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Match Anastasia Achsah[3] Zapałka is the deuteragonist, later tritagonist, of Pencil 2.O. She is Pencil's boy crazy second-hand mate and best friend in the alliance, and is the more judgmental one out of the other one. Match is the "fresa" stereotype – a rich girl who often uses the word "like". She is voiced by Cary Huang (formerly Brenda Harris) with several different voice modifications.


Match is a standard matchstick, with a longer body and small head.[4] In several episodes, Match has a different head colour, as she likes doing that.

Out of all of the characters, Match is probably the one most conscious about her appearance – she doesn't go anywhere without checking herself in the mirror. She also is the most fashion-savvy out of them, as she wears the most clothes per episode. This has caused many boys to come after her.

Match is also a mezzo-soprano at the Kwanzajinawa Opera Company, and while not playing as much major roles as Pencil, she sings in her free time, but badly.[5]

She sports a red vest with a pink blouse underneath, a dark red skirt, white socks, and she wears sneakers from the company that is brag even today, Sixth Sense.


In her debut in the episode "Match Moves In", Match appears to be a rather shy girl with a small sense of superciliority, considering that her stepfather owns a famous company. As she opened up more, her characterisation makes the evidence that she is a rich snob who doesn't accept strangers that aren't her "type". Match being spoiled may be the result of her actual mother, Katarzyna, giving her daughter most of the attention.

Aside from skiing on an Alpine Mountain named after her by her father, or making constant trips acros the sea to buy the exact product not found in Kenya, Match also has a more fun side. From the whole alliance, Match loves to party the most, suggesting that she is more good around her cohorts than her family. Throughout the series, Match is obsessed with her popularity and fears doing things that are uncool. Mentioned in "Before BFDI" and prominently in "How to Go on Holiday Back and Forth with Your Rich Boyfriend in the Duration Between Sixteen and Six Hours", it has been known that Match did make fun of other people who weren't popular, as she was seen trying to sabotage Pencil and Pen's relationship after she had been banished from the alliance.

This may be that she had been bullied herself when living in Canada for being in love with her brother.

Match is also boy crazy and doesn't seem to actually get a steady and permanent boyfriend until later in the show. Her two most infamous prominent relationships were with Eraser, her step-brother[6] and Sword, who only appeared in just one of the older episodes.

Most of these traits became downgraded after BFDIA, where she settled with Eraser without marriage and still looks at other men.


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Relationships with other charactersEdit


Match and Pencil are best friends, and have been since December 2005. They were revealed to know and meet each other off-screen right after she moved, and their relationship has been going strong for a while. Both Pencil and Match care for each other, such as in Ulipotage, when Match (wrongly so) assumes that Pencil doesn't like who she has to "marry" so she makes a plan to have her be with someone else. Overall, the relations are bilateral.

However, it takes a change for the worse towards the end of the second season. Match hears from gossip that Pencil and Pen are dating, and for some reason she becomes really angered about it. In When You Fall Down, the relationship is ruined when Match and the rest of the alliance abandon Pencil due to her relationship with Pen. The situation worsens when Match and the rest of the alliance start to be the antagonists of the series, trying to oust the "unpopular ones", in other words, Pencil and Pen.

But two episodes later, in The Date to Change All, Match gets a job at the same restaurant where Pencil and Pen (temporarily) break up. When both Pen and Pencil storm off in opposite directions, only to come back together after realising what they have done, Match congratulates them. Pencil hides in fear that Match might do something to them, she instead congratulates them for actually having feelings of breaking up. From this, Pencil and Match again resume their title of being best friends.

Even in BFDI and BFDIA are they still as close as ever, even though their personalities were forced to change. As they continue on with their normal lives, Pencil and Match physically grow farther apart, but still remain to be the "bestest of friends".

Bubble, Ruby & BookEdit

Match's relationships with Bubble, Ruby and Book are due to being part of the alliance.

Bubble joined the alliance in December 2005 after being saved from the Gang of 8, Ruby joined the alliance in April 2006 after being saved from Flower and Book joined the alliance during which Match hated Pencil.

As Pencil and Pen began dating, Match led the alliance against the two, but Bubble and Ruby weren't so sure about turning against their (former) best friend. Match spread lies and gossip that Pencil was an evil sorceress who lived homeless, which convinced them otherwise.

Match discovered that Book actually was the one who spread the gossip that Pencil and Pen were dating, she does not confront her about it. Instead, she enlists her into the alliance because what she did involved a lot of "courage".

Ruby's friendship prior to the BFDI series was very good, as Ruby was considered to be an equal in age to Match.

Bubble and Match were also very close, particularly when Match hated Pencil and Pen, where she acted very loyal to Match.

In BFDI, only Bubble got to be in the show, and she was considered to be the third best friend of Pencil and Match. However the Match-Bubble relationship was as friendly as Pencil-Book before the show – Match and Pencil often had to say mean comments to Bubble and Bubble accused her of telling her what to do.

Then BFDI came, and in August 2010 Match finally spoke to Ruby after three years of isolation against each other. She was very well accepted into the alliance. However, in November when Pencil's lack of love really got the best of her, she started yelling at Ruby to the extent that she cried. On that same month, Book finally got to be in the alliance of Pencil.

