• Wheely
  • Splodge
  • Citlali
  • Telecam
  • Pencil
  • Pen


  • This was my least favorite story to write, but even then i only co wrote and i believe Yterbium will be displeased with me once he finds out



  • Wheely: Patricia Marr
  • Splodge: Issac Kelius
  • Citlali: Amy Gold
  • Telethingy: David Smith
  • Written By: Yterbium, WheeliumThe2nd
  • Produced by ATV


  1. Edit by Yterbium: When I was working on this episode, I already had the tentative soundtrack saved for when I was going to finish it. Since that most likely won't happen, here is the unofficial list of songs used.

    Dingle's Regatta BP [title card]
    Ulkereien GT [the beginning]
    Disco Sting ["Alright, Mr Fat Ghost, it says your only experience with working was in a publishing house for the Nairobi School System."]
    Tipsy Turvy PG ["Somethin's wrong 'ere …"]
    Seaweed SB ["Saye, Citlali, wot're'ee doin' 'ome late?"]
    Omnilaugh Sting JW ["I'll go 'ave a steadily moral quibble with'a."]
    Harp Ding NC ["Omg, TWUO is back!"]
    Nude Sting NCSGJW ["An' she's gone."]
    Sweet Manea KM ["Dad's home!"]
    Dramatic Cue E RH ["Noooooooooooooooo!"]
    Decisions ["I don't understand what's wrong with being a family of Amazon warriors!"]
    Bad Tempi 1 Masters of Trash ["Mom #5, can you please pass the toilet plunger to Dad #32?"]
    Synopsis F. Harlow ["I can feel the moonlight pulsating against my King James Bible."]
    Lap Steel NCSGJW ["Woah, wait a minute!"]
    Earl's Revenge SGJW [the next morning]
    Happy Boy J. Shaindlin [Telecam is at the door]
    Laughing Sting JW ["Funny 'ow things get around, y'know."]
    Freezy Squid Link JW [Ximena faints]
    Radio Martini [during the two phone conversations]
    Steel Sting Theta ["Screw this place!"]
    Airs and Graces B PK [at the Inventors' Club meeting]
    Tartary Sting JW ["Ain' thet the number where—"]
    Steel Licks JW ["Or ten."]
    Happy Choo Choo A OS [biology class]
    Cartoon Sting 1 SGJW ["You didn't say anything about that …"]
    Steel Sting JW ["No, why?"]
    The Rake Hornpipe RW ["Eh, Perdita, ho qualcuno che può riempire le nostre penne per noi! E gratis questa volta!"]
    Sounds of Science 4 J. Mundigl ["Ximena Schreiber, try to see if you can read all of the letters."]
    Lonely Stranger LJ ["Ximena Schreiber, try to see if you can read all of the letters."]
    Victorious Sting JW ["That was a joke, she needn't not read that, only the adults have to."]
    Electrodoodle [Ximena picks out what glasses she wants to wear]
    Sailor's Waltz H. Matschurat [Pencil and Ximena arrive home]
    Curtain-Raiser A. Braden ["A TV show, oh boy!"]
    Carpenter Sting JW ["You can't blur out th' 'ole 'ouse!"]
    Skipping to School SGJW [seven of the kids return home]
    Parting the Clouds NC ["Wait, thet's it!"]
    Gator SB ["Alright, children, when you sit in the chair, tell me something about you that makes you you. You go first."]
    On the Beach KB [montage of the children telling Telecam about themselves]
    Steel Licks Beta JW ["Actually, you practically said nothing except for ice cream."]
    Arpeggiated Licks JW ["Let go of me!"]
    House of Horror [#10.03] WMF [the attic is pitch black]
    Girls of Waikiki [#11] KB, M. Prindy ["This place … this place is totally awesome!"]
    Moloka'i Nui B KB [everyone plays on their phones]
    Primitive Force R. Jones ["She's here, she's here, she's here …"]
    Jazzy Sting SB [Pen throws the cage into the attic]
    Pua Licks SB ["But that's boring!"]
    South Sea Island Lullaby GE [that night]
    Ranz des Vaches [Thursday morning]
    Alekoki KB ["I had a real bad dream light night."]
    Vibe Q Sting NC [the parents' room is empty]
    Gum Link JW [Sio unlocks the door]
    Fluffing a Duck ["Apparently someone thought that it was a good idea to lock us both in the bathroom's shower-and-toilet area."]
    Straight from Hell GN ["We're gonna die!"]
    Japanese-type disco music place
    Hilo Rag G. Fletcher ["Mornin' t'r'e!"]
    Drama Link D HC [Pencil screams at Telecam]
    Towerstreet 17 [#33] GN ["'Aven'ee got an 'ome?"]
    Tragic Bridge 2 PG ["Hey, you look like my mother-in-law!"]
    Sponge Monger SGJW [Saye runs on all 4's to school]
    My Three Fish BA ["I'm sorry, class, but today is supposed to be a holiday traditionally."]
    The Pollywog Strut BA ["Mrs. Harlow, can I ask you a personal question?"]
    Steel Sting JW ["Pure comedy."]
    Very Low Note ["She's not moving."]
    Cellar Search P. Pares ["OMG!"]
    Hawaiian Cocktail RM ["I guess it's time to say goodbye to whatever the heck we wish to call ourselves."]
    Vibe Sting NC ["Mona?"]

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