LightningBolt785: Pencil, if you love Pen so much, then just tell your true feelings about yourself. It is not that hard. BTW, if you are not too sure, then ask him on whom you crush!

  • Pencil: Well, as'ee can see, we're married.
  • Pen: Yeah, it's more of a binding thing.

PS: 'Tis really 'arder than it looks; I don' think 'ee knows wot y'feels like.

  • Match: Omg, Penc-penc, were your feelings that repressed? Damn, girl!

Jack Starrett: Pencil, do you love to draw Pen?

  • Pencil: Sure, but I ain' goin' to show the camera before the children's eyes.

PS: No, I'm 'orrible a' drawin'.

  • Match: Wow. BFDI was a lie.
  • Pen: FINALLY!

tehpoisonspatran "Mega" epic returned: Pencil, do you hate Eraser since Match is in love with you?

  • Pencil: This true, Match?
  • Match: Not really.

PS: No, I like Pen. Wot made'ee think I like Match? [Images are shown of PencilxMatch.] Oh, shiト

  • Match: I ship it!
  • Pen: You know you're in those pictures too, eh?
  • Match: I stll ship it!

Sonic The Inkling: Do you hope that Pen will propose to you one day?

  • Pencil: Well, 'e's already done'e! See, we're married …
  • Pen: Yeah, it's more of a binding thing.

PS: Well, we don' go out … yet … But aye, I do hope.

  • Pencil: Wait a second. Before BFDI, y' din't e'en propose to me correctly! All y'did was say some random shiト like "marry me" an' 'ere I'm now!
  • Pen: You didn't exactly explain this to me like that!

Liant Magtown: Pencil, what do you think about Woody?

  • Pencil: 'Ow do you know about me mum's mos' frequen' patients?

PS: 'O's Woody?

  • Match: Omg, Woody's that lame creature from BFDI!
  • Pen: The worst. If this were all high school, I'd shove him into a locker … and then I'd say sorry.
  • Pencil: Omg, I'm in love!

Mr Leafy The Leafeon2: What is the capital olive of the four gloves of Narnia, or why did the green number send a metal tube hot dog? If you answer, I'll give you zero pounds!

  • Pencil: Wot?

PS: Aye, thet question's easy! The answer is Gaben!

  • Pencil: Wot? I need to get meself a chill pill.

Tori and Xavier Satchel: Pencil, you're the meanest girl in BFDIA and you have the meanest team, FreeSmart. Marry Eraser because he's my least favourite character in BFDI and Pen because you love him.

  • Pencil: Thet's got to be the wors' joke I've e'er 'eard in me life. Good job, Tori an' Xavier Satchel.

PS: Well, fuク you, then! Also, Eraser's the whinies' sod on thet show! I'd ne'er marry'e?

  • Pencil: Wait, I actually took'e seriously?
  • Pen: Y'know, Eraser's not whiny!
  • Match: He kind of is …

Keye Visser (Epic-nieuws): Hey Pencil, Golf Ball is really mean to you.

  • [ Pencil · Match ]: Duuuuuuuuh!

PS: I know, yeah? Golf Ball's a bozo-brained bossy bot!

Sharon Harlow: Please us this to ask Pencil, ok? Okay, Pencil, why do you love Pen so much, because, like, he's a pen and you're a pencil?

  • Pen: No need to be racist!

PS: I know, yeah? Ain't we jus' perfect fer each other?

  • Pencil: Fer the las' time, we're married!
  • Pen: Yeah, it's more of a binding thing.

Conor Duffin: Hey Pencil, three things to tell you. I like when you did actually expel Icy from your alliance when she licked herself and in BFDIA 1 did you mean to set Book on fire instead of Donut?

  • Pencil: Wot?

PS: Lurne Hao Too Cspel

WhoTheHeckIsTimothy: Pencil, do you like strawberries like the one on my profile picture?

  • Pencil: Sure?

PS: Yeeeeeeeeeeee!

Clarrice Ayque: Pencil, on whom does Bubble have a crush?

  • Pencil: She hain' into thet yet! She's jus' a young girl!
  • Match: Penc-penc, Bubble is 24 years old. That's, like, half of 48!

PS: I hones'ly don' know! The Internet ships'e with a lot o' people!

  • Pencil: I guess thet's an answer?

yoshi1229b: Hey, wait … Why are you so mean? Do you want to be with Pen in the TLC?

  • Pencil: Thet was me intentions.

PS: I'd rather 'im come out o' thet 'ell'ole. But a' leas' I hain' mean!

