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Kenya is the home of the majority of Characters in iPencil 2.0. Here it all take place, Kenya is a poor not-so-urbanistic country in real-life but here is very rich and urban.Many theories about the iPencil 2.0 is that Kenya is another Kenya from the objects Universe

Places[edit | edit source]

  1. Ilbanez school
  2. Estiguas aphotacary
  3. Tes tubes drug store
  4. Nairobi town center
  5. Fnetucinnie Restaurant
  6. Pencils and pen home
  7. Estigua home
  8. Match home
  9. A strip club??
  10. OJ Bungalow
  11. The great stadion of Nairobi
  12. Zpalkas-Shcreibers house
  13. The Military service
  14. Ogzzeco Tower
  15. Caldenas house
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