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Note: Those in italics are from BFDI.




Big Ed's March SS [title card]
The People's Court A. S. Tew [the opening]
Hawaiian Party P. Dennis ["Wait a second, you hired me for a mock trial?"]
Glitters Sting JW [Leafy and Firey are revealed]
Lazy Afternoon JR, P. Smid [Firey and Leafy are walking together]
The Rake Hornpipe R. A. White ["Oi'd be glad to let you in!"]
Tension Bits NCGSJW ["It's very—"]
Vibe Q Sting NC ["Where are the furniture?"]
Hello Sailor B RM [at the house]
Lite Conversation BA ["Hello?"]
Lovely Hawaiian Sting JW [Saye and Zorah are still sleeping.]
Hawaiian Flower JJ ["Hey, everyone, today's going to be a really important day today; we're going to help out some of our friends."]
Cartoon Sting 4 BASM ["What is with mother today?"]
Leafy sung by B. Davis, C. Huang, M. Huang, R. Lawson, & P. Nguyen and music by P. Tietjens
New Friendly ["Whoo, thet was so fun!"]
Steel Link Beta JW ["Pencil, Pen, we're here."]
Fig Leaf Times Two [Citlali screams of excitement]
Steel Licks Alpha JW ["I know!"]
Goofy Conversation BA ["What's she doing?"]
Fanfare NC [the "new" Pencil is revealed]
Jazzy Sting JW ["Just don't tell him I said that."]
Gala Premiere LJ ["We want Leafy!"]
Tomfoolery D. Snell ["Open up!"]
Steel Link Alpha JW ["Heinous, heinous!"]
Omnilaugh Sting JW ["We're going to need some stuff."]
Twelfth Street Rag SGJW [montage]
Stringed Disco [flashback to 1972]
Just Because I'm Female sung by B. Davis, M. Huang & R. Lawson and music by A. Hatch
Dramatic Impact 5 IS [the women and children all scream at Leafy]
From the Dead RH [they approach Firey]
The Rakes of Mallow B. Gulland, R. White [Irish jig that plays as Teardrop dances]
Steel Licks Gamma JW [the men enter]
Drama Link O HC [everyone leaves]
Furtive Footsteps PK [behind the house]
Cartoon Sting 5 ? ["Hooray!"]
The The Sting JW ["Omg, I totally ship'e!"]
Desperate Situation PG [Firey falls asleep]
Four Beers' Polka [Javier is found]
Overcast [Tennis Ball picks who should go with him]
Tragic Bridge 2 PG ["This is a man's work!"]
Tickly Sting JW [Teardrop gives a thumbs-up]
Steel Licks JW ["Oi, thank God we're 'ere; I'd ne'er think I'd drive this since BFDIA!"]
Straight from Hell GN [everyone runs, screaming]
Dramatic Bridge 4 PG ["Everyone, you've got to get out!"]
Stiff Upper Lip PK ["General Sofer?"]
Bicycle [Pen reads the challenge description]
Hula Festival GE ["With my leadership skills, I have devised a plan to have everyone where they should be!"]
Crepe Suzette C. Watters [Pencil, Saye and Match]
Vibe Sting NC ["Hold on, I'm 'earin' a noise."]
The Pollywog Strut BA [Bubble is discovered]
Washing Gary Sting JW [Woody is thrown out of the store]
Evil Mind 8 DdB [a small but imposing figure steps into the background]
Scale Link JW ["Goo!"]
Dasadana Sting JW ["I'm sorry, ma'am."]
Mission Improbable BA [Blocky steals from IKNO]
Classic Funk the House NLG343 [Eraser and Blocky talk outside the bathroom[1]]
West Side Rumble SS ["Everybody, outside immediately with your hands up!"]
Vibe Q Sting NC ["Hey, wait!"]
Texas Sting JW [Pen leads the kids to the SuperVan]
Hot Steel Sting JW [the house is no longer standing]
Saxaboogie HB [the SuperVan arrives]
Pua Licks JW ["Bubble, we can explain."]
Keel Row BP ["Alright, our work here is done!"]
Saxaboogie HB ["Thanks for being a change from your wife, Pen, letting us into your van."]
Leafy (Reprise) sung by B. Davis, C. Huang, M. Huang, R. Lawson, & P. Nguyen and music by P. Tietjens
Mamae Sting JW [the ending]