After BFDIA, all the characters returned to their past lives. Match had little contact with Bubble, Ruby and Book (though not as little as Pencil) now that she has married Eraser, but she still speaks about them often as acquaintances, rather than the best alliance friends of yore.


Match and Eraser have a complicated relationship.

They met in 1998 – when Match was seven years old and Eraser was ten – when Aristotelis and Katarzyna began to live with each other after their divorces. Instantly, Match connected with Eraser a lot more than she connected with Pen. They were good friends whilst living in Canada.

After Match's bat mitzvah in 2002, Match fell in love with Eraser.[9] Ever since then, they have had a strange relationship, where Match usually beats up Eraser and he insults her.

At leas'ee gets to live withe ... an' thet.

This is even evidently pointed out in BFDI, where in episodes like "Puzzling Mysteries" and "Don't Lose Your Marbles", where Match jokingly plays around with Eraser, and in BFDIA they were finally united in the TLC after getting eliminated.

After BFDIA, Match settles with Eraser, but seeks other men as well.

The BFDI fanfiction wiki has a page dedicated to Eratch.


Match and Pen have a neutral relationship, as it as obviously not as in high priorities as the relationship with Eraser.

They met in 1998 – when Match was seven years old and Pen was eight – when Aristotelis and Katarzyna began to live with each other after their divorces. Instantly, Match connected with Eraser a lot more than she connected with Pen. Pen mentions in his "Who I Am" segment that he hadn't thought of Match any more than he did with his friends back in Canada.

They tried avoiding each other when they moved to Kenya, but when Pencil started dating him, the relationship changed deeply.

Match started harassing Pencil and Pen, trying to sabotage the relationship, but all failed. During that period of separation, Match was a lot more cruel to Pen than Pencil, due to the fact that they had to live together. She blamed him for the break-up, but she spoke too fast, as they came back again to come back together. It is generally assumed that they had a rather positive relationship after both Pen and Pencil were re-invited back into the alliance.

In BFDI, it seems like Match spoke to Pen more than Pencil did, due to the fact that the producers of BFDI had to abandon romantic relations in favour of friendly ones. But this is hardly seen by most fans as canon; very few fans ship Match and Pen.


Once Match met Sword (a one time character) in "Before BFDI" at a club festival, she immediately fell in love with him. Since then, Match has always had a worsening crush on him[10] After Sword disappeared some time in early 2008, Match's love for him did too.

When Sword appeared in "Spineless to the Bone", Match arrived just as Pencil said her name, suggesting that she may still have a crush on him.

Katarzyna & AristotelisEdit

Match has always been closer to Katarzyna than Aristotelis; she was her mother.

Match and Katarzyna are known to have a special connection between them – as Match looks like the past form of her mother, she is living nearly the exact same life that she had already. Because of this Kat considers her her favourite child.

Aristotelis is Match's stepfather, but their relationship is distant yet close, even though Ari treats her like Kat treats Eraser: just one of the other children.

Other charactersEdit

Estigua & TriangleEdit

Although Match met Estigua during some part of the third season, Estigua only seems to like Match for her money.

When Match got to meet Triangle for the first time, it was rather cold (due to the resentment of her family). This was shown by the fact that Triangle purposely kept calling her Polish names, or names that start with the letter "M".

Needle & NelsonEdit

Match has interacted with Pencil's siblings very little – with Needle not so much and Nelson even less. In BFDI, Match commands Needle not to slap her.

Blocky & the Gang of 8Edit

Match was once a fan of the Gang of 8[11] and Blocky, but only because Eraser was in it. She also has claimed to have had a crush on all of the male members of the gang.

Doramu & CelestineEdit

Match hates Doramu and Celestine for trying to take Pencil from her, and the feelings are also very reciprocal.

The PandillaEdit

Match does not have feelings for anyone else in the Pandilla except for Sword, who is mentioned above.


Throughout the series, Match has had a big crush on Firey. She often calls him "hot", although this has grew less and less in the later seasons.


  • In Japanese, Match's name of あかり (Akari) refers to the fact that she can produce light. The significance of 高橋 (Takahashi) is insignificant.
  • There is a running gag (season 2 and later) that Match has a boyfriend, but he later becomes one of the minor student characters with no dialogue.
  • Match has had a crush on every boy her age group except for Pen. This is because she treats him as an actual brother.
  • The creator of Pencil 2.O has admitted that he shipped Match and Pen for a few months in early 2012.
  • Because of Match's loyalty to Oggezsco and the Kenyan government, BFDI has made her say the first and last words in Battle for Dream Island.
    • The word was "yeah".
  • In early seasons, Match's voice was lower than usual, though after BFDI her voice was higher. This was done in order to sound more feminine.
    • Of course, this was when Match's voice actor (Cary Huang) was in the process of being of age.
  • Also in BFDI, Match was eliminated with 66 votes, coming in 14th place during the fourteenth month, coming behind her brothers.
  • In BFDIA, Match was eliminated in 19th place during the fifth month.
  • Even though Match spent a significant portion of her childhood separated from her stepbrothers, she seems to have borrowed from them greatly, as in BFDIA she used cheating to stay in BFDIA's episode 5.
  • While characters from this series seemingly have not as much stereotypes as its "object show" brothers and sisters do, Match's sort of a stereotypical Starbucks-drinking-cheer-doing-selfie-taking-Instagram-jumping-Ugg-boots-toting-money-bragging-arrogantly-ignoring valley girl.


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