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This is the info page for Before BFB. You should go there first, because this page will go straight to the details; I'm too lazy to write introductions again.


Characters in bold are competitors on BFB.

  • Pencil
  • Pen
  • Sword
  • Match
  • Golf Ball
  • Book
  • Estigua
  • Triangle
  • Needle
  • Eraser
  • Ruby
  • Bubble
  • Test Tube
  • Mrs. Chembe
  • Soap
  • Tree
  • Nelson
  • Mr. Czecherson
  • Flower
  • Liy
  • Coiny
  • Blocky
  • Leafy
  • Four
  • Lightning
  • Gelatin
  • Julie B.
  • Apple
  • Tennis Ball
  • Pillow
  • Pin
  • Yellow Face
  • Eggy
  • Marker
  • Naily
  • Remote
  • Donut
  • 8-Ball
  • Fanny
  • Lollipop
  • Loser
  • Bracelety
  • Pie
  • Firey
  • Barf Bag
  • Nickel
  • Clarion
  • Cake
  • CarVoice (not mentioned by name)
  • Choir
  • Snowball
  • Balloony
  • Saw
  • Foldy
  • Stapy
  • Firey Jr.
  • Gaty
  • Black Hole
  • Taco
  • Clock
  • Robot Flower
  • Bottle
  • Katarzyna
  • Caldera
  • Puffball
  • Bell
  • Spongy
  • Dora
  • Knife
  • Cloudy
  • Grassy
  • Scissors
  • X
  • Basketball
  • Bus Driver
  • Fries
  • David
  • Woody
  • Ice Cube
  • Rocky
  • Cashier(non-speaking role)
  • Mr. Cove(non-speaking role)
  • Tsukerō(non-speaking role)
  • Ceibo(non-speaking role)
  • Dora (non-speaking role)
  • Teardrop (non-speaking role)
  • Roboty (non-speaking role)
  • Bomby (non-speaking role)



The soundtrack of this episode is mostly consisted of songs from the 22nd century, and thus remain unknown (as of 2018).


Credits if this were a YouTube show[]

Created by

BFB by jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Edited by


Commented on by

Pen island123

Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Giann Ali (Book)
Antony (Anko6) (Scissors)
Kenzie Bryant (Barf Bag, Bell, Cake, Taco)
Courtney Campbell (Estigua)
Benjiman Carter (Bus Driver, Triangle)
Justin Chapman (Knife)
Kacie Chapman (Clarion, Soap)
Thomas Chick (Tree)
Bobby Davis (Pen)
Female-US Voice (CarVoice, Remote)
Hooper Fernandez (Sword)
Brenda Harris (Match)
Satomi Hinatsu (Balloony, Basketball, Black Hole, Bottle, Clock, Fanny, Firey Jr., Gaty, Saw)
Cary Huang (8-Ball, Bracelety, Mr. Czecherson, Grassy, Ice Cube, Marker, Spongy, Tennis Ball, X)
Michael Huang (Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, Cloudy, Donut, Eraser, Firey, Flower, Four, Fries, Golf Ball, Leafy, Loser, Needle, Puffball, Robot Flower, Ruby, Snowball, Yellow Face)
Cindy Jiang (Foldy, Pillow)
Adam Katz (Apple, Nickel, Test Tube)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil)
Sam Lee (Lollipop, Pie, Stapy)
Sidney M. (Nelson)
Male-US Voice (Choir)
Elvira Caoimhe McCormack (Lightning, Liy)
Claricia Morales (Caldera)
Pattie Nguyen (Pin)
Martha Segal (Julie, Katarzyna)
Katherine Sun (Eggy, Naily)
Graham Taylor (Gelatin)
Elisa Wanjiru (Mrs. Chembe)
Chorus and orchestra provided by the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company (consisting of J. Adair, H. Aitken, J. Ashley, M. Avona, H. Blain, L. Booth, P. Colbert, A. Davies, H. Davies, J. Dean, D. Delbridge, R. Dyer, R. Eaton, B. Elburn, E. Evans, D. Fancourt, D. Gates, B. Gelsthorpe, S. Gordon, C. Goulding, M. Green, E. Griffin, J. Griffin, D. Grundy, K. Gulliver, H. Hambleton, D. Hemingway, E. Hire, G. Hopkins, N. Hughes, T. P. Hughes, J. Huntignton, D. Hutchison, R. H. Jackson, R. H. Jones, M. Kynaston, W. Lawson, C. Leslie, B. Lewis, H. A. Lytton, J. MacLelland, N. May, M. Mennie, T. D. Minogue, E. Nicolson, N. Pakeman, J. Parkinson, N. Ray, H. Rhodes, R. Rowbotham, L. Sheffield, J. H. Sidebotham, A. Sinclair, R. Stear, J. Stephens, G. Stroud, S. Thomas, R. H. Thurgood, L. Whittock)