Glisteria Lockham is a minor character in Pencil 2.O. She is Book's younger sister, yet they are nearly opposites. While Book is cynical and sarcastic, Glisteria is perky and optimistic.


To Test Love's PosterityEdit

In her debut episode, Glisteria doesn't appear until the end. She was not taking the ITIOTETAOTEI test, but Pencil took her place. Expecting anger, Pencil worries about Glisteria's test, but instead she gets thanked by her because she passed her test.


  • I really don't know where I got the name "Glisteria" from.
  • She is voiced by Brenda Harris, the same voice actor who played Match in the first three series.
  • Her colouring scheme is based on carykh's designs for the books in Ten Words of Wisdom, based on the first and second letters of the user names.


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