  • Pen: You sure about that?
  • Pencil: Excuse me?

Korri MacLennan: Hey Penc-Penc, why does everyone hate Leafy? In BFDIA 1, you guys wanted to catch her. However, what would you do with her? Kill her? If Firey found out that you killed her, he would not let anyone on Dream Island, therefore making the chase completely pointless.

PS: As quoted by Katyj98, also only Match can call me Penc-Penc.

  • Match: Yeah, I'm exempt!

Foghat Gaming: Hey Pencil, whom do you hate the most? Rocky or Gelatin?

  • Pencil: Why should I care? They're jus' random strangers 'om I barely care fer!

PS: Both … they're both really annoyin'.

Zandra Ross: Pencil, what year were you born?

  • Pencil: I'm not available, Zandra dear. I'm married!
  • Pen: Yeah, it's more of a binding thing.
  • Match: Will you shut up?

PS: 1/1/2010 jus' like e'eryone else!

  • Pencil: Thet's ogrecrap!
  • Match: Ogrecrap?
  • Pencil: I was born on February 14 in 1990! Y'know, the year 'n which opposition parties were formed in Kenya?

The Fun Gang: Pencil, what would happen if you lost your sharp lead?

  • Pencil: Thet's called "penstruation", an' I hate talkin' about when thet 'appens.

PS: 'twould jus' grow back!

  • Pencil: Thet too.

Lavender 1: To Pencil: On a scale from 0% to 100%, how do you like Coiny? I'd say 99.9%. On a scale from 0% to 100%, how do you like Ice Cream from Object Universe? I'd say 100%!

  • Pencil: Well, y'ave to know thet Coiny's me sister Needle's boyfriend. So I feel as if 'e's family, so probably like a number between 0 an' an 'undred. 'O's Ice Cream?
  • Match: Ice Cream's the one who looks like, like, like, that blue container thing with two balls in it.
  • Pen: That's Ice Cream? From your description it sounds like the perfect night for you!
  • Pencil: Aye, I thought thet was Trousers 'ere.

PS: I'd say 70%. An' 0%.

  • Pencil: Kay-kay!

Jamal7868: If you love Pen so much, kiss him right now in front of us.

  • Pencil: This is me job now.

PS: Okay, I'll do'e.
[She grabs him.] GPS: Er, Pencil, what are you doing?
PS: Somethin' I should've done a long time ago.
[They kiss, with Pen-of-the-Television-Machine looking scared as hell. Meanwhile, Pencil and Pen-of-the-real-world are kissing romantically, in contrast to the terrifying gob scene on the screen.]

  • Match: This might be one of the weirdest things I've ever seen.

AnimatedGalaxy: Why not let Pen go next if you love him?
Brian Hyland: Oh yeah, can Pen go next?

  • Pencil: Sure!
  • Pen: Hey, that's my chair now!
  • Pencil: Okay, I shall now sit subservient agains'ee.
  • Saye: Don't worry, we'll be right back with a round of Ask My Dad![4]

Ask Pen!Edit

  • Pen: Hey, peoples, General Pen Schreiber here–That's GPS!
  • Match: Omg …
  • Pen: I'm going to start this off from the commercial break because my daughter should be working the camera right now.
  • Saye: Sorry, carry on. I was just looking on TrueTube and our videos are really popular.
  • Match: Just like me in high school!

[Match, Pen and Pencil sigh simultaneously.]

  • Saye: Weird. Anyways, let's get down to business and defeat start off with the first question, nyeh?

Sumia Yasmin: What type of pen are you?

  • Pen: Well, let's see. On my deceased mother's side, I am a Greek from Thessaloniki with that faint trickle of Bulgarian and Yugoslavian ancestry. She converted to Judaism in the 1980s, when she met my father, who has 12.5% proven Spartan lineage, which is where I get my dashingly good looks.
  • Match: Um, excuse me, but the Spartans weren't either, like, good-looking or dashing. In Slovakia, on the other hand …
  • Pencil: Match, it ain't yer turn to talk.
  • Pen: So, to top it all I am mainly Thessalonian/Spartan Greek with genetics coming from all over South-eastern Europe, including Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and the land of Israel in which my ancestors lived in ancient times.

GPS: I'm a ballpoint pen of the non-inky type!

  • Pen: [sadly] That can suffice, too. Of course, not as good as knowing which ancient city-states your ancestors came from, but … yeah.

Spooderman: Pen, you are very popular; how didn't you make it into season 2?

