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*{{d|popsicley}}: Can you believe they gave us a test just as we came back to school?
*{{d|popsicley}}: Can you believe they gave us a test just as we came back to school?
*{{d|minola}}: This is the high school life!
*{{d|minola}}: This is the high school life!
*{{d|shelly}}: I always thought we would be cooler than tbat.
*{{d|shelly}}: I always thought we would be cooler than that.
*{{d|pj}}: Aww, that's great. Anyways, I have a date with Nickel tonight!
*{{d|pj}}: Aww, that's great. Anyways, I have a date with Nickel tonight!
*{{d|boat}}: On a Monday? Man, you people are weird.
*{{d|boat}}: On a Monday? Man, you people are weird.

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Pencil and Pen shabbat

Unfinished story ahead!

"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know ..." - Pen
Finishing an article? This story is not finished, and due to the creator's schedule, it may need waiting.

I suggest to all you readers that you be patient or make a suggestion with this story.

"Dates and Schoolgates" is a new episode of Pencil 2.O, and until recently, there has been neither number nor date associated. In this episode, it's the first day of school for the younger kids and Pencil feels uneasy. Meanwhile, Pen accidentally finds something useful for the episode. (This episode chronologically, in regards to the school episodes, follows "Not Sco Much Viller")

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


  • Pencil: So, kids, are'ee ready fer yer firs' day o' school?
  • Sio: You mean our first day back from the winter holidays, mum.
  • Salvador: And in that case, we aren't.
  • Sio: Yeah, there's going to be so many tests.
  • Javier: But I love school!
  • Yaretzi: Me two!
  • Saye: Me three.
  • Yaretzi: Really, Saye? What do you like most about it?
  • Saye: The boys toys!
  • Citlali: Wow. I did not know you high schoolers play with toys.
  • Zorah: I thought they did!
  • Citlali: Zorah, this is rated G!
  • Pencil: Wote'er, I'd better get y' lot out to school in time. Can't make a firs' impression without bein' seen by e'eryone.

[Exeunt omnes nisi Qalam-Rassas.]

  • Qalam-Rassas: Mum, you're holding on for me.
  • Pencil: Aye, fer, like, an 'ole day, yeah?
  • Qalam-Rassas: But I'm not in Honours Kindergarten anymore! It's January, so now I'm Grade ½!
  • Pencil: Grade ½? Wot'n'ale's thet?
  • Pen: Penc, five of our kids went through the exact same thing.
  • Pencil: I know, but this is different!
  • Qalam-Rassas: Can I just walk with the others?
  • Pencil: N—
  • Pen: Ech-em?
  • Pencil: I mean "aye". [sigh]

[Exit Qalam-Rassas.]

  • Pencil: Pen, 'ave'ee got to go to work?
  • Pen: Apparently the bullet plane to Headquarters isn't accepting flights due to repairs, so they're basically giving me the day off.
  • Pencil: Ah. Wait, Pen, I think I left me water bottle in the girls' room. Mind if I get'e?
  • Pen: Actually, I think I should get it for you, like a true gentleman.

[He skips up the stairs to the room.]

  • Pencil: [sigh] Sad thet yer the only only left at 'ome now thet QR's run off. Do me a favour an' ne'er grow up fer me, yeah?
  • Cil: Goo!


  • Javier: Oh!
  • Capker: [realising] Hey, you look kind of familiar. Are you a mirror?
  • Javier: Well, we both should know that if any of us were a mirror, it would be rather uncanny if one of us were talking.
  • Capker: That's true. I'm Capker!
  • Javier: Oh my gosh, my name's Javier! I don't supposed they call you Capker because—
  • Capker: Yep, that's right. My parents chose my name based on the name day calendar.
  • Javier: Are you new here?
  • Capker: Yeah, I just arrived from America.
  • Javier: That's pretty interesting. So, did you get your schedule yet?
  • Capker: Yeah … [he shows his]
  • Javier: Wow, we have the same schedule! It's like we're twins!
  • Capker: Awesome! But don't say "sh"-edule like that, it's "sk"-edule. Or at least that's how it was in the old country.
  • Javier: Yeah, that's what I thought.

