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"Tonight we have to avoid completion of things, like, y'know ..." - Pen
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"A Match Made in Hendon" is a new episode of Pencil 2.O, and until recently, there has been neither number nor date associated. In this episode, Pencil sets Match up with an Anglophile who does not know she isn't British

Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Foreign Language Cinema

Lighter: [in subtitles] I will kill this pen!
Ping Pong Ball: No, please! How shall I finish my essay when you destroyed my last typewriter?
Lighter: That's up to yooooooou!
Ping Pong Ball: No!

[Close up to the pen in question, then to the audience as Lighter snaps the pen on the screen. When returning to the screen, all that is seen is "The End". Outside the screens, exeunt Pencil, Pen and eight of the kids.]

  • Match: So, how was the movie?
  • Javier: It was terrifying!
  • Match: Really? The romance movie that guy saw with me was perfect.
  • Saye: Yeah, it wasn't that bad. Everyone knows they're just actors, the lot of them!

[Exit Salvador, shaking.]

  • Salvador: We are never watching Guamanian cinema again!
  • Pencil: So, kids, where shall we go for dinner?
  • Saye: I'm in the mood for some Nigerian.
  • Ximena: Ooh, are we flying to Lagos again?
  • Pencil: No, there's a good place right by this plaza! Let's go!
  • Match: Hey, like, while you're there, can you get me a man?
  • Pencil: Wot?
  • Match: I'm just, like, kidding! I told the guy to break up with me in, like, six minutes.

[Pencil rolls her eyes jokingly.]

  • Saye: But why can't we go home?
  • Pencil: Wot, you's got a date tonight?
  • Javier: And I thought you promised that we'd go bowling!
  • Zorah: Yeah, Dad!
  • Pen: I'm just going along with your mother's plan.
  • Sio: Oh, come on!
  • Salvador: Whatever you do, I'm not going at all!

[Everyone gasps.]

  • Salvador: What?


  • Salvador: Did I just disagree with Mum?
  • Zorah: Hey, what are you getting?
  • Salvador: [sarcastically] Stuff.
  • Yaretzi: Anything with sweet potatoes.
  • Saye: That's, like, 90% of the menu!
  • Pen: Sst! Some people value their cultural food! Like, me with pasta or your mum with... with... back me up on this?
  • Javier: Ugali?
  • Pen: Yeah, that.

[Enter Blessing.]

  • Blessing: Kedu![1] Welcome to Ekwefi's Igbo-American Fusion Cuisine. My name is Blessing and I will be your waiter tonight. What beverages would you like to drink?
  • Pen: Water for everyone.

[Salvador lightly kicks Pen under the table.]

  • Pen: And a soft drink for my water-allergic son.
  • Blessing: Alright, I shall return.
  • Pen: Oh, you wanted water too, right?

[Pencil is in a daze, looking across the restaurant.]

  • Pencil: Can't. Focusin'.

[She stares directly at another person on the other edge.]

  • Pen: Let me know when you're ready to or—

[Pencil gets up in the middle of his sentence and leaves.]

  • Pen: —der.
  • Pencil: Sorry! [She walks back to him] Ask fer the yam smoothie.

[Pencil walks by herself.]

  • Pencil: Why's 'e lookin' thet way? Does 'e like someone? [gasps] Wot if thet's after me man? No, I can't let this 'appen!
  • Pencil: Oi, person!
  • Yoshiko Sato: Hi, you must be the serv—

[Pencil slaps him.]

  • Billownayce: Who are you? I demand to know.
  • Pencil: Is thet yer friend?
  • Billownayce: He's my cousin.
  • Pencil: Either way, 'e's been a-starin' at our table fer the pas' somethin' minutes!
  • Yoshiko Sato: You saw?
  • Billownayce: Who are you?
  • Pencil: Me name's Pencil, simply a native 'ere, an' I don' appreciate yer cousin watchin' thet man order food like a true gentleman!
  • Billownayce: Yellachiers wasn't looking at him.
  • Yoshiko Sato: I don't go that way!

