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Beach Party HB [title card]
Hawaiian Calypso J. Wetter [the beginning]
Stars and Stripes Forever J. P. Sousa a.b. G. De Wilde [Pencil turns on the television]
Freezy Squid Link JW [Pencil goes downstairs]
Goofy Conversation BANC ["Wot's the ma'er, girl?"]
Drama Link B HC ["Don't stab me!"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW [QR gets up and runs to his room]
Vibe Link A RM ["Think, Penc-penc."]
Airs and Graces A PK [Ximena plays tea party]
Nude Sting NCSGJW [Pencil gets hit with a basketball]
Seaweed SB ["'O threw this?"]
Steel Sting JW [a few seconds later]
Hello Blues SGJW ["Hey, Mum!"]
Hawaiian Link B RM ["Aww, so do I!"]
Cierre Bob Esponja SB ["Dad, we need your help."]
Happy Bee ["Omg, Penc-penc, you've got to come here!"]
Lap Steel NCSGJW ["Thank you!"]
Washing Gary Sting JW ["I've been playin' tea parties, got 'it in ther 'ead with a basketball, an' now … now I see why we need an 'oliday."]
Sneaking About PG ["You're going on a "date", eh?"]
Running Fanfare ["I'm finally in charge of this house!"]
Steel Link Delta JW ["It's just … they're gone and we're here!"]
Drama Link K HC ["Is what, huh, Avi?"]
Aloha Bikini Bottom SGJW ["Ooh, the girls are here!"]
Poppin' Around B. Campbell ["So, I've come up with a plan for our project that you might love!"]
Laughing Sting JW [QR reveals himself under the sofa]
Smoking Gun [the kids are in the room]
Gum Link JW ["Hey, guys!"]
Happy Choo Choo A OS [Flashback.]
Tension Bits NC ["Enough!"]
Lightless Dawn ["What's going on?"]
Arpeggiated Licks JW ["Wait, like, Chocolatey has a date?"]
Hawaiian Link A RM ["Sure!"]
Wooden Bear T. Tape, F. Voelxen, G. Flat ["Girls, I have invited you here."]
Dasadana Sting JW ["They're late!"]
Penny Sting JW ["Pen, I thought this place was easy to walk to."]
Stadium Rave A G. Nishida, M. Governor [loud music plays during the party]
Beautiful Okinawa S. Makino, S. Shiba [the J-pop music that plays]
Tension Bits NC [the interior of the hotel is shown]
Cartoon Sting 1 BASM ["Yeah, Eraser."]
The Fruitcake Vendor BA ["Oh, come on, Penc-penc."]
Steel Link Alpha JW [the alliance walk to their rooms]
Lonely Heart's Club A OS, D. Bell ["Pen, I've got a problem."]
Shiny Tech ["No mess!"]
Background Blues OS [Brarf appears]
Gator SB ["You invited us over here?"]
Lap Steel NCSGJW ["Okay, now I think it's the wrong house."]
Hawaiian Cocktail RM ["Oh, it's useless!"]
Harp Ding NC ["I have an idea!"]
Beheading of the King LJ [Yaretzi calls the police]
Laughing Sting JW ["I forgot to say goodbye at the end of my call!"]
Saxaboogie HB ["Everyone, the police are here!"]
Sponge Monger SGJW [everyone flees the house]
Girls of Waikiki [#11] KB, M. Prindy [the kids come out of the closet]
Dramatic Cue E RH ["Pencil …"]
Vibe Q Sting NC ["Jones?!"]
Befuddled Gent PG ["We will not clean the house after what you did!"]
Slide Whistle Song NCSGJW [Montage of cleaning the house.]
Solo Steel SGJW [the next morning]
Hula Festival GE [Shelly and Minola arrive]
Omnilink Sting JW ["That … that's so true!"]
Steel Sting Mu JW ["We'd better go upstairs."]
Traveling Along BA ["Should I be proud all of our kids basically grounded themselves?"]
Lap Steel NCSGJW [the ending]



Credits if this were a YouTube showEdit

Created by


Edited by


Assets by

Jacknjellify (Cary and Michael Huang)

Voice cast

Whitney Allen (Ximena)
Antony (Anko6) (Boat, Chocolatey, Popsicley, Shelly, Vanity)
Georgia Arnold (Cil)
Bobby Davis (Brarf, Pen, Salvador)
Cary Huang (Match)
Michael Huang (Coiny, Eraser)
Katie (Anko6) (Pretty)
Ruthie Lawson (Pencil, Saye)
Sidney M (Javier, Qalam-Rassas, Sio, Zane)
Nicholas (Anko6) (Shieldy)
Nicole Marie (Minola)
Elena Reed (Glamour)
Sara Taylor (Citlali, Yaretzi, Zorah)
Samuel Thornbury (Lego, Map)
legotd61 (Sharpener)
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