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Lade M. Huang [title card]
Speed Freak Freebie & the Bean [played during the impromptu fashion show]
Alekoki KB ["Sixth graders are so weird."]
Lambs in Clover J. Strachey [Golf Ball calls the family]
Omnilaugh Sting JW [Javier runs upstairs for some reason]
Hello Sting JW ["Wot'n'ale's been goin' on 'ere?"]
Hide and Seek A. Wilkinson ["I've got the instructions in my cap."]
Animal Antics [#45] PG ["Dear student, welcome to your middle division classes of 2014 and 2015!"]
O Makalapua B KB ["Why h'ain'ee geh'n an' askin' me 'bout this?"]
Nude Sting NC [Pencil slaps Pen]
Puffing Along H. Bluestone [the secret file cabinet appears]
Bella Napoli R. Foster [Javier reads Aristotelis's essay]
Real Star Sting JW [Salvador tries to avoid Sio's hurried entry]
Goofy Conversation BANC ["Do you have one?"]
Dramatic Cue D RH ["What?"]
Glitters Link JW [Pen climbs in]
Dancing the Hula KB ["Hi Saye!"]
Zoom E DdB [Javier examines the documents]
Sneaking About PG [Salvador learns another secret]
New Friendly ["An' I was like …"]
Sneaky ["We'd be'er go."]
Cartoon Sting 10 KM? [played outside the Meeple store]
Aces High [inside the Meeple store]
Steel Sting JW ["Ow."]
Guaracha Senorita H. Pehofer ["Don' care."]
Parting of the Clouds NC ["Only the best company in the world!"]
EDM Detecion Mode ["Welcome to Meeple, where the future is so old, it hated dinosaur meat."]
Hawaiian Happiness J. Jelmer ["Y'know, Mona, I'm okay with my own phone."]
The Oracle D. Farnon ["Are those the new MePhones?"]
Urban Decay [#48] D. Keane [Zorah answers in Chinese]
Cockney Capers R. Davies ["I volunteer my phone!"]
Lovely Hawaiian Sting JW ["You look like you're 92 years old."]
Keel Row BP ["What the flip, you got, like, ten?"]
Comic Walk NC ["So 'ow was yer days?"]
Wargames Linking Section G K. Mansfield ["And what is that phone doing on the floor?"]
Victorious Sting JW ["This is the greatest act of sisterhood I have ever seen out of you!"]
Dramatic Impact 1 IS ["I'm actually a Landroid fan."]
Island Romance JR ["We always have got this thing where we buy one brand and never get the other."]
Rocket [the song playing on TV]
West Point LH ["Up next is Pencil C. Schreiber."]
Ulkereien GT [Saye tells her "story"]
Coming of Spring M. Revell [played during Sio's entire dream sequence]
Bicycle [Sio finds Cil on his bed]
Mountain Spirits M. Beeler [in the parents' room, at night]
Vacation A KB, M. Prindy ["Good night!"]
Wellington's Victory: France to Arms L. von Beethoven [Pen's whistle wakes all the kids up]
Jazzy Sting JW ["Oi, this better be h'important, I need to get a reason fer me to wake up!"]
Evil Mind 3 DdB ["🅱️en!"]
Kahana Bay KB ["I was tired of people thinking about me the wrong way, so when we moved here from Canada, I had to do a change."]
Lovely Scenery C M. Franko [the start of the website]
Happy Bee [the ending]


Credits if this were a YouTube showEdit

Created by


Edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Anna (Yumenator)
Georgia Arnold (Cil)
James Barkley (Steve Cobs)
Conrad Collins (MePad Pro)
Bobby Davis (Pen, Salvador)
Taylor Grodin (Cassim)
Michael Huang (Cil's mature voice, Golf Ball)
Cary Huang (Match)
Ruthie Lawson (MePencil, Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M. (Javier, Qalam-Rassas, Sio)
Sara Taylor (Citlali, Zorah)
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