  • Pen: I believe that it was G-d's quarter-life destiny that I had not joined. It was at the height of utopia for Pencil and I, and solitude in the hellhole of a place could only be the best for me.

GPS: Well … I guess it's because …

  • Pen: Come on, version of me with the unusual mouth!

TotalDramaIzzyandGwenFan: Hey Pen, you're overrated as hell. Stop having fans, you don't do anything.

  • Pen: One, that wasn't a question. Two, I'm a Jew who won't believe in Hell, and three … three … I can't do this.

[He leaves the room, Saye following. Match and Pencil are shocked.]

  • Pencil: Y' can't jus' insult me Pen like thet! Sure 'e may be overrated, not do anythin', or not be yer type (considerin' thet we're married an' it's more like a bindin' thing) but does thet mean anythin' to you? You may think thet I married a do-nothin' jus' fer money, but 'e's more than jus' thet. 'E's more then a man, 'e's my man.
  • Match: Wooooooooooo!

GPS: Well … yeah, I guess that explains why I didn't make it into season 2.
[Meanwhile in the parents' room, Pen is lying down.]

  • Pen: They hate me. The human Internet hates me!
  • Saye: Daddy, they don't hate you. I think they just misunderstand you. You're, like, an enigma.
  • Pen: What do you mean?
  • Saye: I mean that the producers of that BFDI don't want you to share so much about yourself that they make you live a double life!
  • Pen: They do that with a lot of people on the show. They want us to believe that most object show characters are American, but we really come from all over. I just really don't like how us characters are treated. It's just that last comment felt like a bullet to the heart as I saw during the war with my mates.
  • Saye: I think I know what you need.
  • Pen: A time machine to 1988?
  • Saye: No! You need to get out there and face those questions like a man! You're my dad, and even though I barely think it anymore, you're the greatest superhero that I ever met! So get out there and show Mum, Aunt Match and the Internet how well you can be!
  • Pen: You know, I'll actually do that!

[In the interview room.]

  • Match: Pen's such a … brave person for stepping out of the room after reading that mean comment.
  • Pencil: I can't tell if yer bein' sarcastic. Man, I can't believe 'e jus' left. Criticism ne'er gets him.
  • Match: He never got it either. Like, if he goes into the room right now, you need to give me a large amount of money.

[Enter Pen in higher spirits with Saye.]

  • Pencil: 'Ow about in paper slips? [to Pen] Pen, yer alive!
  • Pen: Yep, and it's all thanks to our Saye!
  • Pencil: Omg, Saye, I can't believe y' fixed yer father!
  • Saye: Does that mean I'm no longer in trouble?
  • Pencil: O' course!
  • Saye: Omg, thank you so much! Now, let's get back to the questions!

Christian Lee: Please answer this! Can you take off your cap?
dbp channel: Pen, can you take your capp off and then write a message on a piece of paper to everyone?
LezzineTheWorgen: Take off your cap, Pen.
Vicente Inamagua: Pen, do you take your cap off?
Jeremiahjesse Magalona: Pen, what happens if you remove your cover?

  • Pen: Nope! I won't ever take off my cap. Y'see, humans, I remember reading something about human women in Islam who wear a hijab, which is basically like a cap for us–and not all women wear it. It holds a special significance for someone who wears it, and it's rooted in cultural and religious traditions. You wouldn't ask a Muslim girl to remove it, would you? She would think that person is rude and/or insulting, as would I in a situation like that. So think about what it's like for me, wearing this cap to demonstrate my modesty.
  • Match: I never realised this before, but you're not that modest in anything else!
  • Pencil: Aye, an' good point, Pen. But since th' average human viewer o' BFDI's, like, eight years old, I'm sure they stopped listenin' a' "I remember readin'".
  • Pen: Well, let's just see what the terraformed version of me thinks of it!

GPS: No, man, just leave me alone. I'm taking nothing off!

  • Pencil: If only we were 'uman like last time. Then I could ask'ee to take things off …
  • Pencil: Aaaaaaaan' the feeling's gone again.

Theatlanticocean: Pen, what's your "pen" colour?

  • Pen: I don't exactly know how that matters. What matters is the colour on the inside.
  • Pencil: Black?
  • Pencil: Wot, it's probably so dark on the inside y' can't see pas' where the eyes go!

GPS: Well, to be honest I don't really know. Probably black or blue I'm guessing.

  • Pencil: Hmm!

MKA360games: Pen, why did you become a puppet in the April Fool's Day episode?

