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*{{d|lroh3}}: Wow, that was totally uncool.
*{{d|lroh3}}: Wow, that was totally uncool.
*{{d|zor}}: Sorry, it was just this stupid thing my mum told me.
*{{d|zor}}: Sorry, it was just this stupid thing my mum told me.
*{{d|lroh3}}: Hey, nice skirt by the way.
*{{d|zor}}: Thank you!
{{Scene|Zorah's new class|Enter '''Zorah''' and her friends, when to their surprise, they find their teacher to be no other than Match.}}
{{Scene|Zorah's new class|Enter '''Zorah''' and her friends, when to their surprise, they find their teacher to be no other than Match.}}
*{{d|match}}: Well then, you must be our new students!

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Pencil and Pen shabbat

Unfinished story ahead!

"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know ..." - Pen
Finishing an article? This story is not finished, and due to the creator's schedule, it may need waiting.

I suggest to all you readers that you be patient or make a suggestion with this story.

"Dates and Schoolgates" is a new episode of Pencil 2.O, and until recently, there has been neither number nor date associated. In this episode, it's the first day of school for the younger kids and Pencil feels uneasy. Meanwhile, Pen accidentally finds something useful for the episode. (This episode chronologically, in regards to the school episodes, follows "Not Sco Much Viller")

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


  • Pencil: So, kids, are'ee ready fer yer firs' day o' school?
  • Sio: You mean our first day back from the winter holidays, mum.
  • Salvador: And in that case, we aren't.
  • Sio: Yeah, there's going to be so many tests.
  • Javier: But I love school!
  • Yaretzi: Me two!
  • Saye: Me three.
  • Yaretzi: Really, Saye? What do you like most about it?
  • Saye: The boys toys!
  • Citlali: Wow. I did not know you high schoolers play with toys.
  • Zorah: I thought they did!
  • Citlali: Zorah, this is rated G!
  • Pencil: Wote'er, I'd better get y' lot out to school in time. Can't make a firs' impression without bein' seen by e'eryone.

[Exeunt omnes nisi Qalam-Rassas.]

  • Qalam-Rassas: Mum, you're holding on for me.
  • Pencil: Aye, fer, like, an 'ole day, yeah?
  • Qalam-Rassas: But I'm not in Honours Kindergarten anymore! It's January, so now I'm Grade ½!
  • Pencil: Grade ½? Wot'n'ale's thet?
  • Pen: Penc, five of our kids went through the exact same thing.
  • Pencil: I know, but this is different!
  • Qalam-Rassas: Can I just walk with the others?
  • Pencil: N—
  • Pen: Ech-em?
  • Pencil: I mean "aye". [sigh]

[Exit Qalam-Rassas.]

  • Pencil: Pen, 'ave'ee got to go to work?
  • Pen: Apparently the bullet plane to Headquarters isn't accepting flights due to repairs, so they're basically giving me the day off.
  • Pencil: Ah. Wait, Pen, I think I left me water bottle in the girls' room. Mind if I get'e?
  • Pen: Actually, I think I should get it for you, like a true gentleman.

[He skips up the stairs to the room.]

  • Pencil: [sigh] Sad thet yer the only only left at 'ome now thet QR's run off. Do me a favour an' ne'er grow up fer me, yeah?
  • Cil: Goo!


  • Javier: Oh!
  • Capker: [realising] Hey, you look kind of familiar. Are you a mirror?
  • Javier: Well, we both should know that if any of us were a mirror, it would be rather uncanny if one of us were talking.
  • Capker: That's true. I'm Capker!
  • Javier: Oh my gosh, my name's Javier! I don't supposed they call you Capker because—
  • Capker: Yep, that's right. My parents chose my name based on the name day calendar.
  • Javier: Are you new here?
  • Capker: Yeah, I just arrived from America.
  • Javier: That's pretty interesting. So, did you get your schedule yet?
  • Capker: Yeah … [he shows his]
  • Javier: Wow, we have the same schedule! It's like we're twins!
  • Capker: Awesome! But don't say "sh"-edule like that, it's "sk"-edule. Or at least that's how it was in the old country.
  • Javier: Yeah, that's what I thought.

[They head off to class. Meanwhile, enter Zorah and her friends.]

  • Lawrenciah: Omg, I can't wait for a new teacher!
  • Zorah: You mean, our new prank victim?
  • Lawrenciah: Sure, if you want to think of it that way.
  • Chupalla: Maybe she's pretty.
  • Lawrenciah: Yeah, maybe …
  • Zorah: Come on, don't want to be late!
  • Lawrenciah: Wow, that was totally uncool.
  • Zorah: Sorry, it was just this stupid thing my mum told me.
  • Lawrenciah: Hey, nice skirt by the way.
  • Zorah: Thank you!

Zorah's new class

  • Match: Well then, you must be our new students!


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