Episode 1

Intro plays

Outskirts Of Nairobi

  • Splodge: Wheely, you said Nairobi would be hot
  • Wheely: I did, it's all misty and humid now, and I did not expect it
  • Splodge: Well, There should be some border guards for the Independent state of Nairobi
  • Wheely: This isn't your universe, Splodge
  • Splodge: Then who's is it
  • Wheely: Who's
  • Splodge: Well, we better get to the city, see whats going on
  • Wheely: You're right, Oh wait! Splodge! Wait Up! *sigh*
  • Splodge: come on! what are you waiting for?
  • Wheely: a lot of stuff, Splodge, i think were in the future
  • Splodge: the future? you are so superstitious wheely!
  • Wheely: I AM NOT SUPERSTITIOUS, come on, we better find out whats happening.

KTN Pitching Board

  • Telecam: hmm
  • Franezia[char tag?]: what's wrong this time

Episode 2

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