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{{Newepin|the Schreibers join a family-themed game show, while Saye must pass an elite school entrance exam (as announced on the [[User blog:Yterbium/Season's Greetings for 2019!|recent blog post]])}}
{{Newepin|the Schreibers join a family-themed game show, while Saye must pass an elite school entrance exam (as announced on the [[User blog:Yterbium/Season's Greetings for 2019!|recent blog post]])}}
==Wednesday, September 25, 2013==
{{Scene|Living room|The end of a lengthy school day. Pencil is cleaning the table whilst humming.}}
*{{d|p}}: ♫ La la la... ding dang dong... this is me public domain 'ummin' song. ♫
[''The older kids,'' '''Saye''' ''and'' '''Sio''', ''return home, except for Javier, who is at the library. Saye is excited for some reason.'']
*{{d|pj}}: Mum, Mum, Mum!
*{{d|p}}: Wot, wot, wot?
*{{d|pj}}: I have some big news.
*{{d|p}}: This'd better not be h'another meetin'.
*{{d|pj}}: No, it's better! I{{em}}
*{{d|dj}}: Saye might be accepted into the ASSAI Academy after her friend was!
*{{d|pj}}: Aye, that's about what I was going to say. Go to your room!
[''Exit'' '''Sio''', ''laughing.'']
*{{d|p}}: Oi, oi, wait a second, wait a secon'!
*{{d|pj}}: Yeah, Mum?
*{{d|p}}: Can someone tell me wot'n'ale this ASSAI H'academy's to be?
*{{d|pj}}: It's this really fancy private school in Nairobi Heights!
*{{d|p}}: [''interested''] Ah, Nairobi 'Eights? 'A'e they got links ter any Catholic churches?
*{{d|pj}}: Wait, aren't we Jewish?
*{{d|p}}: Depends on whether I am.
*{{d|pj}}: Oh, I see. <small>Huh?</small> Anyway, I have no idea what goes on in that school, but I want in.
*{{d|p}}: We'll 'a'e to see h'until yer father comes 'ome.
*{{d|pj}}: Where is he, anyway? He has no job!
[''Enter'' '''Pen''', ''who opens the door at the perfect time. He is carrying a stack of papers.'']
*{{d|d}}: Daddy's home!
*{{d|p}}: Don' e'er use those words around anybody, e'er!
*{{d|d}}: Hey, babe. [''He and Pencil kiss.'']
*{{d|p}}: Wot's all those papers fer?
*{{d|d}}: Y'know{{em}}
*{{d|pj}}: Dad, Dad, I've just become interested in applying to ASSAI!
*{{d|d}}: That's interesting{{em}}Kids, come over here, with dispatch!
[''All of the other children enter the room. A. R. I.'']
*{{d|xim}}: Yeah?
*{{d|qr}}: What goes on, father?
*{{d|sal}}: What's with the papers; they make you look like you're employed.
*{{d|d}}: You small ladies and gentlemen, I have just signed all eleven of us up to the greatest game show in Kenyan history, ''Clash of Sects''!
*{{d|yar}}: ''Clash of Sects'' is the greatest show ever!
*{{d|p}}: An' a double entendre on top o' thet.
[''Everyone is excited and speaks at once.'']
*{{d|pj}}: [''trying to shout over the other voices''] Omg, it is possibly one of the most expensive private schools in the country{{em}}and that is because literally no one in my classes have heard about that, trust me; I've asked around the whole wide world because I was voted ''MISS CONGENIALITY!''
*{{d|p}}: Oi, oi, ''wait a secon<nowiki>'</nowiki>!''
[''Everyone goes silent.'']
*{{d|p}}: I thought we'd a distrust fer bein' on bad television. Remember ''BFDI'', h'anyone?
*{{d|cit}}: You mean that ray of sunshine, which might as well be the only reason I have a role in the popularity opera that is school?
*{{d|d}}: But this is different! We won't be playing people who we're not; we'll be ourselves! And you love watching ''Clash of Sects'' when we <small>do the <small>thing with the sugar.</small></small>
*{{d|p}}: Oh, h'I suppose... oh h'o h'o, y'know 'ow much I do love thet sugar.
[''Everyone goes silent again.'']
*{{d|p}}: Wot'r'ee lookin' at? Scram, y'lot!
[''Exeunt omnes, running in different directions{{em}}Saye sulks and walks to her room slowly.'']
{{Scene|Girls' room|Saye sighs and lies in her bed.}}
*{{d|yar}}: Aw, what's wrong?
*{{d|pj}}: Oh bother, it's not like it's about you.
*{{d|xim}}: Have you got a crush?
[''Saye says nothing.'']
*{{d|xim}}: She has a crush.
[''Ximena and Yaretzi squeal in excitement.'']
*{{d|yar}}: Is he an... <small>older guy?</small>
*{{d|xim}}: Or is he young, but, like, ''so'' smart?
*{{d|zor}}: I bet he's one of those magical people who study at ASSAI.
[''Saye gets up.'']
*{{d|pj}}: Oi, what've you just said about ASSAI?
*{{d|zor}}: I've been selling some mixes I got on the Internet, and a lot of customers come from ASSAI.
*{{d|pj}}: Really? Are they my age? Because I've got a friend{{em}}
*{{d|zor}}: Oh, they're all interesting people. I can't say any more about it, though, or else the robots are going to kick me out of the website again.
*{{d|pj}}: Ora, that's just one of Sio's stupid inventions. There's no way your mobile phones have got a chance of ''ever'' listening to you, right?
*{{d|zor}}: Whatever.
*{{d|yar}}: What ''is'' going on, anyway?
*{{d|pj}}: [''sigh''] I've wanted to apply to that school, but no one wants to listen to me!
*{{d|zor}}: Oh
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