This page is a showcase of all of the associated production music in Pencil 2.O that start with the letter A.

Pencil 2.O Production Music Indices

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Abject Terror

Abject Terror was composed by Paul Lewis.

The Achterhoek Dances

The Achterhoek Dances were composed by Jan Rap. These are five Dutch folk dances from the region of Achterhoek in southeastern Netherlands.

Dance I

  • Crybaby! - "I am so glad to see and we're no longer the losers!"

Dance V

Aces High

Aces High was composed by Kevin MacLeod. It is also noted for being the theme song for both seasons of Inanimate Insanity.

Action Cut

Agitation Bridges

The Agitation Bridges were composed by Phil Green.

Agitation Bridge 3

Airport Lounge

Airport Lounge was composed by Kevin MacLeod.

  • Reveal Novum - Played during the first Cake at Stake.
  • Showscape! - "Pardon us, madam, but are there any flights back to Nairobi?"

Alchemists Tower

Alchemists Tower was composed by Kevin MacLeod.


Alekoki was composed by Kapono Beamer. This song was created in 1850.

Allo Paris!

Allo Paris! was composed by Nino Nardini.


Aloha Bikini Bottom was composed by Sage Guyton and Jeremy Wakefield.

  • Vomitaco - "This screen is currently showing your scores."

Aloha Bikini Bottom

Aloha was composed by Dick Steven Walter.

Aloha Oe

Aloha Oe was composed by George Kulokahai and His Island Serenaders. It could also have been composed by Hans Haider.

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Also Sprach Zarathustra was composed by originally Richard Strauss and rearranged by Kevin MacLeod.

Amazing Plan

Amazing Plan was composed by Kevin MacLeod.

Animal Antics

Animal Antics was composed by Phil Green.

Appalachian Banjo Duel

Appalachian Banjo Duel was composed by Larry Hochman.

  • Get Digging - "Get digging, Yellow Face; the ingredients are probably down there."

Astronauts' March

Astronauts' March was composed by Sam Spence.

Au We

Au We was composed by George Elliott.

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