[They head off to class. Meanwhile, enter Zorah and her friends.]

  • Lawrenciah: Omg, I can't wait for a new teacher!
  • Zorah: You mean, our new prank victim?
  • Lawrenciah: Sure, if you want to think of it that way.
  • Chupalla: Maybe she's pretty.
  • Lawrenciah: Yeah, maybe …
  • Zorah: Come on, don't want to be late!
  • Lawrenciah: Wow, that was totally uncool.
  • Zorah: Sorry, it was just this stupid thing my mum told me.

Zorah's new class

  • Disco Light: Woah, baby!
  • Shieldy: Ain't she pretty!
  • Zorah: What the hell? Match, why are you here?
  • Match: Shh, I'll, like, tell you when the bell rings.
  • Lawrenciah: The bell rang ten minutes ago! We're just fashionably late.
  • Match: Omg, you're late! How do you spell tardy?
  • Chupalla: P-R-E-S-E-N-T.
  • Match: Maybe you should show me some R-E-S-P-E-C-T!
  • Chupalla: I hate her already.

[They take her seats.]

  • Match: Hello, class, my name is Ms. Merrier!
  • Surfboard: Dude, that's such an inappropriate name.

[The whole class laughs.]

  • Match: Excuse me, but it's more like an ex inappropriate name, just like me!


  • Zorah: Wait, Ms. Merrier.
  • Match: Yes, Zorah?
  • Zorah: Two things … Why are you here and can I call you "Aunt Merrier"?
  • Match: Apparently, Headmistress Ball said she'd only hire me because nobody else wanted the job. You see, I heard your old teacher was caught … er … doing unteacherly things!
  • Surfboard: We know!
  • Shieldy: Mr. Tolmerson was caught drinking alcohol … at a bar!

[Everyone gasps.]

  • Shieldy: What? Just because I'm the oldest person here doesn't mean I don't know what's going on!
  • Match: Alright everybody, let's let the teacher talk!


  • Zorah: [whispering to Chupalla] If you think it's not unteacherly that my aunt Match is teaching us, she was something much worse a year ago.
  • Chupalla: [whispering to Lawrenciah] If you think that is not a teacherly Match my aunt teaches us, it was something much worse a year ago.
  • Lawrenciah: [whispering to Shieldy] If you think this is not a Match teacherly aunt teaches us, it was something much worse there one year.
  • Shieldy: [whispering to Disco Light] If you do not think this is Match teacherly aunt teaches us, it was something much worse is not one year.

[Pretty soon, the trail of translations travel across the whole room as Match reads a book, ending with Surfboard.]

  • Surfboard: Uh, Ms. Merrier?
  • Match: Shh, I'm reading!
  • Surfboard: Think bad Teacherly, she agrees.
  • Match: The hell? [she goes back to reading]


  • Pen: Penc! Come up here!
  • Pencil: Wot's wrong?
  • Pen: Just look!

[She goes up to the girls' room, and it is a mess.]

  • Pencil: Wot 'appen'd 'ere? Thought y'was lookin' fer th' water bottle I left in 'ere!
  • Pen: Oh, I found that already.
  • Pencil: Aye, y' threw thet down the stairs. Be careful, thet could make the stairs wet an' y' don't want to scare ol' 'ydrophobe Sio, m8!
  • Pen: I know, but I found something even more horrible than water!
  • Pencil: Please, wot could thet be?

[He shows her.]

  • Pencil: Saye's diary?
  • Pen: Yeah, it's her diary!
  • Pencil: 'Er diary she told'ee not to touch?
  • Pen: I couldn't help it, it's a father's intuition!
  • Pencil: Thet doesn' explain why you made this room a mess.
  • Pen: It's really simple, I promise. Y'see, as I got your water bottle, there was this reflecty thing in it and out of the corner of my eye, I saw it.
  • Pencil: 'Er diary.
  • Pen: No, my old goggles. I think Citlali stole it for one of her fashion mannequins because they were … well … on there. There wasn't much resistance, but it was still hard for me to pull, which caused me to fall onto her bed where I found for some reason Saye's diary.
  • Pencil: You messed up ther 'ole room!
  • Pen: Check what's on the last page!

