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This is the info page for Attack of the Six Foot Californians. You should go there first, because this page will go straight to the details; I'm too lazy to write introductions again.


  • Pencil (real and archival footage)
  • Pen (real and archival footage)
  • G.P. (debut)
  • Janeka (debut)
  • Timothe
  • Triangle
  • Match
  • Firey
  • Voiceover (voice only)
  • Msimamizi
  • Ala Stair
  • Man (debut)
  • Saloon Owner (flashback)
  • Corelman (flashback)
  • Announcer (voice only)
  • Josef (debut)
  • Phuong (debut)
  • Merismip (flashback)
  • William (debut)
  • Bezzilene (flashback)
  • Miss Jones (flashback)
  • Leafy (archival footage)
  • 1890 USSS Badge
  • Sun Ball
  • William's mum (debut)
  • Robber (debut)
  • Werb
  • Aerogramme
  • Golf Club (non-speaking role)
  • Triangle's entourageman #2 (non-speaking role)
  • White collars (non-speaking roles)




Happy Sponge Chase Vibes NC [title card]
Real Western Steel B. Black [the beginning]
Plaisir D'Amour [#24] F. Caillon, X. Demerliac [in the parents' room]
Tomfoolery D. Snell ["I mean, if it's what the Internet's into."]
Penny Sting JW [Pencil goes downstairs]
Shock (F) D. Hewson [Triangle appears at the door]
Nautical Hijinx BANC ["'Ello to you, Dad."]
Dramatic Impact 2 IS ["What?"]
The House of Leaves [the Blocky-suit figures enter]
Call to Adventure [everyone's memories get erased]
Mists of Illusion G. Vinter ["Omg, wot 'appened?"]
Steel Licks Gamma JW [Pencil goes upstairs]
Drowsy Reef SGJW ["Omg, it's terrible!"]
Woman Independent Is She sung by R. Lawson & Chorus
Organ Filler ["Been there."]
Goofy Conversation BANC ["Mum, are you busy?"]
Sailor's Sting 27 NCMB ["Here's to trying new things!"]
Mining by Moonlight ["I can see why you'd want to take that option, you're into all that popular stuff anyways."]
Steel Link Alpha JW ["Chavo, wot's'ee doin' 'ere?"]
Screw on the Loose T. Lowry ["Who is it?"]
Glissando (G) RM, S. Kanga ["A lideo!"]
The Curtain Rises ["Welcome, Jay Veer Ess Cee Ray Be Are."]
Sponge Monger SGJW ["Mum, are you okay?"]
Flower Display J. Shaindlin ["Omg, Penc-penc, it's so nice to, like, see you!"]
Happy Choo Choo A O. Sieben ["Look at all those white collars."]
Sharing Sting JW ["Oi, shut up an' get in th' automotive!"]
Mining by Moonlight ["Ah, good evening, General Sofer and family."]
Drama Link C HC ["This means that if you as much as interact or be seen by a fellow human, you will make dimensional travel prohibited for the future."]
Hawaiian Party JR, P. Smid [Firey reveals Timothe]
The The Sting JW ["Aunt Match, the car's that way."]
Neapolitan Song M. Francis ["This view's so romantic, innit?"]
Dramatic Cue B RH ["Problemmmmmm!"]
Vibe Sting NC [Match stops by the door]
Pua Licks JW ["She has the personality of a 15-year-old girl."]
Moon Walk J. Fox ["Omg, we're 'eaded ter Earth!"]
On Fire GN ["Our Timothe is on fire!"]
Drama Link O HC ["Omg, I get it!"]
Finders Creepers PK ["She's down here."]
Steel Sting JW ["It's no use."]
Oj, oj, oj, så glad jeg skal bli A. Bendiksen [Josef sings a variation of this song]
Honolulu March H. Haider ["Wake up, sleepy heads!"]
The Curtain Rises ["Welcome, Jay Veer Ess Cee Ray Be Are."]
Befuddled Gent PG ["I'm sorry, your twin is not available at the moment."]
Radio Martini ["Omg, I know this song!" (archive footage)]
Marching to Honolulu KB ["Oh, how I love that word!"]
Dramatic Impact 6 IS [Yaretzi and Ximena gasp]
Cut and Run [on the streets of Los Angeles]
Pinball Spring [at the golf course]
Norman Buchan's Harp G. McCulloch ["Wow, look at all these stuff!"]
Spazzmatica Polka ["So, you're an Aquarius?"]
Martial Crisis J. Shaindlin [at the mall jail]
Steel Sting Zeta JW ["We're here!"]
New Friendly ["Mona, what is it?"]
Jazzy Sting JW ["Excuse me, Mr. Warden sir, I believe our adult is here."]
Prelude in C (BWV 846) J. S. Bach [the ending]


Credits if this were a YouTube show[]

Created by


Edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Phil Blake (Aerogramme)
Benjiman Carter (Man, Triangle)
Chinnosuke (1890 USSS Badge)
Bobby Davis (Ala Stair, Pen, Saloon Owner, Salvador)
Marie Gallagher (Miss Jones)
Cary Huang (Match, Sun Ball)
Michael Huang (Firey, Leafy, Merismip, BFDI Pen, BFDI Pencil, Timothe)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M. (Javier, Msimamizi, Qalam-Rassas, Sio)
"Mike" (Announcer)
Sara Taylor (Bezzilene, Citlali, Yaretzi, Zorah)
Google Translate (Voiceover)
Charlie Walton (Corelman, Werb)
??? (G.P.)
??? (Janeka)
??? (Josef)
??? (Phuong)
??? (William)
??? (William's mother)
??? (Robber)