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  • Twighilda
  • Placey


Tentically Speaking SGJW [title card]
Lonely on the Beach JR [the beginning]
Folli the Foal A. Fenner [with the Alliance]
Movie Overture LH ["Yes!"]
Lap Steel NCSGJW [they go to the door]
Tipsy Turvy PG ["So if there is a 20,000 KSh refund from the dues I was supposed to send over as …"]
South Pacific Island II VC [Aristotelis goes off-tangent]
Cartoon Sting 3 BASM ["As I was saying, if all else fails …"]
Penny Sting JW ["Pen, come back!"]
Tragic Bridge 2 PG ["Sò?"]
Also Sprach Zarathustra R. Strauss/KM [Pencil takes her step outside]
Cheerleading Is a Choice for Me/We'll Still Be Friends sung by B. Harris, M. Huang, R. Lawson
Go Cart [the boys set up shop]
Had You Known My Time of Wait sung by B. Davis & R. Lawson
Drama Link C HC [Pencil texts Match]
Gala Premiere LJ ["Omg!"]
Hawaiian Holiday KB [Pen is posing]
Parting of the Clouds NC ["This ... is ... fabulous!"]
Overcast [Match stretches]
Real Western Steel B. Black ["As is customary when dealing with the necessity of food, we have asked the United States Department of Educational Essences to supply an appropriate meal for this special exhibition."]
Freezy Squid Link JW ["I've spent three months under me mum tryin' to become proper."]
Screw on the Loose T. Lowry ["Ecthcuthe me, but I came for the tzhetth club meeting."]
The cheerleaders reject Chlorinda.
The Pollywog Strut BA ["Bro, bruh, bruh, finally you're here!"]
Hawaiian Link B RM ["Omg placey y.r.u.c. ying alligators thre we have sum in aaaaafrica hunny"]
Fates GN ["Look, I have to get going right now."]
Down in Davy Jones' Locker NC [Pen appears hidden]
Vegas Glitz ["Nice colour choice!"]
Steel Licks Beta JW ["Well, if thet's wot ye's think o' me, then maybe I should jus' go!"]
Dramatic Cue D RH [Pencil throws the baseball]
Drama Link D HC ["Omg, what happened?"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW ["Pen, I don't want to be out here!"]
Sneaky ["You like a girl?"]
Flat on the Floor Carrie Underwood [the song that plays]
Imagine John Lennon ["It is almost time, the cameras are out. I mean, take a look from above!"]
Auld Lang Syne Traditional [Pencil and Pen kiss]

Credits if this were a YouTube show[]

Created and edited by


Commented on by

Pen island123

Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Christina Aguilera (herself)
Courtney Campbell (Estigua)
Dick Clark (himself)
Bobby Davis (Pen, Basemarker)
Brenda Harris (Match)
Cary Huang (Tennis Ball)
Michael Huang (Bubble, Ruby, Eraser, Blocky, Snowball, Needle, Golf Ball, Flower)
Brian Jordan (Aristotelis)
Y. Kojima (Tsukerō)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil)
Sidney M. (Nelson, Jakirhuak)
Justin Napolitano (Trophy)
Ryan Seacrest (himself)
Martha Segal (Katarzyna)
Sam Thornbury (Chlorinda)
Carrie Underwood (herself)
Kari Wigton (herself)
Unknown (Man)