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Animalistan Wishy Episode 1

Animalistan Wishy Episode 2

Animalistan Wishy Episode 3

Continuing From Episode 3[edit | edit source]

Intro Plays

  • Flask[char tag?]: Right, Everyone Ready?!
  • Announcer: T-20 Seconds
  • five second pause
  • Announcer: T-15 Seconds
  • another five second pause
  • Announcer: T-10 Seconds, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF![1]
  • Plane takes off in the direction of the Sun

Inside The Plane[edit | edit source]

  • TestTube2[char tag?]: I've got the light beams
  • Flask[char tag?]: Perfect, just put them near the turbines, right there
  • TestTube2[char tag?]: OK
  • Flask[char tag?]: Wheely, are you sure this will work?
  • Wheely: Yes, the particles of the vaccine have been shrunk down to the molecular level, so when the infectanoids inhale the light, they'll go back to their normal selves?
  • Flask[char tag?]: Can you explain that more simpler please
  • Wheely: OK, so the vaccine has been shrunk down, so when--
  • TestTube2[char tag?]: Hey, you, do me a favour and turn those knobs, will you?

--Sun turns the knob to MAX--

  • TestTube2[char tag?]: Thanks, i'll do the other turbine

--Blue Test Tube goes to Flask--

  • TestTube2[char tag?]: 'scuse me but, i have a question about the light beams
  • Wheely: Go on
  • TestTube2[char tag?]: Why are you putting them inside the turbines? They're near the back of the plane, wouldn't it weigh it down?
  • Wheely: well, when the light beams are activated, they will force the plane to go into premature turbulence, When the turbines are facing downwards, then we shall fire, it won't be a continuous laser
  • TestTube2[char tag?]: Oh, um, OK
  • Flask[char tag?]: so explain to me the route again

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. This is a reference to the cliffhanger in the Tenth Planet episode 3
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