This page is a showcase of all of the associated production music in Pencil 2.O that start with the letter E.

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E Tu E Taku MoemoeaEdit

E Tu E Taku Moemoea was composed by Kapono Beamer. This is a song from Rarotonga Island in Polynesia.

Earl's RevengeEdit

Earl's Revenge was composed by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield.

Easy LemonEdit

Easy Lemon was composed by Kevin Macleod.

Editor's Falling OverEdit

Editor's Falling Over was composed by Dick Stephen Walter.

Editor's Falling Over EEdit

EDM Detection ModeEdit

EDM Detection Mode was composed by Kevin MacLeod.


Electrodoodle was composed by Kevin Macleod.

Eliminating BFDIEdit

Eliminating BFDI was composed by Jacknjellify. It was from a YTPMV, which is a series of short sounds from episodes of BFDI placed to make a song.

Enter the MazeEdit

Enter the Maze was composed by Kevin MacLeod. For a long time, this track was said to be "Dama-May".

Evil MindEdit

Evil Mind was composed by Dick De Benedictis.

Evil Mind 3Edit

This version is in the public domain, and cinematographers take advantage of this fact by using this in a lot of their projects.

Evil Mind 8Edit

Exotic StingEdit

Exotic Sting was composed by Nicolas Carr.


  1. C: Only one line of dialogue is required.
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