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This is the info page for Attack of the Six Foot Californians. You should go there first, because this page will go straight to the details; I'm too lazy to write introductions again.


  • Pencil (real and archival footage)
  • Pen (real and archival footage)
  • G.P. (debut)
  • Janeka (debut)
  • Timothe
  • Triangle
  • Match
  • Firey
  • Voiceover (voice only)
  • Msimamizi
  • Ala Stair
  • Man (debut)
  • Saloon Owner (flashback)
  • Corelman (flashback)
  • Announcer (voice only)
  • Josef (debut)
  • Phuong (debut)
  • Merismip (flashback)
  • William (debut)
  • Bezzilene (flashback)
  • Miss Jones (flashback)
  • Leafy (archival footage)
  • 1890 USSS Badge
  • Sun Ball
  • William's mum (debut)
  • Robber (debut)
  • Werb
  • Aerogramme
  • Golf Club (non-speaking role)
  • Triangle's entourageman #2 (non-speaking role)
  • White collars (non-speaking roles)





Credits if this were a YouTube show

Created by


Edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Georgia Arnold (Cil)
Phil Blake (Aerogramme)
Benjiman Carter (Man, Triangle)
Chinnosuke (1890 USSS Badge)
Bobby Davis (Ala Stair, Pen, Saloon Owner, Salvador)
Marie Gallagher (Miss Jones)
Cary Huang (Match, Sun Ball)
Michael Huang (Firey, Leafy, Merismip, BFDI Pen, BFDI Pencil, Timothe)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M. (Javier, Msimamizi, Qalam-Rassas, Sio)
"Mike" (Announcer)
Sara Taylor (Bezzilene, Citlali, Yaretzi, Zorah)
Google Translate (Voiceover)
Charlie Walton (Corelman, Werb)
??? (G.P.)
??? (Janeka)
??? (Josef)
??? (Phuong)
??? (William)
??? (William's mother)
??? (Robber)