[She opens it.]

  • Pencil: It's in Japanese.
  • Pen: But she clearly erased her real entry. Isn't that why Saye looked a little missing on the top? Take a look. It says, "Going on a date, not telling my parents."
  • Pencil: Wow. Thet's terrible!
  • Pen: We have to stop her!
  • Pencil: No, we don't. Like, wot if the guy Saye's a-datin' a good person?
  • Pen: Please, if he were a good person he would take the time to meet me first to get my approval.
  • Pencil: Jus' go back to cleanin' thet room, m8. I need to grieve.

[Exit Pencil. She goes back to watching TV.]

  • Pencil: Oh, 'avin' so little kids is such a bad idea. I hate ther ideer of all me kids in one place … e'en Match! Oh, 'ow I miss 'em …
  • Cil: Maybe you shouldn't take the downhearted sides to this experience, but think of it as an experience. Having ten children is potentially stressful as heck, but what you need for all of them being gone is a daily holiday, wouldn't you like that?
  • Pencil: Aye, I would like thet. Thanks, Cil … wait a minute, you talk?
  • Cil: Goo!
  • Pencil: Of course …


  • Saye: Hey, guys!
  • Chocolatey: Hey!
  • Popsicley: Can you believe they gave us a test just as we came back to school?
  • Minola: This is the high school life!
  • Shelly: I always thought we would be cooler than that.
  • Saye: Aww, that's great. Anyways, I have a date with Nickel tonight!
  • Boat: On a Monday? Man, you people are weird.
  • Saye: Oi, says the girl who's eating a baguette.
  • Boat: [realising] Not again!
  • Saye: Well, I have proof that Nickel and I are going on a date, as you can clearly see in my dia— No! I left it at home!
  • Chocolatey: Wait. You have a diary? That's so cool!
  • Popsicley: Sure, if you like recording things that happened in your irrelevant life.
  • Chocolatey: It's like an autobiography.
  • Popsicley: Ah! A big word!

[She sprays her with a hose away from the table.]

  • Chocolatey: Mum …
  • Saye: Guys, this is terrible! I don't want people to see my diary! It's got foreign writing on it.
  • Minola: So?
  • Saye: My mother!
  • Minola: Oh yeah, I got you at "mother".
  • Saye: Like, what if my dad finds out I've got a date?
  • Shelly: Calm down, you probably hid it in a secure place where your dad can't find it.
  • Saye: [sigh] I guess you're right.

[Suddenly, Match finds the girls.]

  • Match: Omg, hi girls!
  • Saye: Aunt Match?
  • Boat: What are you doing here?
  • Match: Thought I'd like to meet my most mature niece.
  • Saye: Aww, that's so nice—
  • Match: I was talking to Shelly.
  • Shelly: Really?
  • Match: No, just kidding.
  • Boat: So, did you decide to be a teacher?
  • Match: Yeah. It's really cool how they just let people work here without a degree!
  • Minola: Says a lot about our education, doesn't it?
  • Saye: Whatever. By the way, Aunt Match, can you keep a secret?
  • Match: I don't know. Is is "may I"?
  • Saye: IDK, English class is fifth period.
  • Match: Oh, just tell me!
  • Saye: Okay. I have a date tonight but I'm going to tell my mum and dad that I'm off to a friend's house.
  • Match: OMG, YOU HAVE A DATE!?

[The girls laugh.]