  • Hiroo Onoda - Onoda was a Japanese soldier who hid in the Philippines for fear of surrendering until long after World War II ended, in 1974. OJ compares Onoda to Leafy, having been permitted to re-enter Kenya.
  • Vidkun Quisling - Quisling led Norway during its occupation by the Nazis, taking sides with them. In Norwegian, quisling refers to someone who betrays. Leafy says that he was a symbol of betrayal rather than her.
  • Quidditch - Firey thinks that Quisling is the name for the sport from the books.
  • The Kardashians - Citlali follows a popular reality show called the Card-Ash-Yins.
    • North West - A member of the family mentioned above, her geographical name is the basis of the (misspelled) island names.
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare - Javier tries to recreate this notoriously long compilation of the works of famed English poet William Shakespeare with his alphabet soup.
  • White Pages - The Green Pages are a parody of this company, which produces phone books.
  • The Wizard of Oz - Part of the tune from Leafy is adapted from the song from the musical, "Sammy".
  • Ivy League - Tennis Ball and Golf Ball's children attend these colleges. These are the most prestigious universities in the United States, and include Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc.
  • Damn Daniel - Match indirectly references the series of viral videos by saying that the Ball family are "back at it again".
  • Ninette - Pencil and Pen's sappy duet, "Just Because I'm Female", has its tune adapted from this British singer's relatively obscure 1966 song, "Push a Little Button", infamous for being used on the BBC.
  • Zillow - Tennis Ball references Bubble's house potentially being listed on Kenyazillow, parody of the website that shows houses online.
  • Early 1960s music trends - Salvador calling Pencil's words a "pop hit from 1962" refers to the early 1960s trend of putting "girl" as a suffix in many songs, such as "Candy Girl", "Bobby's Girl" and "Ring-A-Ding Girl".
  • IKEA - IKNO is a parody of the Swedish mega-furniture-retailer. The names of the employees, such as Billy, are Swedish names of real IKEA items as well.
  • Two real challenges are referenced on the news site: the Overweight Lagomorph is really the Chubby Bunny Challenge, and the Hyperacidic Cinnamon Challenge is an extension of the Cinnamon Challenge, obviously more dangerous.
  • Pin makes a few allusions to the 1970s/80s/90s band The B-52's - She says that she wants to roll if she wants to, similar to the line from their 1989 song, "Roam" – "Roam if you want to". The band themselves are also referenced, as Porky-pph-Titu.[2]
  • Ottawan - Officer Dollar says "… hands up, baby hands up" and Pen replies with "Should we give you our hearts too?"; these lines are paraphrased from their 1980 song "Hands Up".

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Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Georgia Arnold (Cil)
Laurence Dang (U.S. Dollar)
Bobby Davis (Billy, Court Announcer, Pen, Salvador)
Marie Gallagher (Clover, Erin Sharp)
Taylor Grodin (Judge Gavel, OJ)
Cary Huang (Ice Cube, Match, Spongy. Tennis Ball)
Michael Huang (Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, Eraser, Firey, Golf Ball, Leafy, Needle, Snowball, Woody)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M. (Javier, Qalam-Rassas, Sio)
Pattie Nguyen (Pin)
Sara Taylor (Citlali, Scrunchie, Yaretzi, Zorah)


  1. C: You don't have to change the song, but I have reclassified it as "other" since in order for it to be classified as "APM", it needs to be on this website and have played in an episode of SpongeBob.
  2. B-52 = Beef-Ifty-Two; Beef : Pork
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