• Pencil
  • Match
  • Pen
  • Wheely (Debut)
  • Ice Cube (Debut)
  • Eraser
  • Blocky
  • Snowball
  • Flower
  • Trophy
  • Knife (Debut)
  • Scissors (Debut)
  • Pound Sterling


  • This episode is the debut of 4 characters, Wheely, Ice Cube, Knife and Scissors
  • Technically this is a 'Wheely' episode, as the title card does not refer to pencil in any way, but is still counted as an episode of Pencil 2.O on the official guide
  • But this was 7 years after the pilot episode of 'The Flaws Of Time' aired.
  • Ice Cube was Wheely's First Companion



  • Pencil: Ruthie Lawson
  • Match/Ice Cube: Cary Huang
  • Pen: Ivo Hamilton
  • Wheely: Sarah Sutton
  • Blocky: Scott Ward
  • Eraser/Snowball/Flower/Bubble: Michael Huang
  • Thropy/Knife: Adam Kats
  • Written by: WheelimThe2nd
  • Produced by: NLG343
  • Directed by: Yterbium
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