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"Wot'n ale's fozz'r'ye doin'?" - Pencil
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Evolution is cool

Evolution is cool is the 2nd episode of the season 8 of Pencil 2.O.

Pencil teaches evolution of the objects to her alliance.

Transcript Edit



Pencil : I wonder what are my ancestors?

Bubble (as the narrator of a time card) : 10 hours later ...

Pencil : This time machine looks cool!

*back to 50 billion years before Jesus-Christ*

Pencil : Where it is? Oh! God fucking Damnit! I forgot that those fishes are in that water!

*cuts to underwater*

Trilobide[char tag?] : I hate that form! I'm going to change to a fish!

*the trilobide turns into a fish!*

Fish[char tag?]: GOSH!!! What's that?

Pencil : Nice to meet you fish!

*Fish swims away while screaming as Pencil gets out of the water*

Pencil : And viewers, don't realise that i'm the first guy to get out of the water!

*Intro playing*

Learning ancestorsEdit

Pencil : So, we've got Match, Pen, Aristotelis, Bubble, Eraser, Estigua, Needle, Ruby, and Leafy; Everyone is here! So first, we are trilobites, then fishes, dinosaurs, squirrels, monkeys and finnaly, objects!!!

Eraser : That's all? Really?

Pencil : Yeah!

*Eraser slaps Pencil*

*End credits play*

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