  • Saye: Shh, not so loud, Aunt Match!
  • Match: Sorry, I get really happy about things like that! Here, take my dating handbook.
  • Saye: You just randomly had that with you?
  • Match: No, I brought it with me for my first day! My class keeps telling me to stop reading, but maybe I should stop, just for them.
  • Saye: Not just them.
  • Match: Wait, but which friend are you at?
  • Saye: I'm not really at a friend's house! It's a date, remember?
  • Match: I know, but what if your mum and dad ask where you'll be?
  • Saye: They won't ask that!
  • Match: Aw, come on, of course they're going to ask that! I speak mother. Hey, tell you this, I'll walk with you all the way home. That way your mum won't even pay attention to you guys, eh?
  • Pencil: I guess you have a point.
  • Match: YES! I have a point! See that, class of '22? I have a point! [she chases after them]


  • Golf Ball: And in Mrs. Harlow's class: Soap-hia Andrews, Isa-bell-a Chiu, Soap-hia Silver, Idaka, Soap-hia Cleaner, Zonophoney, Isa-bell-a Narice … Qua … Cal …
  • Qalam-Rassas: [getting up] That's me!
  • Golf Ball: Calvin Sanchez. Sorry, I couldn't read that. And that's all for Mrs. Harlow's class.
  • Qalam-Rassas: No!
  • Golf Ball: And now for my class. Dustball #1, Dustball #2, Dustball #3 … and Qalam-Rassas Schreiber.
  • Qalam-Rassas: What? That's so unfair! The Dustballs are mute!
  • Golf Ball: The correct word is unable to speak, son of a—
  • Tennis Ball: Hey, not in front of the children. Mr. Schreiber, I am sorry, but we can't move you to another class.
  • Qalam-Rassas: But this isn't fair! All of my friends are in the same class, why can't I?
  • Golf Ball: It was chosen randomly, and so you're randomly with me! [evilly laughs] Now everyone, go to my classroom at once! March two three four … march two three four …

After school

  • Match: Finally, my day of tortune is done!
  • Qalam-Rassas: Mummy! [he hugs her] I'm never going to school again!
  • Pencil: Wot—
  • Zorah: You'll never guess who my new teacher is … Mrs. "Merrier"!
  • Pencil: Match, I told'ee, they'll respect'ee more if y' ectually go by "Ms. Zapalka".
  • Match: Oh, but what's the fun in that?
  • Pencil: Good point!
  • Sio: For lunch we went to the pond and ate there!
  • Pencil: Thet's cool, but—
  • Javier: I made a new friend!
  • Pencil: Now thet's amazin', but I'm lookin' fer one person now.
  • Match: Oh, that's Saye. She's … busy.
  • Pen: Right.

[Enter Saye.]

  • Saye: Hello, mum, dad! This is Aunt Match. She works at my school now!
  • Pen: Well, enough about her, tell us about your day … and your future plans, eh?
  • Saye: Life's good, I'm getting an A in five of my classes!
  • Pen: Are you going anywhere tonight?
  • Saye: Yeah, a friend's house.
  • Pencil: Ooh, which friend?
  • Match: Told you.
  • Saye: It's nothing, I'd better go.

[She tries to go up.]

  • Pen: Hold it! By any chance are you doing anything that rhymes with eight?
  • Saye: You mean stuff like "bate", "Kate", "m8", "great", "aggressively self-hydrate", "late" or "fate"? Wait a second, you read my diary?


  • Saye: You did read my diary! I'm never speaking to you again!

[She slams her door.]

  • Pencil: [sigh] I'd better go up there.
  • Pen: I'd better follow.
  • Ximena: Hey, do you want to know what happened to me at school today?
  • Sio: I think I'll pass.
  • Salvador: It's a no from all of us.
  • Yaretzi: I have to de-dust the countertops.
  • Ximena: That's actually good, nothing happened today! It was all boring. Boring, boring, boring!
  • Zorah: Same thing, sister. And same thing, Ms. Merrier!
  • Match: I'm sorry, but I just didn't know what to do? They don't give detentions in grade 4, so I was stuck reading a novel that could be better
  • Zorah: Maybe you could have flipped my card to the red one. Nobody looks at those!
  • Javier: Aunt Match, on the bright side, you don't have to tell mum and dad about Saye's date!
  • Match: Wait, how did you hear that?
  • Javier: You shouted it at us.
  • Match: Ah.
  • Qalam-Rassas: Aunt Match, can you be my teacher?
  • Match: I wish I could, preschoolers are so much better than fourth graders.
  • [ Zorah · Yaretzi ]: Hey!

The girls' room


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