  • Pencil: Omg, I totally remember thet! Pen, you were totally hot in the third dimension.
  • Pen: I know.

Puppet!GPS: I do what I want.

  • Match: Yeah, 'cause, like, people take a liking to self-initiation! [noticing the pen going right through him]
  • Pen: We soldiers like to call it—
  • Match: No, I don't want to know what it's, like, called.

Nicholas McConnell (Mindreader): Hey, Pen. There's a bad right next to you. It's all yours.

  • Pen: Thank G-d. What time is it anyways?
  • Saye: Three o'clock.
  • Pencil: Omg!
  • Match: It's the devil's hour!

GPS: Yo, what bed? I see no bed, m8. Wait, why am I still a puppet?

  • Pencil: Quite interestin', I say. 'tseems like someone took my character bein' 'igh an' transferred'e h'inter'ee!

KittyCatPlays: Pen! What do you think about the recommended character "Broken Pen"? Also, do you have a crush on Match?

  • Pen: Broken Pen?
  • Match: Penc-penc, it must be, like, your dream to see your husband broken.
  • Pencil: Oi, Match, check the second question.
  • Pen: Sorry, we're not into that type of stuff.

GPS: Dude, Broken Pen copied me, and he looks like a weirdo, so screw him. Oh, and about Match …

  • [ Match · Pen ]: Ew!

RedAdamA (Anything Ever): Pen, would you dye your cap red?

  • Pen: Sure, but that would mean going to my cousins' place in Israel and using their caps.

GPS: Yo, m8, relax. My head will never be red. Wait, why am I a puppet again?

  • Pen: That's what we want to know, too!

Monster Ketchup (Patapatamon): Whom would you let on Dream Island if you had won BFDI?

  • Pen: Oh, that's an easy one. Definitely Pencil, Match, Eraser, Firey, Coiny and Marker.
  • Pencil: Why Marker?
  • Pen: He says it's lonely in Copenhagen.
  • Saye: And your kids, right?
  • Pen: Why wouldn't I let my own children enter the Island of Dreams? Sounds like parental abandonment to me.

GPS: Everyone! After all, I don't want to be a selfish jerk like Leafy.

  • Pen: I'm pretty sure "everyone" includes everyone fighting in ANUBIS.

Andreea I.: Do you like Pencil?

  • Pen: Of course! Why wouldn't we; we're married!
  • Pencil: Aye, it's more of a bindin' thing.

GPS: Did you really ask that? I'm not telling you because it's not like anyone else wants to know …

  • Pencil: I don' get'ee. We're open, why can't the bitチ in the video agree?
  • Pen: Shh, not before the children.
  • Saye: It's totes okay. Bitチ, bitチ, bitチ!

Sonic Fazbear2005: Pen, do you have a crush on Pencil, please answer.
Bahamutt Animations: Okay, do you love Pencil … take a doll of Pencil.
Stephen Lippincott: Hey, Pen! How do you feel about a certain pencil?
AnimatedGalaxy: Do you love Pencil?

  • Pen: It wouldn't make sense if we don't love each other, eh, Pencil?
  • Pencil: Aye, we're, like, a bindin' thing.
  • Pen: And why would I take a doll of you? I'm not into you that way!

GPS: Sorry, I can't hear you guys; I'm too busy scratching my eye.
PS: Oh, Pen! I already knew y' love me!

  • Pencil: Eww, is that me? I look like I've been inflated everywhere except for my eyes!
  • Match: Omg, the pressure to not ship is in the air! Wait, never mind; you're married.
  • [ Pen · Pencil ]: It's more like a binding thing.

GPS: Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Saye: And that ends our great night of asking your favourite objects!
  • Pen: BRB, I'm going to slap some sense in the Pencil-phobic version of me.
  • Pencil: Wouldn' e'eryone's favourite objects be Firey, Leafy an' Bubble jus' acos they won BFDI?
  • Saye: Who cares about them? Mum, Dad, Aunt Match, you're my favourite objects!
  • Match: Hooray, now Pencil can you drive me, like, home?
  • Pencil: Aye.

[The screen zooms out circularly to Pencil's winking face.]

  • Pencil: It's more like a bindin' thing!


  1. (Heb.) "Honey"
  2. So 2015 in the real world.
  3. The original response had many spelling errors.
  4. I was going to have her react to another video of her being asked, but:
    1. I am too lazy.
    2. The segue into asking Pen didn't exist in the last video. It was actually "Ask Knife".
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