[Pencil looks at him, shocked.]

  • Pencil: Then thet means—
  • Yoshiko Sato: I was looking at you.
  • Pencil: Oi, wot?
  • Yoshiko Sato: You're beautiful.
  • Pencil: W- wot? Usually, it's boys an' girls 'o gi' me boy a look. An' unlike you, this man o' mine ain' related to me. We're married.
  • Yoshiko Sato: Married? Oh ma'am, oh ma'am, I'm so sorry!
  • Billownayce: And I'm sorry for him.
  • Yoshiko Sato: It's just—
  • Billownayce: He has a thing for British people.
  • Pencil: [flatly] Woooooow. 'Ow'd ye find out?
  • Yoshiko Sato: Well...

[Flashback to the family entering the restaurant.]

Citlali: But I'd rather stay home and watch anime!
Pencil: Oi, kids, 'ear me ou' on this! We'n' a-geh'n' t'a'yef, wa't'n th'ly h'er bri'h'ee 'ome fer a fo dethet w'a' kno'r'n 'a'ng! We cwa'e r'h'reas'nd when y'e'ld'ef to dw'e an'd'n y'co'em, y'ear?
Kids: Yes, Mum!
Pencil: Thank ye.

[End of flashback.]

  • Pencil: Wow, thet's wot I sound o'?
  • Yoshiko Sato: Surely you must have some British friends... Friends who are single?
  • Pencil: [not understanding] Okay, I do! I've some friends 'o h'are!
  • Yoshiko Sato: Here's my number. Please distribute it.
  • Pencil: Fine!

[Pencil goes back to her seat.]

  • Salvador: What the hell was that?
  • Pencil: It was jus' a man 'o likes British girls.
  • Pen: So he wasn't looking at me?
  • Pencil: No.
  • Pen: Darn.
  • Pencil: I told'e thet I've got British single friends thet I could 'ook'e h'up with.
  • Javier: Mum, you don't have any British friends!
  • Pen: It's ironic, eh?

[Pencil kicks Pen from under the table.]

  • Pen: Oy!
  • Pencil: I may not 'a' h'any British friends to'm I regularly speak, but I do've got a single.
  • Pen: Who?

Sunday, June 30

Match's house

  • Match: You found me a date?
  • Pencil: Aye!
  • Match: Omg! Thanks, girl! So who is this guy, like, like, like, like?
  • Pencil: 'E's... an object. An' he speaks... English?
  • Match: That's good enough for me!

[Enter Eraser.]

  • Eraser: Wow, low standards.
  • Match: Shut up!
  • Pencil: Aye, geh'n' talk to the kids!
  • Eraser: M'kay! [to them] Cheesy gets eliminated—oh wait, you're past that part?

[Match rolls her eyes.]

  • Match: What else does he, like, like, like, like?
  • Pencil: 'E likes British girls.
  • Match: Eh?
  • Pencil: An' single girls.
  • Match: Omg, I fit, like, one of that.
  • Pencil: But you sure as 'ale ain' British. Thet might be the definin' factor.
  • Match: Factors? We can't just, like, talk about factors! Especially around your kids![2]
  • Citlali: Hooray for product placement!
  • Ximena: Mummy, one day, I'd like to go to the Meeple Centre!
  • Pencil: In yer dreams, child.
  • Match: Who's to say I'm not even, like, British anyway?
  • Pencil: There's a passport to thet.
  • Match: Whatevs. I'll tell him Canada's still got the, like, Queen.
  • Pencil: There you go! Canadians are jus' British Americans, right?

[Eraser snorts.]

  • Pencil: See, someone found thet funny!
  • Eraser: Where is that Pen anyway?
  • Pencil: He's at home, planning for his 24th birthday.
  • Eraser: Oh!


  1. (Igbo) "Hello!"
  2. Who knows what Tennis Ball's and Golf Ball's eyebrows would do.
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