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*{{d|needle}}: So Pencil, how does it feel being freed from prison?
*{{d|needle}}: So Pencil, how does it feel being freed from prison?
*{{d|nelson}}: It wasn't prison, it's just college.
*{{d|nelson}}: It wasn't prison, it's just college.
*{{d|p}}: Hey, your to young to attend college!
*{{d|needle}}: How would you know, you weren't there! It might have been a prison, or just college, and we'll never find out because we haven't figured out a way to get into Pencil's mind.
*{{d|nelson}}: Oh yeah.
*{{d|s}}: ''Oh, pelo amor de Rio de Janeiro, por favor, pare de falar filosoficamente Nathália!''<ref>{{lang|Pt.|Oh, for the love of Rio de Janeiro, please stop speaking philosophically Nathalia!}}</ref>
*{{d|needle}}: Sorry.
*{{d|p}}: 'Twas okay. I mean, we had to stay there 'ntil Monday evenin', so thet's all taken care o'. Now I don't wanner 'ear anythin' else about college or see anythin' from thet time period, kay?
[''Enter'' '''Pen'''.]
*{{d|d}}: Hey, Pencil!
*{{d|p}}: [''to Needle''] Except thet. [''to Pen''] Pen, wot brings'ee 'ere to a family dinner?
*{{d|d}}: I dropped one of my wallets here a few days ago.
*{{d|p}}: Isn' thet the one full o' money?
*{{d|d}}: Yeah, I've been looking all over, but after now I'm just going to assume that it's gone forever.
*{{d|p}}: I'm so sorry fer yer loss.
*{{d|d}}: It's okay, it was only, like, a million shillings. Not much for someone like me!
*{{d|p}}: Oh, m8, how was the Boozemans' visit?
*{{d|d}}: It went better than we all expected ... except for the fact that they're a family full of geologists. They were not amused that Eraser had to throw away his dirt ball out the window.
*{{d|p}}: I see ... [''to Needle and Nelson''] ... you know 'e gave our evil professor the phone number of our dean?
*{{d|d}}: About that ... that was just the number for Blocky's <s>Mercenary</s> Prank Company. Once you call it, you get some woman named "Jenny". Weird, eh?
*{{d|p}}: Guess so, but{{em}}
*{{d|d}}: Sorry! I've got to leave, the BUATA-baseball field is waiting.
*{{d|p}}: Oh, BUATA.
[''Exit'' '''Pen'''.]
*{{d|p}}: ''É uma coisa boa Frederico não pode falar Português, então eu posso te dizer isso.''<ref>{{lang|Pt.|It's a good thing Pen can't speak Portuguese, so I can tell you this.}}</ref>
*{{d|s}}: ''O que você quer me dizer?''<ref>{{lang|Pt.|What do you want to tell me?}}</ref>
*{{d|p}}: ''Ele é tão querido.''<ref>{{lang|Pt.|He's such a babe.}}</ref>
[''They all laugh.'']
{{Scene|That night at the Schreibers'|Pen is about to sleep, when the window opens. Eraser throws the dirt ball at Pen's bed.}}
*{{d|e}}: Yes, finally! Now that the Boozemans are gone, I can throw this ball to prove your manhood once more! Yeah! Uh-huh ... Eraser Schreiber, a win{{em}} [''Pen throws the ball back at him''] {{em}}ner.
*{{d|d}}: Good one, Pen ... [''He flips off the light switch, giving a coda to the episode.'']
<center>'''THE END'''</center>

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