This page is a showcase of all of the associated production music in Pencil 2.O that start with the letter N.

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Nautical Hijinx

Nautical Hijinx was composed by Nicolas Carr. It is an accordion version of "Goofy Conversation".

Neapolitan Song

Neapolitan Song was composed by Marie Francis.


Nerves was composed by Kevin MacLeod. It is the song played in the classic Jacknjellify video "The Large Stuff".

New Friendly

New Friendly was composed by Kevin MacLeod. This is the most famous object show song. Many times on this show, it is played ironically.

Next Please

Next Please was composed by Otto Sieben.

The Nightmare Begins (a)

The Nightmare Begins was composed by John Devereaux.

Norman Buchan's Harp

Norman Buchan's Harp was composed by Gordon McCulloch.

Nostalgic Hawaii

Nostalgic Hawaii was composed by Jan Rap. Previously, this song was known as "Hawaiian Pussycat" by George de Fretes.

Nu Flute

Nu Flute was composed by Kevin MacLeod.

Nude Sting

See Lap Steel and Tympup.
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