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Animalistan Wishy is the 19th episode in the original run of pencil 2.0 and is the first 'Wheely' episode

Episode 1Edit

(play the Wheely intro)

Gatwick AirportEdit

  • ATC: Vanilla Airways Flight 1420, you are clear to take off
  • Wheely: Ok, got that
  • An MD-82 begins to take off from Gatwick to Auckland with a layover at Nairobi
  • Ice Cube: Hey Wheely, why are we stopping in Nairobi?, Shouldn't Qatar be a better option
  • Wheely: Because of budget
  • Ice Cube: OK
  • Wheely: Coming into France now
  • Ice Cube: Have you heard of whats happening in Uganda, people getting pure green eyes and infecting everyone, I'm worried for Kenya
  • Wheely: Yeah, we just have to hope that no one in Kenya is infected yet, and also they would close the borders
  • Ice Cube: Yeah, they would, But it's still a possibility
  • Wheely: They could go through Tanzania, but, whatever
  • Ice Cube: Well, I hope they're safe

Nairobi Forensics CentreEdit

  • Fries: This is interesting
  • Cloudy: What hafe you vound vries
  • Fries: well cloudy, what I've just found is that this thing plauging Uganda is not a natural disease, but a virus
  • Remote: oh wow, that so obvious i could think that up in my head
  • Wheely (over radio): Hello, is that the NFC?
  • Remote: this is remote, who are you and where do you come from?
  • Wheely: I'm Wheely and I'm from the UK
  • Remote: ok, i'll switch you over to Fries
  • Fries: Ah wheely, i've been expecting you, i have something that might interest you
  • Wheely: ok, i want no spoilers, is cloudy there?
  • Cloudy: yes, why?
  • Wheely: just checking, alright, i'd better be off now, we're in tunisia
  • Fries: ok, i'll see you there, bye.
  • Wheely: Bye. *Hangs Up*


  • Match: HEY!

Slappy Fight sequence

  • Eraser: ok, break it up now!, we gotta go!
  • Blocky: Come on SB, lets leave this traitor
  • Eraser: HEY I'M NO TRAITOR!
  • Ruby: Match, are you ok
  • Match:yeah, just mildly injured
  • Ruby: well, we've gotta go, i'll take you back
  • Match:ok

strange strings of protein go into match's eye

Jomo Kenyatta AirportEdit

  • Ice Cube: uh, atc, are you there
  • ATC: yes, we're here
  • Ice Cube: good, were coming to land at...
  • ATC: no no no no, wait, what flight are you, what plane are you, what airline do you work for
  • Wheely: i'll handle this, we are Vanilla Airways flight 1420, an MD-82
  • ATC: ok, you are clear to land on runway one

Plane Lands

  • Wheely: right, ladies and gentlemen, please get off, the flight to Auckland is in 3 days.

Episode 2Edit

Episode 3Edit

Episode 4Edit

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