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"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know ..." - Pen
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House of SchreiberEdit

  • anchor[char tag?]: and we give you an update on the burglary crisis, to date, 97 burglaries have been reported inside Kenya, with 53 being reported, in Nairobi
  • Yaretzi: we should install an alarm, it will help keep them out
  • Pencil: no, child, we are perfectly safe the way we are now
  • Pen: your mother's right, there is no need to waste our money on a useless piece of equipment.
  • Zorah: No, Yaretzi is right, these things can keep the burglars out, and we shall still be rich
  • Pencil: Zorah, our decision is final, we shall not be getting a burglar alarm.
  • mind[char tag?]: it will happen one day, dearest mother!

Near the Ethiopian BorderEdit

  • evil person[char tag?]: right, just put them all there
  • masked evil person[char tag?]: OK, where next, it was your idea to rob Kenya clean
  • evil person[char tag?]: the House of Schreiber
  • masked evil person[char tag?]: Really?
  • evil person[char tag?]: oh yes, once we steal their possessions, you can get back at them for what they did
  • masked evil person[char tag?]: I've been wanting to do that for a while now actually

Back at the houseEdit

  • Citlali: can't you believe it? 97 burglaries and our folks don't think we need a burglar alarm?
  • Javier: did you even hear what father said, it would be too expensive, this economic crisis is eating up far too much money.
  • Ximena: still, we don't want to be burglary #98!
  • Salvador: your sister's right, Javvy, we need one! I've got far too many possessions that we needed another room for them
  • Javier: I'd like to imagine
  • Salvador: well, imagine if they stole them all!
  • Javier: we'd have some well-bloody needed space.
  • Qalam-Rassas: YoU sAiD a BaD wOrD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111111111
  • Javier: shut up Qalam, what I'm saying is, is that sometimes, you have to listen to the elders, so be it!
  • Salvador: I will not rest Javvy.

In the other roomEdit

  • Saye: d'ya hear that? they're arguing about this morning
  • Zorah: you tell me! they don't know when to quit.
  • Yaretzi: I'm gonna go and tell them to shut up. (she walks out the door)
  • Zorah: you know, I haven't heard from Grandmother recently
  • Saye: the last time I saw her, she was in her apothecary, giving someone a remedy for madness
  • Sio: well, that's Estigua, she needs that remedy more, she's been driven mad in recent years, she wont stop arguing with Uncle Nelson.
  • Yaretzi: well, that failed
  • Saye: how d'it go?
  • Yaretzi: they told me to fuck off

In the living roomEdit

  • Pen: well, I'm off for my night shift, I just hope this job lasts
  • Pencil: do be careful, I don't want this to turn out like last time
  • Pen: it won't dear, promise me. (he walks out the door)
  • Pencil: I do hope he's OK.
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